A little help with sojs please...


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Apr 10, 2006
A little help with sojs please...

Hey there, how's it going? Hmmm, not sure why I just asked an inanimate object that...anyways guys, I've been playing this for quite a while since it came out, but quit like 6-9 months back. My bro is the one who really wants to start playing, so I'm trying to help him out as much as possible.

Ok, my question is this: My bro started two days ago and recieved 4 sojs in a free game within 30 minutes of starting. In all of my wasted (but fun) hours playing this game, I only got two legit sojs and rarely got free junk...but that's beside the point. Now, I assume that sojs are still poofing all over the place, so I'm thinking that keeping these sojs isn't in my brother's best interest, and that trading them for something that will stay is a better option. Please, if you would, give me some advice as to what to spend them on. Might as well, right? Thanks.
You can buy your bro some MF gear using those SoJs.
You can start off with say...Tal's set. That thing is like standard Meteorb gear.
I realise this isn't the barter board, but could you kindly tell me what the full set would run me in sojs...well actually, I guess just the armor and amulet. If I remember correctly, they were worth a soj a peice. Then again, it's been a while, so it might have changed. I play east softcore nl by the way. Sorry, if this is against the rules I'll post in the barter board. Thanks again.
Depends on where you are, just hang out in the trade forums or trade channels for a few days. Also, put your sojs on a mule or don't enter any games with the char that has the sojs. They cannot poof (well) if you do not enter another game.
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