AGHH i got scammed!


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May 5, 2004
AGHH i got scammed!

I was trading with someonelse for an annihilus, we agreed to drop trade. But then the other person wasted a ton of time to get a friend (lvl 1) to come and to rush him through act 1. Finally he dropped his anni and I dropped my BK ring, the next thing i know my game froze and when I came back I lost everything.

I was suspicious all along, but when it happened I realized how unprepared I was. All I ended up getting was a screenshot of the freeze screen where we were both running to the other side of the A2 palace, as well as a screenshot of the tauntings that guy gave me later. However I never heard from the lvl 1 again, and the lvl 87 sorc called ixblizzxi told me I couldn't report her for anything.

How can I report to blizz about this (yeah I know i probably wont be able to)

This was on east ladder btw
ouch, sad to hear that

MAy I see the Screenies please?

Also, there might be a way to report, but I don't think blizzard will do much about it....sorry....:scared:

Better luck next time,
Only thing I can add is to trade with members of these forums, it is generally safer. Also Act 2 has been known to have been used for many a trade scam.

Sorry for your loss, better luck in the future.
When I first saw the screenie, it reminded me of that old scam where a guy who is "idled" is hiding inside the pallace cellar (Harem stairs) and when he tells you to go the guy comes out and takes your stuff that you have dropped...
Maybe that's what happened and it just so happened that your computer froze at the exact same time =/
Well, Blizzard could care less about you being scammed in the hacked to death game called Diablo 2.

They're all focused on WoW now.
There's a trick that gets your game to freeze when you get near the palace. I've fallen victim to it once, but wasn't in a trade. Just some jackass showing off.
How come someone with a 250 post count can try a droptrade with complete strangers on Bnet, and fall for a scam (Palace) that has been discussed a lot over the last few months?

I just don't get it. :scratch:
well, 902 posted sensei, like i said i was desperate :)

250 already? no way.
and i needed annihilus, yes drop trading is stupid but had to.
Also, its a game error, after the game froze I exited and got an error message (didnt remember what it said though)

edit: btw I just noticed that when you made your post I was at exactly 250, which just happened to be the number in Chinese to represent "goof", talk about coincidence eh :scratch:
You know what they say: "He who drop expensive charm, ask to be violated in an uncomfortable manner."
No direct offensive but anyone who gets scammed in such a manner knowing full well this could happen doesn't deserve to call out the other person or even post a new thread about it. Its just as much your fault as it theirs. Now if you were a complete noob and didn't know what you were doing i could understand, but if Gorny came out saying he was anni scammed i think we would be shocked (and a little scared to say the least).

They say there is no substitute for experience. I guess some common sense is also needed.

Note, this isn't intended to be overly mean or anything. I'm just calling it the way i see it.
I have never done a drop trade with anybody but the people on the trade forums here. Thusly, I have never lost anything to drop trading.
Usufruct said:
I have never done a drop trade with anybody but the people on the trade forums here. Thusly, I have never lost anything to drop trading.
That is not a logical inference, but rather a generalization made from experience.

True most of the time, though.
Just btw this freezing thing isn't an error on space_loner pc. The same thing happened to me some time ago. Only difference was I was prepared for something like it and I actually didn't drop the item we agreed on, which were steelrends 54%, instead went for ik gloves :D (well agrees made on are usually worth nothing anyway, as he scammed me too ;)).

Anyway he said go and we went running around the palace, however to say that properly, and my game froze when I was closing into the stairs. For me also there came an error message when I pressed alt + tab. I never had (or will probably have) proof on this whole thing, but my opinion is that the annis they drop are some kind of dupes which are made especially for this purpose.

But at least I think these two happenings prob can't be just incidents with bad luck to my opinion...

I'm sry for your loss too... :(

Beware teh haxx0r anniz!

Seriously, no need for me to repeat what everyone said about drop trades..

So...umm.. Never drop trade outside this forum!1! Except with RL friends!11
1. RL friends ripped me more than any other category of people

2. About me posting this thread: I've made a few drop trades before without much hitches, I haven't been around much lately so didnt know about this palace freeze hacky thingy, so I thought the palace safe enough... I was pretty angry when it happened and hoped there was some way i could get a piece of my loss back, ah well.
Why does everyone assume it's so safe to drop trade here but not with strangers? I mean, anyone can come here too? When I first got here, Freed flagged me as 'suspicious' for some of my posts.... hopefully i've been here long enough with no more problems that he doesn't feel this way... but the point is... anyone can come here. I would suggest that people not assume trading with fellow forum members here is safe UNLESS they have been here for a while and have a decent post count and have been active in the trade forums.... at least then they have proven themselves... just being here alone doesn't mean you can trust people.
I've only traded for an Anni 2x... once was here with GTech... figured with all his posts he's been around doing trades for a while... if he was scamming, he would have been banned... the other one I made the guy drop it first... I picked it up, then I dropped my stuff for him.. forced him to trade
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