"an evil force" since 1.13


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Aug 3, 2005
"an evil force" since 1.13

I popped onto Bnet to check out the the new beta yesterday. And now back on SP in the last hour I've got 3 "an evil force" drops running Hell Meph. From what I've heard they're corrupted item drops "place holders" so to speak.

I don't pick them up, but it's kind of irritating knowing it robbed me of a drop.

I'm assuming it's tied to the 1.13 beta download. Is my only option reinstalling and updating back to 1.12 and not touching the Bnet beta realm?

Oh and on a side note when I made my character on the beta realm every, and I mean every other toon in the beta chat was lvl 99 except for my lone lvl 1. I tried asking in chat but as usual Bnet chat is full of self righteous e-peen strokers who are of no help to anyone.
Re: "an evil force" since 1.13

You can revert back to 1.12 by choosing a normal realm and connecting to that (though I think this forum doesn't support going back in versions, so you'd have to take backups of your chars, not sure about this).
As for the lvl 99 characters, you can use these cheat codes on the public test realm:

Gold # - Will provide the amount of gold specified
Level # - Will increase your level to the number specified
Waypoints 1 - Will activate all waypoints. You must still reach an act before that act’s waypoints will be unlocked with this cheat.

Copied the information from wiki:
Re: "an evil force" since 1.13

An Evil Force is not a corrupted item; it's new. You can ID it. Read more about it in... well, it's pretty easy to look up.

I think there's a 'cheat' for getting level 99-ers. Try something like /level 99 or something.

EDIT: ninja'd...
Re: "an evil force" since 1.13

actually it cant be ID'd. It looks like a pile of sparkly yellow dust. Cant be sold or ID'd, by cain or tome. I'm up to 6 dropped from hell Meph now.

Only things I've been able to find searching on google is references to modded items on SP, or open. Or something that the game has no name for.
Re: "an evil force" since 1.13

If you turn off your RedRuneMod, you'll see what the game calls it. They're "essences" that cube up to a respec token... one from each act boss.
Re: "an evil force" since 1.13

You may be launching 1.13 patch with some old RWM/RRM mod files. This may be the case of item id conflict.
Re: "an evil force" since 1.13

Or something that the game has no name for.

Got it in two. When the game can't find the name for something, it calls it "An Evil Force." RRM is a kind of hacky modification to the string tables and was made before there were Keys or Essences; in short, it makes the game forget what they are and call them all An Evil Force.

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