a few questions about my first time trapper


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Jun 28, 2006
a few questions about my first time trapper

Well i've gotten bored with Sorcs and Necros, and i don't like melee characters or hammerdins so I thought I'd make a Trapper. But I have some question of how I should gear her, and what she should be capable of.

1) Skill wise I was thinking of focussing on lightning and using wake of fire as my secondary.

20 Lightning Sentry
20 Death Sentry
20 Wake of Fire
10 Shadow master
Preriquisets and once in each Discipline except venom

that puts me around 80 pts, So what so I use the rest on, about 10-15 more points. Should I go all on charged bolt sentry or split them there and with fade?

2) I've never used an assassin before so Is a merc nessacery or can the worrior handle better than any merc, and how good is fade is it a end-all-solution to resists.

3) Gear, I'll probably strip my sorc unless claws would be a better route to go, the current gear I have for her is, HoTo, Spirit, Shako, frostburns, and a +14% All Resist GC. The rest is a bunch of rares that mainly focus on FCR mana, and Resists. I like the resist I get from hoto and spirit and the skills, but would claws be better if I actually could find +3 traps +3 lightning sentry claws, would two of thoughs be better, I wouldn't think so cause i loose alot of skills in other areas, or can I find +3 assassin skills +3 lightning sentry?

4) Areas to Run, how capable are trappers, I've seen some run baal in hell, but that was with godly gear. I'm just hopeing she can easly run Pits, Countess, Summoner, and Nilathak?

Thanks for your help.
20 Shock Web
20 Charged Bolt
20 Lightning Sentry
20 Death Sentry
1 point wonders (Mindblast, Cloak of Shadows, Fade, Shadow Master)
Rest into Fire Blast.

Fade isn't the end-all be-all to resists, but it certainly helps. Also PDR associated with it.

Claws might make it easier to reach the bp for 9 frame trap laying speed. 40 IAS claws with good trap skills. I would shop like crazy @ Hell Anya.
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