Ancient Tunnels Barbarian Simulator


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Mar 13, 2020
LINK to sheet (must download to use)

Here, by popular request, I finally finished an AT barb simulator, akin to my pitzerker simulator. Made in excel again, so you will have to download the sheet and enable macros to run it. This simulator is a whole lot more complex than the pitzerker one, for reasons such as:
  • The monster resistances and modifiers are many times more complex
  • Have to calc dmg for and simulate two skills instead of one, and then combine the results together in the correct proportion
  • Wanted to add the opportunity to use the two differnt skills on two different weapon swaps, like the build ffs had been running recently
  • Concentrate does both magic and physical dmg, which complicates things
  • Have to add in Sanctuary aura
I made that monster resistances calculator just to get the data I needed to have enough info to build this sheet haha. Anyways, I'm not doing a big instructions or discussion page like I did for the pitzerker. I'll leave that to @ffs or @ResTTe or @Kinkara, who are the ones likely to actually run this character for a good amount of time. But you can input your data for both weapon swaps, decide which weapon swap uses berserk and which one uses concentrate (can both be on same swap but don't have to be). And decide which monsters you kill with zerk and which you kill with conc. Hope it's helpful to some!