2020 Spring RFL Results thread: Moo Moo (Round One)


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Mar 14, 2020
Wow, just wow! What a round. Records abound, with second best 1.13+ result and some broken 1.07 shenanigans. Thanks to everyone for great participation and prompt results.

Without further adieu, let us all bow to our 1.07 overlord (and some really nice results for the 1.13+ crowd). I left some fun punctuation and editorial commentary from the PMs, rather than tidying up, because I thought it was fun, and telling ;)
WoRG (10 pts)
ZOD!! 739.3
JO! 615.8
total: 1355.1

Nano (8 pts)
Zod 71.8
Zod 71.8
Ber 20.5
Sur 13.7
Vex 10.6
Total: 188.4

ffs (6 pts)
Zod 71.8
Cham 27.5
Jah 18.3
Jah 18.3
Jah 18.3
Total: 154.2

Art_vandelay (5 pts)
Zod 71.8
Lo 15.1
Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Ist 7.5
Total: 114.6

Pb_pal (4 pts)
Cham - 27.5
Jah - 18.3
Lo - 15.1
Sur - 13.7
Vex - 10.6
Total: 85.2

Gripphon (3 pts)
Vex 10.6
Sur 13.7
Sur 13.7
Lo 15.1
Jah 18.3
Total: 71.4

CaseyJones (2 pts)
Cham 27.5
Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Ist 7.5
Total: 65.3

MrBlonde (1 pt)
Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Ist 7.5
Vex 10.6
Ber 20.5
Total: 58.8

Cham (27.5)
Vex (10.6)
Ohm (10.1)
Um (5.1)
Um (5.1)
TOTAL: 58.4

Jah 18.3
Lo 15.1
Vex 10.6
Gul 7.1
none. Yep, let that sink in.
total: 51.1

Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Vex 10.6
Score = 51

Pul 3.4
Pul 3.4
Pul 3.4
Jah 18.3
Jah 18.3
Total 46.8

Total = 46.2

Pul 3.4
Um 5.1
Ist 7.5
Ohm 10.1
Sur 13.7
Total 39.8

Ohm 10.1
Ohm 10.1
Gul 7.1
Um 5.1
Pul 3.4
total: 35.8

Lo 15.1
Gul 7.1
Gul 7.1
Um 5.1
Total: 34.4

Vex 10,6
Ist 7,5
Ist 7,5
Mal 5,0
Total 30,6

Mal 5
Mal 5
Um 5.1
Um 5.1
Ohm 10.1
Total 30.3

Total: 23.6

Mal 5.0
Um 5.1
Lo 15.1
Total : 25,2

Mal 5.0
Um 5.1
Vex 10.6
Total: 20.7

Mal 5.0
Total 5.0
Thanks to everyone for sending results so quickly. It was great to be able to post before work the morning after the round ends! Meet the Rune Finders thread is posted here.

This is a new record for Zods in an RFL Moo Moo round, so quite impressive. Chams were few and far between, but quite a haul of high runes otherwise, so congrats to everyone on the nice shiny rocks. RFL Rd 2, here we come!
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What the...

Is he...


Big gratz to our OP forumite!
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Five Zods? 1.07 Jo?! 1.07 ZOD?!?!

Massive congrats @WoRG for the round victory! Also a big congrats to @Nano, @ffs and @art_vandelay for some nice Zods.

Great round for everyone, some awesome rocks to go around! MOOOOOOOOOO

Now on to my set.


Total Qualifiers: 14
Flawless Amethysts: 86
Flawless Rubies: 74 (admittedly, I wasn't picking them all up and I knew it)
Sol: 24
Ral: 29
Skillers: 4
Graveriobbers x4  (weird.)

Something a little different for me this time as it's my first RFL round in HC. I ran exclusively with Klaus, my level 99 HC Fire Druid on /p5. Runs ran around 4 minutes on average, so not the fastest runner out there but definitely fast enough to keep a good pace. Pretty safe out there overall, a couple times where my health got to below 50% but no real NDEs to speak of. Once you know where the packs spawn on your map, it's quite easy to miss them. Now to the good stuff:

run 1 - Um + Mal (nice start!)
run 25 - Pul
run 31 - Gul
run 76 - Pul
run 87 - Vex (First 10+ pointer, always encouraging.)

