"A new solution for rune drops"


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Oct 11, 2007
"A new solution for rune drops"

Saw this thread on the battle.net boards
and thought it very interesting. Supposedly, whoever is looking at these suggestions pays attention to the post/view count, and this may determine if a suggestion is implemented.

Anyway, thought this suggestion for gambling runes was an excellent idea, wanted to bring it to this board's attention. Worth a read, anyway.
Re: "A new solution for rune drops"

Although it's interesting, it really just amounts to 'let us all have more hrs' which could be accomplished with increased drop rates. And, if people got the hrs they wanted, everyone would have their godly rw's and we would have little else left to do or show off or strive for. [Obviously, I'm of the group who likes absurdly rare hrs! The game is just WAY too easy when everyone has nigmas and infinities.]

Also, many of the ensuing posters are saying it would give gold and gambling value, but I think many would beg to differ as there are goldfinder builds out there who are fairing well with the coronets they gamble for (and whatever else, rare rings, etc).
Re: "A new solution for rune drops"

[Obviously, I'm of the group who likes absurdly rare hrs! The game is just WAY too easy when everyone has nigmas and infinities.]

I agree that it's a bit boring when everyone's got as many enigmas and infinities as they want. That said, I think there are a couple issues that also need to be considered when discussing that. First, the problem as it is now is clearly duping of the HRs, not that they drop too often. This has apparently been dealt with in 1.13. I'm thrilled that they're taking on duping, and trying to eliminate it, but I can't help but be a little skeptical. They've patched dupe methods before, and there's always another one the lamers find. I can't help but doubt how permanent the dupe fix will be. If that's the case, we'll end up eventually seeing just as many HRs available on the market as we do now.

Assuming however, that duping is a thing of the past, I tend to think that we need more HRs than could currently drop. Without duping in the picture, nobody could EVER make some of the runewords, Last Wish for example. I'm not saying I think they should be easy to make, or everyone should be able to make one, but it's a little extreme to have runewords that are nearly impossible to make, or would take thousands of hours of gaming to create. The obvious problem I see with drop rates of HRs as they were, and the high end runewords as they are, is that if someone does manage to make, say, an enigma and slap it on their toon, they have a massive advantage over everyone else. The runewords should be powerful, yes, but they're TOO overpowered to be "fair" when only a small handful of people on each realm could ever hope to create them.

I guess it just seems to me that, similar to the selling of SOJs to spawn Dclone, most of the high end runewords were designed with the idea that duping was an unfortunate reality on the realms. If it's not, which would be fantastic, then I think the runewords need to be rebalanced, or the drop rate of legit HRs needs to be increased to the point where it's at least feasible for the average player to have a chance of creating one or two of them.


Re: "A new solution for rune drops"

Whatever. Pretty pointless imo.

Gambling for jewels I'd get behind.
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