2018 Spring RFL Results Thread: Round 2 [by Grape]

Mar 19, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Grape on May 4, 2018.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Results have arrived... and the race is getting tough!

Results, round two:
1. NanoMist 96,5 (10 points)
Cham Ber Jah Lo Lo

2. PhineasB 79 (8 points)
Ber Ber Sur Sur Vex

3. ffs 73,4 (6 points)
Cham Lo Vex Ohm Ohm

4. Pb_pal 71,4 (5 points)
Jah Lo Sur Sur Vex

5. T72on1 70,6 (4 points)
Ber Jah Vex Vex Vex

6. Grape 69 (3 points)
Cham Sur Vex Ohm Gul

7. maxicek 63,7 (2 points)
Lo Sur Sur Vex Vex

8. drmalawi 60,6 (1 point)
Lo Sur Vex Vex Vex

9. zemaj 41,5 Lo Gul Gul Gul Um
10. darkstarhub 29,4 Ohm Ist Mal Pul Pul
11. Shuffleblast 28,2 Ist Gul Um Um Pul
12. Brak 21 Ist Um Mal Pul
13. Smittyphi 10,1 Ohm
14. Kitteh 8,5 Um Pul
1x. DiabloTwoinDC (1.07) Pul
16. Friiser 3,4 Pul
17. Pharphis (1.07) 0

DaveW didn't run in the end, and @zemaj and @Locohead feel free to post your results.

Someone with a working ATMA's dropcalc or something similar, could you figure us the 1.07 points for Pul so that poor @DiabloTwoinDC will get to know his score. My ATMA doesn't have the calculator.

Also congrats NanoMist for taking over this second round, big time! Really great score :)

Standings after two rounds:
1. NanoMist (15 points)

2. T72on1 (14 points)

3. Pb_pal (13 points)

4. maxicek (8 points)

5. PhineasB (8 points)

6. ffs (7 point)

7. Locohead (4 points)

8. drmalawi (4 points)

9. Grape (3 points)

10. darkstarhub (2 points)

Wow, this time the last round will be really interesting! Really tight top three, we may even see a first round Zod or two (!!) help to a victory... and let us not forget the other three who still have little chance to the victory as well.

And remember, the results may change still.

Thanks all for participating and congrats on your new shiny rocks!


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by drmalawi

First of all, congratulations @NanoMist for another insane round!

Screenies of all rune drops + haul pic


Cool drops (see video - link below - for more cool stuff)
Wisp projector
RavenFrost (244/20 - pretty good, but not as good as that 249/20 someone dropped...)
Double unique Amulet drop (Noko and Etlich)
Two double Fal drops
Lem droped toghether with the first Vex rune
Countless number of IK mauls and Laying of hands
Light facet, level up, -5/+3
Light facet, level up, -5/+4

Cold facet, die, -3/+4
Shimmering small charm of greed (5all res, 9% gold find)
Scintillating jewel of bliss (13all res, 9 min dmg)
The Redeemer (grailer)
5 to nado rare druid helm
Soul drainers (grailer)

Total number of runs: 2143 (842 with zealot, 1301 with blizz sorc)

Link to my compilation video, contains some theory crafting that might be useful for Diablo 2 nerds like ourselves.

Special thanks to @ffs for the Deaths Fathom and the inspiring 18sec runs :D

And finally a very special thanks to @Grape for hosting this event!


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Mar 14, 2020
I just knew that @NanoMist would take it home :). Major congrats, well done !!!

Nice to see the close race at the top. Although secretly I was hoping for even more people close to each other. But I'm sure that round 3 can still provide some big surprises. And maybe @Locohead will shake things up considerably !

I have a very busy weekend in front of me, so my post about my second round will probably only happen on Monday.


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by maxicek

Serenity RFL2 2018.jpg
All qualifiers: 2x Sur, Lo, Ohm, 2x Vex, 2x Mal, 3x Pul

My run time was split pretty much 50/50 between the Barb and the Sorc, but the sorc had better drops:
Serenity Vex1.jpg
Predator Sur.jpg
Serenity Sur.jpg
Serenity Vex2.jpg
Serenity Lo.jpg
Serenity Ohm.jpg

Other notable finds:
282 Perfect Gems
4x Facets, all bad rolls
138 Jewels, nothing great. Mostly crafting fodder.
35 Rals, 35 Sol, 51 Ort
Chilling GC of Balance, Chilling GC of Life (6. Woot.)
Entrapping of Greed
2x Fanatic GCs
Some decent single mod SCs, but nothing special
Unique Jewelery was all the lower stuff.
Homunculus, Marrowwalk, Stormshield, Firelizard's Talons, Spirit Keeper, Demonhorn's Edge
CB & Warmth Ormus, Doombringer, Bane Ash.

Well done everyone who took part, looking forward to the final round.


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by Kitteh

Ok, so my results. As evidenced above, my qualifiers were poorer than Greece, but I did get some nice new toys along the way :D The introduction video is part of my attempts at getting new members via YouTube.


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by ffs

Grats @NanoMist, very nice haul!

Didn't think I'd make 3rd place, considering I placed 2nd last year for Travincal with almost 20 more points than this time around, but hey I'm not complaining. ;) If it wasn't for the Cham, this would have been quite disastrous RNG again though, with no Sur-Ber-Jah drop at all.

Haul Pic:
The Cham ended a ~5 hour drought from about the 9h to 14h mark, during which nothing above Um dropped. Before and after, HRs were rather evenly distributed, with Vex, Lo and Ohm dropping within the first 10h and Cham, Ohm, Ist and two Guls in the second half. Posted her non-qualifiers in the running thread already (in particular a couple of nice rings and charms).