And then two runs later:

run 89


Another 10+, rolling along now! Bit of a gap with no qualifiers and then the floodgates opened up for the last half of the set.

run 149 - Ist
run 166 - Ist
run 169 -


Awesome! Top 5 is looking halfway decent now.

run 172 - Um
run 190 - Gul

And then a couple late droppers to really bolster his score:

run 218


run 232



All in all a very nice rune haul for my HC stash. Always nice to see a strong ending to a set like this. No notable S/U from the set, but some decent charms and jewels to behold.

Other finds:
Vermillion Jewel of Carnage (+27 max dmg)
Scintillating Jewel of Wrath (+8 max dmg/13 all res)


And of course, the Haul Pic:



Would have liked some more charm diversity, but that's life! Thanks again the @PhineasB for hosting, and kudos to all the runners on their hauls! See you at the Travincal!
I completed two sets for round 1 with my UT99er sorc and very happy to have placed! I had some pretty amazing luck for the lower player settings I was using.

I started set 1 as a vita/lightning sorc running /p3 and /p5 runs taking some 6 minutes (so run count is off as it would start counting a new run after 5:30 but the values displayed were what run counter showed)

Slow start...
First drop:VEX at Run 113 (7:45)
At around 10 hours in, @Luhkoh posted about running as ES/Nova and that prompted me to respec.

The weaker damage caused me to run /p3 and then /p1 mostly due to much smoother game play
Next drop: PUL at Run 218 (14:12)

Followed by: GUL at Run 223 (14:30)
Then: GUL at Run 227 (14:47) (Luck abounds!)
An Awesome: CHAM at Run 274 (18:04)
And lastly: GUL at Run 278 (18:20) (Running improved down to 4 minute runs at /p1)


First set score: CHAM, VEX, GUL, GUL, GUL -> 59.4 (incidentally would not have changed my placing ;) )

Since I finished that set pretty early and was now into a comfortable run routine as ES/Nova, I decided to try for a second set
Much quicker start for set 2...
First drop: OHM at Run 28 (1:49)
Next drop: PUL at Run 67 (4:41)
Followed by: MAL at Run 73 (5:09)
Then: IST at Run 107 (7:45) - also a Natures Peace ring this run
Another: IST at Run 160 (11:45)
Directly followed by: OHM at Run 161 (11:49)
Awesome: CHAM at Run 179 (13:11)
Then: MAL at Run 194 (14:25)
Useful: UM at Run 217 (15:54)
Another Nice: OHM at Run 223 (16:13)
Lastly: PUL at Run 230 (16:46)
dry last 3 hours :(


Still crazy good luck for /p1 running

Second set score: CHAM, OHM, OHM, OHM, IST -> 65.3

Qualifiers from both sets Haul Pic - Set 1 on left, Set 2 on right

Major congrats to @WoRG for winning the round! Congrats to everyone for the nice rocks added to their collection! and thank you to @PhineasB for hosting!!
One of these Zods is not like the other ... :D

Why did everyone get Jahs and Chams but me? :rolleyes: I won't complain too much though ... Congrats to @WoRG for these sickening 1.07 finds and the first ever 1k+ score in RFL history! Congrats to @Nano who stealthily found two Zod's and didn't tell anybody as well as @ffs for that sick 3 Jah + Cham combo! And congrats to everybody else who participated! Thanks to @PhineasB for hosting this!

My haul was pretty good rune wise considering I did 60 hours but not the extravaganza I was hoping for. The real sick finds for me were Skillers, really good SCs, two near perfect Raven Frosts and some other goodies:

