advice for my first druid


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Jun 18, 2004
advice for my first druid

my first druid i ever made, is currently lvl 80. current stats are: (with gear)

str 175
sec 173
vit 272 (life 893)
erg 60 (mana 450)

def 2155 (59% chance to block)

i have fairly good eruipment, and ive chosen to go with sancturary shield (60% chance to block) for the all resists (i got a really lucky +67!). currently i have 20 stat points unused. my debate here is, should i dump them into dex and go for max block, or put them into vit and hope for the best?

im hoping this guy will be stout enough to be able to lead baal runs and make it all the way down without dying.

this character has been parked at lvl80 for a while, while i was being distracted by other character projects, but im ready to start playing him again. so what do you guys think? vit or dex? (oh, hes a wind druid incase anyone asks)

*edit* oops, something else to ask too. wind skills are maxed, and i currently have 8 points to use, and can plan on seeing another 10 minimum. oak sage and heart of wolverine seem like the most logical choices (currently 1 point each). should i do one of them, or divide points up equally and use one or the other depending on who is in the party?
Hi Sharaz,
Haven't seen you before so welcome to the Druid Forum.
First off let me target the Skill points problem.

If you plan to invest in Oak or Heart, definitely don't pick both. Focus on one and stick with it. I would definitely go with Oak since Heart is more for Melee characters and you won't be benefiting for the aura in any way.

After that comes your stats. It can go both ways really. Dex will maximise your blocking chance and Oak will compensate for the lack of Vit. Sinking points into Vit will be good as well since Oak will boost the Vit by quite alot which should compensate for the loss in Blocking chance.

Either way seems fine but since you've already gone the Dex route, you may as well maximise your blocking chance.

That my opinion and hopefully a more experienced Wind Druid will come along and help you out.

Good luck with your character and don't be afraid to come back to the Forum and ask more questions!
well, i like my merc to be able to do a lot of damage. im getting runes together to make a new doom for my merc from an eth GPA, so ill be expecting a weapon with dmg between 817 and 893. right now, he has a 688 dmg weapon, and the (defiance) merc does 3100 dmg (with lvl 15 heart of wolverine). with bo's from my bottom of the line +2 cta, my druid has 1400 life, which is not too terribly bad. hopefully with a couple hundred (maybe) points extra in dmg on his weapon, maybe he'll get to high

i think im leaning towards putting points into wolverine and dex. for the most part, i think i see more oak sages out there, so from time to time i can assume ill benefit from this skill, provided by another player.

i do like to be just a little bit different, even tho this is a pretty cookie cutter build.

however, i think ill hold off upping dex until i get to high 80s, doesnt chance to block rise as my level rises (and thus needing fewer points to reach 75%?)
Don't know what you mean but I think it's quite the opposite.
As you rise in levels and you don't sink points into Dex, your block rate with decrease.

To avoid all the hassle, you should figure out what shield you want to end up with (Ur current one or maybe something different?). Then you can use a formula (ask the Statistic Forum..) to determine the amount of Dex required for that particular Shield at what particular level. After you've reached 75% block chance at a particular level, every level you gain, u can sink the minimum amount of dex required to maintain maximum block and any remainder stat points you can drop into Vit.

HoW is definitely a "less" efficient spirit to grab but HoW is ALOT more stylish than Oak will ever be. Grab HoW if you want, it won't kill you.
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