A merc for my frenzy barb?


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Oct 12, 2008
A merc for my frenzy barb?

So I have a frenzy barb, but i don't know which aura to equip him with.
I'll most probably be using an Act2 merc, because they're much cheaper.

He's lvl 76 atm and using 2 Grief pb's as weapons

Which merc do you guys think I should get?
If you need any more information about the barb feel free to ask :)

Re: A merc for my frenzy barb?

act2 nm merc might aura with ebotd war pike


act5 merc with eth last wish collosus blade.
Re: A merc for my frenzy barb?

I use a a2 might merc myself. I have both an eth Reapers Toll soceted with a ed/ias jewel and a pride eth cv for him. Both are very nice, and I find it difficult to choose between the 2 weapons, but I think i favour Pride now:

Reapers - With other gear he reaches the 2nd fastest attack speed possible. He cast decr all the time, which is very nice (you dont have to berserk PI's for instance)

Pride - A bit slower, and you loose the decr curse (I still have life tap from my draculs though...) But the consentration aura is wonderful. With concentration and might my frenzier has over 11.000 one handed max dmg.

If you are an axe-frenzier (I myself use swords) you can have a beast zerker in second hand (not in main hand - to slow. Use eth botd zerker in main hand) - With might merc using Pride you will have 3 great auras stacked - Consentration, Fanatism and Might. Not bad if you ask me...

I'm thinking of making this axe-frenzier in new ladder.

Cheers, Groo :)
Re: A merc for my frenzy barb?

Ok, thanks for the help guys
I think I'll go with a2 might

cheers :)
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