Over all three sets I found:
  • 43 Qualifiers, of which 10 are Vex+ ; 13 Lem Runes ; Also getting the leg netted me Lem+Pul, neat I guess :p
  • 29 Skillers which were plain or had bad skills/low secondary stats
  • Notable Skillers: Java/28 Life ; Warcries/34 Life ; Elemental/36 Life ; 1 BCombat/37 Life (yeah... that was a weird moment)
  • Other GCs: 38% EG/18% CR ; 34% EG/11% MF ; 2x 40% MF Gheeds (mid range EG)
  • SCs: 6% MF/9% CR ; 7% MF/10% PR ; 5% MF/9% PR; 28 Def/19 Life ; 2/18/6% MF ; 50 Frames Cold Length ; 18 Life/11% PR ; 20 Life/11% FR; 19 Life/10% CR ; 28 Def/6% MF ; 35 AR/25 Frames Cold Length
  • Jewels: 38% ED/7% FHR ; 31% ED/9 Max ; 39% ED/11 Max ; 15% IAS/31% ED ; 21 Max ; 7% FHR/28% FR ; 14 Max/30% ED vs. Undead ; 22% ED/15 Max ; 36% ED/8 Min ; 38% ED/13 Max
  • Cow King's Hide (6x) and Cow King's Horns (6x)
  • Jewelry: Mara's 24@ ; Nature's Peace 7 PDR ; Rising Sun ; Raven Frost 20/243 AND Raven Frost 20/247
  • Uniques: NVW 10% CSD ; Veil of Steel ; eth Kelpie Snare 143% ED ; Verdungo's 38 Vit/14% DR ; Steel Carapace ; eth Ginther's Rift ; Bartuc's 9% LL/194% ED ; Firelizard's Talons ; eth Lance Guard ; Warpspear ; Death Cleaver ; eth Ondal's Wisdom +4 Skills
  • Bases: 4os 3 Skill Mat Bow and GMB
Now on to the runes:
  • Set 1: Pul (4x), Um (2x), Mal (2x), Ist (4x), Gul (2x), Ohm (2x), Lo, Zod
  • Set 2: Pul (4x), Um (4x), Ist (2x), Gul (2x), Vex, Sur, Ber
  • Set 3: Pul, Um (2x), Gul (4x), Vex, Ohm, Sur
RNG kinda screwed me when it came to Jah and Cham. Anyway, here's some drop pics for all the non-lolrunes:

And last but not least all runes above Pul since the game didn't show all of them at once when I dropped the Puls as well:
Yeah, I know: crappy Rogue Camp haul pic with Grizzly, deal with it :p
Wow, talk about domination, I think WoRG outscored everyone else's collective point total. Congrats to WoRG on not one, but two extremely rare drops!
I ran P5 setting with Nova Sorc, picking up a total of 18 qualifiers.

I got off to a quick start with Sur, Vex, and Ber in the first hour, and a surprising Zod within the second hour.

Even more surprising was the second Zod rune during the ninth hour.

This year I went with a relaxed tourney setup with just the run counter. After this showing, kind of regret not going with the more complicated video + timer setup that I have done in the past. I've run a total of 100 hours of cows in the past without a Zod, but now two Zods within a 10 hour span.. that's D2 for you. The second half of the set didn't see any score improvement, but I did net 9 more qualifiers for a total of 18.


RFL 2020 Image Album for all screenshots.


Players             5
Runs              504
Avg Time Per Run 2:23
Cows Per Run*     374
Qualifiers         18
Ral                67
Sol                38
Flawless Amethyst 144
Flawless Ruby     115
Small Charm       337
  ilvl81          331
  ilvl83            0
  ilvl84            6
Grand Charm       317
  ilvl81          304
  ilvl83            2
  ilvl84           11
Jewels            336
  ilvl81          327
  ilvl83            0
  ilvl84            9
ilvl81%        97.17%
ilvl83%         0.20%
ilvl84%         2.63%

*Calculated from SC, GC, and jewel quantities.

Fungal Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0xeedaa44
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Poison and Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)
+40 to Life

Entrapping Grand Charm of Life
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x6a71064a
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Trap Skills (Assassin Only)
+18 to Life

Shogukusha's Grand Charm of Life
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x7cd244a
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Martial Art Skills (Assassin Only)
+13 to Life

Spiritual Grand Charm of Inertia
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x5d22873d
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Shape-Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
+7% Faster Run/Walk

Amber Small Charm of Good Luck
Small Charm
Required Level: 33
Fingerprint: 0x112a2978
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Lightning Resist +11%
6% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
That's alot of zods. Who woulda thunk

I've never run cows on such an extent of this but my god it could be boring. My first rune above a Fal was nearly 9 hours in... Faith was low but the runes seemed to come in quick succession once you get past the drought, like hitting a gold vein.

