Andy bug?


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Nov 28, 2005
Andy bug?

Hey while browsing throught the forum, I saw something about running Andy In nightmare for SoJ drops. Something about talking to Warriv to keep the Quest drop or something like that?
Could somebody tell me how this works, as I wanna kill nm andy tonight.

Thanks alot.
After you have killed Andy for the first time, talk to Warriv and travel to Act 2. This should activate the bug.

You can check by making a new game and seeing if she drops all rares or better (or failed sets).
Also I would like to add that running a monster for an especific item can lead to frustation and desperation.

The fact that she drops a little better and being the monster with the highest probability to drop a SoJ does not means that she's going to drop one in X runs. People have run her more than 2000 times in nightmare and still didn't got a SoJ.

My first and only SoJ came from NM Meph, while I was running him to get decent caster equipment (getting a SoJ was a real surprise). My advice is to run other more profitable targets (NM Meph, NM Baal, Hell Meph, Pindle, Hell Baal) so even if you don't get a SoJ you have a chance to get other goodies. Andy does not drop very good in NM
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