advice greatly appreaciated....


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Feb 12, 2006
advice greatly appreaciated....

Hello all,
i am doing a mf sorc (cold and fire). I have about 235 points left and 760 life. I was wondering if i should point points in dex and have max block or put the rest in life.

Thanks for advice,
What shield are you currently using?
Forget about max block if you're using a Spirit monarch. Go all vita.
then no dex, dont try max block with it, enough str to use the spirit and the rest all in life
Stormshield with a P diamond is a good choice.At lvl 99 however,I believe you need 225 dex for max block.
duke, duke, my src used to use spirit, but i found out that if your going for survivablility and your spells are strong enough to kill in hell, the dmg redcution and resists really helped my surviveablility. but then again if your skillful at teleing and getting ourself out of harms way spirits fcr and plus skills also help out alot, i guess it comes down to personal playin style.
i've gone the dr route. And i'm liking it. ss shako, and coh >50%dr. But i only have about 900 life right now with 75% max block and 70fcr which i think is ok. The real test will be nilk when he corp explode me. I wanna see how much life it will take. If nilk kills me in one shot then it's a bad built. :smiley: i want to be able to withstand one shot.

Thanks all for the help,
I've often wondered this myself. Why does it have to be max block or nothing? Mine currently have moderate blocking.
i suppose its how you look at it... a 50% block rate is half as potent as a 75% block rate
Isn't it two thirds?
depends on how you look at it :)

a 50% increase of 50% is 75%

EDIT: i think, is my math off?
Your opponent has a 50% chance to hit you with 50% blocking, whereas they have 25% chance to hit you with 75% blocking. Your opponent will be hitting you half as many times, making it twice as effective.

My sorc has 15% block with no points in Dex (80 after items) and her Spirit Monarch. I hardly consider it "no block", because I see her block often, and it's saved me a few times in PvP situations (i.e. duelling Barbs).

Keep in mind that many people in PvM run instead of walk, making their block 25%, and their defense 0. I only ever move via Teleport when playing as a Sorceress, and both my blocking and defense are preserved.
Oh, I see what you mean now.

P.S. If you run and your blocking is less than 75%, what is your real blocking rate?
No, I mean if for instance you have 12% blocking and you run, what's your actual chance of blocking?
well i jumped on my calculator, and i figured that 75 divided by 3 is 25... so, 12% would turn into 4%?

EDIT: this also could be more terrible, terrible, math
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