About The Batman...

Aug 2, 2009
About The Batman...

now, before you delete this awesome thread i am bout to start for you, just hear me out first:

it's your birthday. i don't care if you like birthdays or not, i will make this one of the most awesome bday threads you have ever gotten (but im gonna need help from a lot of other people out there!) and you're going to like it! i don't want to hear any moaning or whining. you want to do that, make sure you bring some muenster with your whine and share it with everyone else.

secondly, i am doing this as a personal win for me. i like to rag on you and one-up you....you always happen to trump mine, but the only way you can trump this one is if you lock it or delete it. and then i will be very sad bcuz it's almost like saying you didn't like my "gift". and if that's the case, i will never make a bday thread for anyone else on here anymore (i'll try not to)!

thirdly, behind my personal victory, i am being nice bcuz i like to celebrate bdays. yeah, yeah, it's just another day, but if your parents hadn't have.... you know.... (sorry for graphic image that may have just come up) you wouldn't be here. none of us would be. it's your day to celebrate your birth, the day you graced us all with your presence here on Earth.

lastly (and i just htought of this), i am kinda expecting some kind of nice karma to come back to me, but since that's far away from now, it's the last thing on my mind.

sooooo....with everything i have said, what im really trying to say is.....


*i hope you saw that! Because i was doing it as hard as i could! lol, gotta love the Mooninites! ^_^

-Leo and Mara
Re: About The Batman...

Happy Birthday to a fine moderator.

May your banhammer be strong and your threadlock be finite.
Re: About The Batman...

Happy Birthday, G-Man. May the Schwartz (and a well stocked utility belt) be with you.
Re: About The Batman...

Happy birthday G!

/spanking paddle
Re: About The Batman...

The batman/gornman has uploaded himself into a T-800 recently. I don't know if that's good a or bad, but anyway: Happy birthday :guiness:
Re: About The Batman...

At such a wise age, everything seems so clear,
Excuse to celebrate, they all came for beer.
Deep down inside, you know that they care,
Your Zoo is unique, normal is rare

Happy Birthday Gorny
Re: About The Batman...

Well well, happy birthday Gornster. :jig: :jig: :jig:

Like totally, OMG.
Re: About The Batman...

Happy Belated one, Gornster!
I was planning on bringing home a souvenir from my recent trip to Chernobyl, and then send it to you by airmail, but the Ukrainan customs wouldn't let me.

This is about as good as it gets: :grouphug:
Re: About The Batman...

Well.. thanks for the thread. It was about the only good thing tha happened on by B-day. I ended up with plenty o family aggrivation - mostly caused by my aunt.

To top it all off, we (my mom and myself) were invited to dinner at at a friend of ours... I'm allergic to any and all poultry and ended up having a really bad reaction to some soup. So I got really sick and we left early...ended up spending the night in bed.
Re: About The Batman...

Happy belated birfday! Sorry it didn't turn out so well though =/

May your bannings be slow, painful, and publicly humiliating!
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