Account give-away contest, Shinnok Stlye


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Jun 23, 2004
Account give-away contest, Shinnok Stlye

Well i noticed that my one account is getting no use and i'm not to good at multi-tasking so i'm giving it away. It's my first ever account full with 8 chars. 4 are old .09 chars that i use for mules and have some decent stuff. The 4 others are chars that are for the most part ready to hack and slash. One is my 89 hammerdin, theres my 88 summoner, 82 light trapper, and 72 windy druid. I haven't looked at all the gear on them as of late but its all good stuff i assure you (the necro is one my favs and is equiped to my personal satisfaction). The only thing i'm taking is my paly's zak cause i might be making a paly and don't wish to find another.

So with recent contests here relying on figuring out word problems and writing things i decided to one of my own, only Bond style. I'm breaking out the Bond and Bond related trivia and the first person to answer all of the questions correctly will win.

I assure you that i'm not going to make this easy. I dug deep into my knowledge to make a quiz that rewards my fellow bond fans.

Here are some of the rules:
1) you can only post your guesses once.
2) never ask if your answers are right after guessing, you'll know if you won cause i'll tell you.
3) If, after a week or two, no one gets all the questions right i'll give it to the person with the most correct. If there is a tie i might create some more questions or something but i hope it doesn't come to that (to much work).
4) winner gets my account, simple as that.
5) There may or may not be trick questions. Only one way to find out :uhhuh:

Let the quiz begin:

1) Who was the first actor to ever play james bond?

2) Current owner of the gold plated type writer author Ian Flemming used to write all the Jame Bond books.

3) In the movie From Russia with Love what is the third phrase spoken during the confirmation code?

4) What actor/Bond villian is also related to Ian Flemming?

5) Pierce Brosnan owns only one autograph, who is it?

6) Famous author who wrote the screen play for You Only Live Twice .

7) In which Bond BOOK does James Bond watch his wife get killed?

8) Describe the typo that led to the title of the 18th Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies .

9) Which of the following 00's were never mentioned in the Bond movies: 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007 (hint, this isn't the answer), 008 or 009?

10) Movie Sean Connery says is his favorite Bond film.

11) The jump that opens The Spy Who Loved Me was referred to as what?

:flip: Bonus :flip: : Time when the A-Bomb will explode in Octopussy.

Good luck all.
Give aways are hard, eh :)

I was looking for some trapsin stuff and so I came, cause I had a colletion of bond movies and I thought I might want to watch a few with care to answer your trivia. When I saw the questions my mind blowed :thumbsup: those are some fairly decent Jepardy last-question styled stuff you got there. I'd have to watch all my movies frame by frame as well as read some documentaries and biographies to get this account :(
Well you're free to guess if you want. I know i kind of dug deep but i kind'a wanted to prevent people from quickly googling the answer and then putting it down.

Its possible that the winner could win with just one correct answer. Who knows, but at least give it a shot.

If you want some hints for answers just watch some of movies or get your hands on the Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia... which i own with pride. :yep:

O, and Merrick

*punches him in the throat*

Thats for only getting 90 min of Bond time in. Come over some time and i'll show you all the movies, for your eyes only darling.
My give away was still the 1337est... the funny screenshots. Oh the great times... I remember the winner I selected was the kid going I GOT MH I GOT MH FOLLOW ME!!!! and then gets ownt by a lightning sentry, no doubt :lol:

I wonder if i will ever receive any guesses or just comments about it. I was at least expecting some dumb responces from the penut gallery.

*roundhouse kicks kbob into Merick, they both explode and candy flies out*

It doesn't get much more l337 than 007.
Sorry for last dumb question but. Is there a deadline on this thing? So far I only know one of the answers -__-. I'll probably have to ask my friends some who like James Bond stuff and maybe watch a few movies again.
Deadline is to be determined. But you got some time.

Unless Gorny feels like deleting this thread in spite or for his general entertainment. :uhhuh:
1) Sean Connery
2) Pierce Brosnan
4) Christopher Lee
5) Roger Moore
6) Roald Dahl
7) On Her Majesty's Secret Service
8) The original title of the film was "Tomorrow Never Lies", which makes sense when you consider media mogul Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) was creating the next day's headlines in advance, then causing those events to happen. But a typo on an early script draft was adopted by the producers, and "Tomorrow Never Dies" was used instead.
9) 005
1) Barry Nelson
2) Pierce Brosnan
5) Roger Moore
6) Roald Dahl
7) On Her Majesty's Secret Service
8) It was originally called Tomorrow Never Lies but there was a typo resulting in the title they decided to keep.
9) 005
10) Thunderball

Thats all I gots. :scratch:
Ty Alex for pointing that out, there all NL/softcore and useast.

Also, if you could don't look at previous answers. just try to answer the question by yourself, cause they may not be right...
bah.....east, oh well...I play west...

Anyways...shouldn't they send you the answers through pm? Cause there might be a little copying going on....

Just my advice...

tommorow never pies (the real typo :D),
Meh, for kicks: The bonus is 3:30 (or 3:45 and I haven't had my cup of coffee yet this morning) and Bond has to steal a woman's car (she was yapping in the phone booth he wanted to use), break into the air base where the circus was taking place, change out of that ridiculous red shirt and into a clown get-up, and chase the human cannonball guy out into the ring to get to the bomb. Before he gets there, the MPs find him, but he manages to convince everyone to let him go and defuse the bomb, which he defuses literally at the buzzer. A side note, that was the easiest nuclear device ever defused on the big screen.
haha time to be cheap, I just make a revised version of everyone's answers and win:

1)Barry Nelson
2)Pierce Brosnan
3)The wind is blowing hard
4)Christopher Lee
5)Roger Moore
6)Ronald Dhal
7)On Her Majesty's Secret Service
8)Tomorrow Never Lies
9)005 (i knew this)
11)High Flyer

edit: "pwned" removed from message cause I just got pwned :) :thumbsup:
Just a update, I'm still looking for the person with all the correct answers, which has yet to happen so responces are still welcome.

space_loner said:

Looks like i just pwned you, dawg.
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