Act5 NM


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Nov 28, 2009
Act5 NM

I'm a level 59 necromancer. It took me a rather long time to make it through the first area (as in kill everything). There is so much projectile spam! If there is a gap in between my minions and a group of archers/slingers focus on me - I have to use a potion! :p No seriously I can foresee big problems later on.

I've discovered the wonders of Dim Vision with my first level up in Act5 but progress is still rather annoying slow. Any tips?
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What are your skillls?

Dim vison and Attract should helps against ranged attackers.

But mostly, some areas are tougher for some builds, and easier for others. I guess you should just try to hide behing your minions.
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As of right now:

20 Raise Skeleton (27 with +skills)
20 Skeleton Mastery (27 with +skills)
3 Raise Mage (10 with + skills)
2 Golem Mastery (9 with +skills)
1 Fire Golem (11 with +skills)
1 Revive (8 with +skills)
1 point in every other summoning skill

2 Corpse Explosion (4 with +skills)
2 Bone Armor (4 with +skills)

3 Amp damage (5 with +skills)
1 in every other curse except Decrepify and Lower Resist
(Decrepify gets 3 from wand + 2 from +skills)

I use a Might Merc with an Honor Battle Scythe, a crafted blood helm and a spiritforge slotted with resistance/elemental damage jewels.
For my golem I use a Fire one since his aura draws all the enemy attention on him and the fire arrows only replenish his health :p
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Since you`re such a low level, I`m guessing you are playing at players1 at the moment. Dump the points into Corpse Explosion from now on, it will be a mean killing machine when you get a bigger radius:)
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I play mostly on players1 yes but I can handle players3 and meph runs at players8 (although it takes quite long to kill him :p)
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A single point in bone wall and bone prison, which both synergize bone armour better than extra points spent in bone armour opens up all sorts of tactical possibilities but apart from attending to the defence, blocking and resists of the necromancer my personal choice is aggressive recasting of the clay golem on the far side of shooters.
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It's definitely time to pump Corpse Explosion--raise that exclusively until it's maxxed (unless you really have something else in mind for your points... but for a summonmancer/fishymancer, max CE is the most tried and true way to go and you're going to need it more and more when you get to Hell).

For Act V NM, though, my Fishymancer had a similar experience with projectile spam (and some of them pierce, so you can get hit even if your minions are in front of you). Dim Vision and Attract can help, but ultimately I ended up just using Decrepify in place of Amplify damage when facing big archer/slinger packs. Amplify damage is best when whatever you're fighting is not much of a threat, but when you encounter something more dangerous then decrepify is more helpful.
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Summonmancer aka fishymancer don't need Bone Wall or Bone Prison as they only block his minions path to the monsters. Pump CE, get Bone Armor on switch.

For Act V outside areas it's easier to hug the outer wall and work up. Then come back down from behind. This way you miss most of the catapult fire. I've heard about ghost catapults that fire ie. you destroyed all catapults but still get catapult fire, but never experienced it myself.

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I'd kill Eldrich and Shenk by the first waypoint in act V over and over until I got to about level 65 at least. They're a great source of experience, and even drop a nifty item every now and then.
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The funny thing about slingers in Act V is that their javelins doesn't hit anything except players - it just flies right over (though?) mercs, skeletons, golems, revives, anything except the players. You can stand to the side versus small packs, but meeting a couple of medium/large packs of slingers reminds me of danmaku games, except the incoming javelins aren't designed specifically to create gaps for me to hide in :(
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I'd go the the maxing CE as well. This will speed up your killing speed greatly
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