Advice for LI with titan's?


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Jul 13, 2003
Advice for LI with titan's?

Apparently I was misinformed by (perhaps it was never updated to 1.10?) since Fend does not allow multiple pokes at single targets. So what I'm wondering is what would be the best skill to use against single lightning immunes, if I'm not willing to switch weapons away from titan's revenge?
Jab? Is the lower damage made up by the increased speed?
Impale? Is the loss of durability negated by using a javelin?
Fend? Is this best afterall?
Any advice welcome, thanks!
Hehe... reminds of my failed Javazon attempts on last ladder.

First attempt... Jab as backup. Maxed Jab, but no damage.

Second attempt... Fend as backup. Assumed it would work like Zeal. I was wrong... damage better, but still not usable.

Since I had enough skillpoints left, I maxed the poison thing as well. Worked much better, but still a pain --- throw javelin, run around dodging monsters, throw javelin, run, throw javelin, run... rinse and repeat until the monsters are dead. No good. Poison and lightning immune? Well, no idea how to handle these.

I didn't really know what else to try, so I gave up in the Javazon department, since apparently I would need some high damage spear before trying again. Unfortunately, I absolutely needed the shield for resists (spears are all 2-handed)... but I didn't get a spear anyway before the ladder was crushed, and on this ladder I still don't have any melee-capable gear to even consider trying one again.

If I were to try to try again, I absolutely wouldn't start one until I had a big damage spear as backup. I would also feed it into the speed calculator to see if Jab (low damage, but more hits) or Fend (high damage, but fewer hits) is the way to go.
Dealing with the LI's on a Javalin can be hard. The only true way to deal with them would be using a Spear on switch with Jab. Fend is worthless, completely and utterly. Impale would be bad for Javalins. Jab is the only true way to go.

Btw, I tried Fend the other day, and wow does it suck. If you get hit, dodge an attack, or miss with the attack, Fend will fail and not do a thing.
I use titans and i find jab ok as long as you stick your merc and valk in front of you, its also very useful to have a decoy. Only thing i struggle with overall is the souls but thats simply because of the vast amount of damage they do
Alright, I guess Jab is the consensus. Time to rebuild... again. Thanks all for your help!
Arg! Wait! If you have good dmg, all you need to do is throw a few more javs!
Mostle Lit Immune come in bunches, just keep chucking, I myself have like 1 pdsc, and some good stuff on her. For the most, Javazons dont have to worrie about Lit Immunes because the first hit is just like a lit bolt, only it deals ALL you dmg, not just elemental. Itll hit for psyhical, poison, fire, cold, etc
Try getting a tiamats, or if youre filthy rich, snag a shaeled wf, and drop 20pts into Guided arrow, that works for me!
Edit: Remember that lit immune means HIGHLY resistant, not invincible!
So grab a necro friend, or make a seperate 'friend' account with characters that are just meant for party and not solo, and give him pw to that account, works for me, and my friend so far all thats there is a curse necro... But im thinking of dropping a WC barb or sometin in there maybe...
Dont remake, i only have 5 in Jab with the plus skills from items and i handle it fine, all youl need it one or two points. If you really want to remake pick a skill with more killing power. The jab route aint quick :p
Captain_Straydum said:
Remember that lit immune means HIGHLY resistant, not invincible!
Just so no-one misreads this comment: Lightning Immune means just that. A LI monster not lose a single hit point due to lightning damage. The one your javelin hits will take a normal javelin throw attack with the physical damage plus whatever you have in +elemental damage. But it would make more sense to use a regular throw attack against a LI, since that won't cost you mana, and the extra lightning damage is wasted - and even more sense to use one of the poison skills you'll have one point in anyway.

OT, I agree with the consensus - LIs are badly handled without a weapon switch. Perhaps an eth upped Titan would work? For the weaponswitch I'll recommend a bow with FA or Strafe. A wws will make sense if your lack of res is killing you.
As I recall, immune monsters are those with 100% or greater resistance, such that they would take no damage ordinarily, but with strong enough lower-resistance activated on them, they would drop below 100%, and thus be vulnerable. (My old sorc used to carry around a necro-wand on switch.)

Anyway, the reason I was asking for my amazon, was because I'm trying to build a cow-zon. I hate running out of javs and having to run back to town to repair, and carrying a spare set in inventory means less room to pick up goodies, so I put a second titan on switch. That way, when I get low on one, just switch, and while I use the second, the first one regenerates. Of course, that means I'm stuck with using only titan's against LI monsters. Fortunately, there're usually just a couple per game, but I still like to kill them quickly (except the king, of course).

My previous zon had 20 points dumped into fend before I realized that it was only a single-poke skill. My new one so far has a single point in jab, while I try to figure out where to go. I think the idea of staying at the 1 point is good, since you already get the speed, and the extra damage/ar from maxing it is miniscule, hardly worth sacrificing 19 skill points. This way, I can always revert back to fend without waste, or if I decide I like Jab, I can sink the points into D/A/E.

EDIT: Ok, I saw it, I understood it, but it still didn't click until just now. If I max plague javelin, and alternate during the casting-delay with a single point Jab, that should work, right? Well, one way to find out, and if not, well it's always fun running around bloodmoor in normal, all over again.
If you dont like running out of javs and like a shield like me. I used LS on titans, the damage is still pretty decent titans isnt half bad for its size. You could always take LF aswell as it is a synergy. still leaves room for another maxed skill if you have pleanty of +Skills you wont need quite as much in passive
A decent Merc should be able to kill any LI Cow Boss that you can kill with Jab. At worst, you can always ignore them, or park them. That seems a better option than starting over. Of course you can't do much herding without killing your Merc, so....I vote for ignoring them.
My current javazon does decent damage and even the immunes go down between me, my merc and valk. They may take a few more javs but they go down without a noticeable delay. If it is a pack I still fury and for singles I used charged strike. I would get more phys damage per hit with jab (see below) but I still leech back the mana (except skels) so I don't care.

I just found a low ed wraith flight to try on switch and it does seem to help a little, but again not enough that I want to go switching all the time. It would be good to try one with a higher ed at some point.

My damage right now is:

Left click Charged Strike -- 385-959 phys damage with 1-2372 light
Right click lightning fury -- 385-1187 phys damage with 1-1821 light
Jab is 404-997 phys

Wraith Flight:
Left click Charged Strike -- 366-1295 phys damage with 1-1858 light
Right click lightning fury -- 546-1689 phys damage with 1-1486 light
Jab is 372-1316 phys

This is all without runeword gear or pre-buff. Just uniqes. I do find that the ctc weaken on soul drainer gloves helps a lot, as does my mercs decrep on his reaper's toll. I don't know if these curses negate each other when they cast but I don't care, it works. I could get a little more damage if I used +skill ammy but I found that overcompensating my leech with soul drainers AND crescent moon is good.

Hope this helps a little.
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