-act5, not working?

A little more information would be helpful.

Does anything indicate that your characters are expansion characters ? E.g., in the account overview, are the characters displayed with the text "expansion" ? Do these sharacters find runes, jewels, charms and other stuff found in the expansion only ?

If yes, uninstall the game and install it again. Perhaps the installation is somehow broken. If no, convert them to expansion (see the button in the account overview).
I think Zavior is referring to the option in SP where theres a way to start in act5 as a lvl33, but as i have no idea if its allowed to discuss in here i will not explain further...

-but try the SP forum, they will know if its allowed :)

**and btw, i agree with Krischan, instead of saying "do you even know what it is supposed to do" then explain what it is supposed to do when someone's trying to help you**

Well, that's the result of being lazy when asking a question. After several persons made postings about it, we finally know what he meant - what a waste of time.

Is it somehow 1337 to ask as short questions as possible or to make a riddle out of them ? Normally I ignore such threads (I remember a question "+2 fire/100 ?" or so in the trade value thread), but in this case it was a little confusing.

Edit: Sorry for getting a little angry. I won't retract what I wrote, but I apologize if you feel offended. I already calmed down :)
Zavior said:
Well, I'm playing expansion. Do you even know what it is supposed to do? ..

Probably, and if you ask the right questions in the right context you'd be amazed what I can tell you.

...and I make no apologies for my trite answer. At my age when I give trite answers I give trite answers for a good reason. :idea:
There is nothing wrong with this thread. It just suffers from a lack of information.

So the question is if the -act5 command line parameter doesn't work ?

I just tried it. It works. I executed

"C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -act5

and created a new character in single player. He started at L33 in act 5.

Do you perhaps start the executable file for classic Diablo ?
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