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Jan 31, 2023
Diablo 4 looks epic so far. I only have 5 pleas for Diablo 4.

1. I noticed the Diablo 4 UI is in the left bottom corner. I have a 34” screen and it would be so much easier to glance at it the UI was in the bottom middle.

2. Please bring the Necromancer into Diablo 4 as it’s the only Diablo class I love. If you don’t want the Necromancer in this game then I’d love a really evil Death Knight.

3. I’m actually disabled with bad hand control and in Diablo 3 I can’t complete any season just because my hand and arm are just too slow to beat the Greater Rift timer. Can Diablo 4 have no timers to get loot etc.

4. What would really help a lot for people like me is having the option to remap the movement keys like Up Down Left Right to the arrow keys and have a “select nearest target” button on the number pad keys like they have in WoW.

5. I'm begging you please bring Diablo 4 out on Mac as I’m a Mac User.
Maybe i can help out
1. This is an option. Bottom left, or center
2. Necromancer is a confirmed class in D4
3. As far as i know there are no time based objectives
4. Can't help with this one, don't know if this is an option. It is confirmed that controller support is available on pc. Maybe that's something you can work with.
5. No plans for Mac support so far.
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