4 socket balrog blade


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Dec 16, 2006
4 socket balrog blade

Hi! I have a 4 socket balrog blade. I want to make a nice rune word... which is better?

Kingslayer 4 Socket Swords/Axes Mal + Um + Gul + Fal

+30% Increased Attack Speed
+230-270% Enhanced Damage (varies)
-25% Target Defense
20% Bonus To Attack Rating
33% Chance of Crushing Blow
50% Chance of Open Wounds
+1 To Vengeance
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 To Strength
40% Extra Gold From Monsters

Hand of Justice 4 Socket Weapons Sur + Cham + Amn + Lo

100% Chance To Cast Level 36 Blaze When You Level-Up
100% Chance To Cast Level 48 Meteor When You Die
Level 16 Holy Fire Aura When Equipped
+33% Increased Attack Speed
+280-330% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
-20% To Enemy Fire Resistance
20% Deadly Strike
Hit Blinds Target
Freezes Target +3

Phoenix 4 Socket Weapons/Shields Vex + Vex + Lo + Jah

100% Chance To Cast level 40 Blaze When You Level-up
40% Chance To Cast Level 22 Firestorm On Striking
Level 10-15 Redemption Aura When Equipped (varies)
+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignores Target's Defense
14% Mana Stolen Per Hit
-28% To Enemy Fire Resistance
20% Deadly Strike
+350-400 Defense Vs. Missile (varies)
+15-21 Fire Absorb (varies)
I am on ladder.. And I was thinking about using it on a WW barb, either with another sword swords, or with a shield
hehe, not many people are replying to this post.. is it because the rune words listed in my fist post all suck?

i realize that rune words such as BotD, beast, etc are a lot better at first sight, but i was wondering if using a balrog blade, and a 4 socket RW is usefull, or just a waste..
If it were ethereal, it'd make a nice 'Oath', but otherwise the runes aren't really worth it. Of those three, however, I'd pick 'Kingslayer'; the high Open Wounds, Crushing Blow, and reduced target defense have their uses...
Yeah, is it ethereal? A high ed oath can dish out major damage. A perfect oath BB in a 15% sup etheareal will do 100 - 509 one handed damage, which is just INSANE considering that the highest rune is mal. It also easily reaches the last ww breakpoint. Very good sword for legit people :)
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