3rd of 7, Another Patriarch.


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Nov 11, 2004
3rd of 7, Another Patriarch.

Well, down to 4 left now, newest Patriarch is my Summoning Necromancer, named Seymour.

Patriarch Seymour
Level: 82
Stats: (all base)
Strength: 90
Dexterity: 40
Vitality: 130
Energy: 240

Helm: Cruel Crest Tiara (Damage reduced by 3, 35% Poison Resist, 8% Mana Steal, +2 to Necromancer skills, Poison Length reduced by 25%)
Armor: Trang Oul's Scales Chaos Armor
Weapon: Necromancer's Bone Wand of the Sun (+2 Necromancer Skills, +2 Iron Golem, +1 Raise Skeletal Mage)
Shield: Preserved Head (+2 Skeleton Mastery, +3 Raise Skeleton, +2 Amplify Damage)
Gloves: Trang Oul's Claws Heavy Bracers
Belt: Spiderweb Sash of Equilibrium (17% FHR)
Ring 1: Viridian Ring of Fortune (15% MF, 20% Poison Resist)
Ring 2: Fortuitous Ring (14% MF)
Boots: Rune Brogues Mesh Boots (+8 Stamina, 24% Lightning/Cold Resists, 76% Extra Gold from Monsters, 10% FHR, Repairs 1 Durability in 33 Seconds)
Charms: Several assorted sizes of +life charms, 1 Poison Resist SC.

This was the most fun of my characters yet to play, simply because I have always loved to play Summoning Necros, and this one was no different. Between Amp Damage, CE, and the Might merc I had, everything went down smoothly. So here's a toast to my continued good luck! :drink:
Here's one to you :drink: ! And one more for doing it with normal equipment in this days when it seems that no one wants to play without uber gear :drink: !
Congrats! This is a fun build. I am nearing the final days of my summoning necro, as well (Act 4 hell).
Next on my list is my Trap Assassin, named Paine, who's in Act 5 as of right now. After I Mat her, I'm probably gonna try and Pat my Holy Freeze Paladin, Sheng-Wu, and finally a Druid of some sort, haven't decided on a build yet.
gg NightFire! what are your previous two Mat/Pat chars?

btw: do you twink your characters?

:) matt
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