130 - Ohm
134 - Ber
139 - Ist
177 - Ohm
246 - Vex
271 - Ist


Can't say I realllllyyyyy enjoyed it but the ber was a godsend. I finally was able to craft infinity so I guess I cant really complain... which is to say holy **** I finally got infinity! Now all these quasi good stupid builds can really be opened up to their full potential case in point my beloved Riftsin

Screenshot (16).png

Random other finds:

8 skillers - only good ones were 2 traps, 1 fire, 1 cold
35 Rals
22 Perfect Amethyst created
6 eth colossus swords - not really notable but I never found any other type elite bases so it felt bizarre
11% ED eth GPA - had I found a zod would have made a nice home in this. One day the GPA 2H zealer will come to be
Tons of decent small charms and even a few 3/17/18 types
Hot spurs & Death gloves
2 horn's and 2 hides but no boots which of course is the piece I'm missing
Us current patch players didn't stand a chance... Score of >1.3k? No problem! :D Massive congrats @WoRG! I believe this is only the second ever 1.07 Zod found on the SPF, after @pharphis found one 2 years ago.

Five Zods?
Make that 6... Direct Zod #6 and #7 for me, alongside Cham and 3-4 of each Ber and Jah... I'd say drops were okay for 40 hours of cow running.


Set 1
Split between Beast Trapper (6h) and Novamancer (14h) after Sin killed the cow king like a pro.

Cows_Set 1 haul.png

Top 5: Zod Ber Ber Ber Jah
Points: 151.6
Total of qualifiers: 21
Overall score: 259.9
Rals: 54
FA: 99
Jewels: 165

Gameplay vid Assassin:
Gameplay vid Necromancer:

Except for an hour or two at the beginning, I tracked efficiency for both Necro and Trapper. They both started with >200 cows per minute, but later dropped to 190-195. For reference, with Javazon I had ~200 last year, so for me those three builds are really more or less equal.

Some info, data, non-qualifier posted here, here (Trapper) as well as here, here and here (Necro).

The number of qualifiers (21) is highest one I got from RFL cows so far I think. These two characters were both more efficient than the runners I used in second set below, but even though the score was pretty good I went for another set just because I enjoyed running and had the time.

Obviously I didn’t think I'd get the RNG to outperform the first one – but that’s what happened.

Set 2
Split between Nova Sorc (14h), Fire Sorc (3h) and Fissure Druid (3h).

Cows_Set 2 haul.png

Top 5: Zod Cham Jah Jah Jah
Points: 154.2
Overall qualifiers: 19
Overall score: 251.8
Rals: 63
FA: 127
Jewels: 163

Gameplay vid Nova:
Gameplay vid Druid:

Nova Sorc is one of my favourite builds and she was great fun to play. Started out with 170 cows/min, but on her final map went up to 180. Fissure Druid with 163 FCR was around 160 cows/min on P5 and similarly efficient on P7 with Ravenlore/Phoenix. Fire Sorc with the approach @Gripphon showed in the running thread seemed very strong, but in my case didn't provide the best numbers (just under 160/min).

Some info, data, non-qualifier posted here (Nova), here (Druid) and some conclusions and non-qualifiers here and here.

Pretty happy with some of those in particular. Highlights for me:
  • 15 IAS, 37 ED RJoF
  • 15 IAS, 3 MPK Aureolic JoF
  • 3/17/7 Fine SC of Good Luck
  • 3x fine SC with life
  • P&B, 21 life
  • Bow/XBo, 35 life
  • Offensive Aura, 32 life
  • Warcries, 40 life
Screenshots of selected highlight drops:
1_Zod Necro.png1_cham.png1_Zod Nova.png
6_MF fine SC.png4_IAS 7@ jool.png5_MPK IAS jewel.png2_RJoF.png3_19l fine SC.png
8<-fire res IAS jewel.png

Congrats also to everyone who found something they were looking for, and thanks for stepping in to host @PhineasB!

See you guys in Travincal. :)
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So close, yet so far!

As I mentioned elsewhere the Ohm, Vex, and Cham had the makings of a really good set but I didn't find anything to replace the two Um runes in basically the entire latter half of the set.

I started off the set with honest intentions of 'just having fun' with my Bowazon. That lasted about 5 runs. With Valkyrie, Merc, and Decoy she is incredibly safe (as in you only take damage by literally walking in to cows) and pretty slow (~5+ mins on p3) which does not make for much in the way of fun.

So she was respec'd to a Javazon and <10 runs in she found my first qualifier- Ohm.

This was the final key ingredient I needed to go 'all in' on the Lightning sorc that I'd slowly been accumulating gear for (Griffon's, and 6 Lightning Skillers one of which was found on the Amazon during this set)!

So with that I cubed my 4 Sur runes to roll Infinity (it rolled so terribly I deleted the screenshot but it's just an aura stick anyway), crafted my CtA, and respec'd my MF Blizzard Sorc to Lightning.

I ran for a good few hours on p5 as Lightning. This was OK in terms of run time (4.5 - 5 min runs) but it was not very easy to play. I had to be extremely careful with teleporting at all times as even regular Cows were dangerous to me, and given that I played on Hardcore doing this for prolonged periods of time was a recipe for disaster. She did pick up Lightning skiller #7 and Vex though!

At this point I still had probably 15+ hours left on the set. I saw a post by @Luhkoh mentioning an ES/Nova build that used Crescent Moon instead of Infinity, and I was intrigued. I checked through my GoMule and found that I had indeed saved a SWAG 3 socketed eth Crystal Sword for just this occasion, so crafted Crescent Moon and respec'd to ES/Nova.

This build is great, and normal cows pose basically zero threat to you thanks to 93% ES. This allows for a much more careless playstyle once you learn where the boss packs spawn on your map, you just need to be extremely wary around boss packs until you're certain they don't have Mana Burn.

I'll post my gear setup in the other thread!

So without further ado, here is my haul pic. I clearly went for quality over quantity!

I almost forgot! @art_vandelay I only own one Shako on my whole SPF account, and it's on my untwinked Assassin, so you don't need to worry about the Cham going in it!

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Congrats all but wow @WoRG..

For me, the two Jahs were nice and frankly kept me going, but going was very slow.

No screenies for me. Home computer is shot and must be replaced (motherboard). Hard drive is fine (at least) so it'll be slaved with a new computer. I should be up and running for Rd2.

Thanks @PhineasB for hosting!
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Wowza. I can't keep up! Huge congrats to @WoRG for the craziest win margin ever, congrats to @Nano for the craziest modern patch set imaginable, and congrats to @ffs for the prettiest haul pictures, as well as perhaps the nicest overall haul. 3 bers and 4 jahs?! But mostly congrats to everyone for definitely the most absurd start to the RFL ever. The character testing, efficiency tracking and theorycrafting was also awesome this round.

I did one set and was dissatisfied with both performance and results, but had fun doing the runs and testing characters and am always pleased to find a ber! I ran a little over 6 hours with trapsin and ran the rest with nova sorc. I'll post the gear in the runefinders thread.


Some Data

runes           439
jewels          168
sc's            172
skillers        8
flawless ameth  103
total flawless  519

runes/hour      21.95
p5 cows/min     89.4

est runtime     2.8 min (p3)
est runs        428
est cows/run    311

3 hooves 3 hides 1 horn

Looking forward to round 2!
Goal for next year's RFL is don't come dead last :). I guess one of my goals for 2020 should have been "build a proper cow runner".

Behold my only qualifier in all its glory!

I found two grailers though (Tal's amulet and Trang-oul's belt).

Flavie says I may be able to cube enough runes for an Enigma for round 2:
4 Gul Rune
1 Vex Rune
3 Ohm Rune
Lo Rune
1 Sur Rune
Ber Rune
1 Jah Rune

So look out!
Here's my classical recorded vid with drops, score, and haulpic in the end. Having only 5 can give ideas ;)

Thanks @PhineasB for hosting, now looking forward to Travincal with my HC Zealer, will be a very different approach than with SC WW Barb last year! Maybe a respec should be necessary to leave Conviction for a more classical Fanaticism/Grief setup... i'll see!
Well that's the rest of the RFL completely ruined for me.

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@Aldo Dont worry about it. Since End of round 1 I've dropped Ber, Lo, Ohm in relatively short time in chaos, Ber in p1 throne room, and yesterday Cham in p1 AT. So I'll soak that up for ya. Enjoy your pre engima jah! Pretty much the best thing ever.
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Well that's the rest of the RFL completely ruined for me.

Or the beginning of something even greater...;)
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I wanna know who told @WoRG about the PureD forums? C'mon, who did it? Fess up!! I thought the whole point of migrating was so that we didn't have to look at all of his 1.07 exploits and feel so 🤬 inadequate! 😝

Seriously though, insane results for the modern patches to begin with, and then yeah.. @WoRG .. I guess .. congrats. 🤢 :LOL:

So, the big question is: 1.07 'Authority' or 'Beast'? There's many options for the Jo, but personally I'd hold out for a 1.07 Ber to make 'Blood'! :rolleyes:
That is nuts! Pure nuts! Second 1.07 ZOD in recorded history, I think?
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