Some data:

Qualifiers total: 22 (1.1 per hour)
Rals: 54
Sols: 43
Flawless Amethysts: 137 (mostly didn't bother with rubies)
Facets: 8 (every element, quite average with no 5/5 and no 3/3)
Skillers: 8 (none with life)
S&U rings and amulets: No idea since I didn't stash most of the trash ones. Kept 42 (including 2x SoJ, 2x Wisp, 2x HLW, 2x Tal's ammy)

No idea about average run time as run counter doesn't work reliably for me currently. I'd guess the average was in the 19-20s range. When playing with full effort and concentration she was able to consistently get sub 19s (fastest I got was ~18.1s in this vid, but in several tries didn't get below 18s, with the exception of individual runs). Overall I'm happy with her efficiency. In terms of qualifiers per hour she did great, similarly to my Javazon for round 1, with the difference of running 20h with a more optimized build this time. :p I fooled around with Lightning Sorc a bit and got a Ber literally a couple of hours before round 2 started, but then ran the whole set with the Blizzy since she was still a little faster. I think Lightning Sorc can deliver very good times as well though, and might try to improve her at some point.

Thanks for hosting @Grape, last round will be great as well I'm sure!

Grats @everyone on their finds, looking forward to see what you'll be doing with them. :)


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by Shuffleblast

I had an early summer pul party, 17 hours of travincal without a single hr!
Some highlights

gc +1 cold sorc +39 life
gc +1 summoning necro +39 life
sc +20 hp +4 all resist
23 % mara
80/40/15 gheed's
pul runes
went from lvl 90 to 92 and didn't die

and this beauty
40 vita.jpg

I'm never again running Travincal. :)


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by PhineasB

Congrats to @NanoMist – so close to 100 pts, but also very hard to improve that score. Thanks also to @Grape (again) for hosting; it was quite fun. The last round will be much fun, with such a close race for the top spot to follow.

@Shuffleblast – nice Preserver’s skiller, but I think I have one up on you there! :D

As for my round, I am pleased with the drops and finally placing higher than 8th in one of these types of competitions. But definitely surprised with overall placement, based on past rounds. Anyhow, I’ll take it!

Summary of non-qualifiers is here, so I’ll focus on the qualifiers. But first things first, here’s a haul pic:
RFL 2018 Rd 2 (Haul Pic).jpg
Things started off hot just like Round 1, with Sur #1 dropping in first 5 minutes. In contrast to Round 1, that was thankfully not the best drop of the set. But it was immediately followed by a 3:30 dry stretch with no qualifiers.

Ist #1 dropped to break the drought, followed shortly by Pul #1 and Vex #1. After almost two hours, things got very solid, with Vex #2, Ohm, and Sur #2 dropping (in relatively quick succession) before we were 7:30 into the set.

So we had 5 10+ pt qualifiers with more than 3/5 of the set to go. Then within 30 minutes, Ber #1 made its appearance, which was shaping up to be solid indeed. Pul #2 and Mal #1 dropped before Ber #2 fell at the 11:20 mark.

I was hoping for one more Sur+ drop to break the 80-point barrier, but, sadly, there was no improvement over the last 8:40 of the set. But we did pick up Ist #2, Mal #2, Um #1, Mal #3, Um #2, Mal #4 and Ist #3.

In total, 18 qualifiers with 7 10+ pointers was very solid, and I am quite pleased. :) It was (I think) a bit under expectations on total qualifiers (with estimated 23s average), but I’m only a Jah and Sur short of my goal of getting runes for Last Wish through the RFL. And it would 159.2 for RFO format.

My sorc had three deaths during the process, which was annoying. Two to not having cast BO and misclicking on teleport path to land right in the middle of amp’ed fanaticism, and one to thinking I’d hit pause to answer the doorbell. :rolleyes: So she didn’t get as much XP progress as I’d hoped to lvl 95, but that’s what RFL 2019 is for!

Quick rundown of qualifiers by time during the set is in the spoiler.
Sur - 0:05
Ist - 3:35
Pul - 3:55
Vex - 4:05
Vex - 5:50
Ohm - 6:10
Sur - 7:25
Ber - 7:50
Pul - 8:30
Mal - 10:25
Ber - 11:20
Ist - 11:25
Mal-  11:50
Um -  13:15
Mal - 16:20
Um -  17:45
Mal - 18:15
Ist - 19:10
I'm looking forward to Round 3; I will be going with untwinked pally for one set, and hoping to finish a second set with whatever is left for him to hit level 98 and then transitioning to my untwinked poisonmancer in the Pit.


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by Nano

Wow, what a round. A lot of great finds posted so far.

Top 5 Highlight Video!

Screenshots too.
Cham, Lo, Lo, Ber, Jah.

ist 15
cham 154
lo 290
lo 457
ber 732
gul 966
um 1014
pul 1129
pul 2135
jah 2266
mal 2652
pul 2675
pul 2872
um 2886
mal 3466
pul 3579
um 3587

Around the 4 hour mark, I had already found what would be 4 out of my 5 top runes. Rather lucky to start off with such great drops. Even that 1000 run drought between qualifiers did little to dampen the mood, and the Jah rune shortly after the drought solidified my top 5. Then came the steady stream of pul-um-mal to pad a would be RFO score to 153.4.

Run Summary/Stats
Runs 3670
Avg Time per Run 19.6 Seconds
Qualifiers 17
Items 2228
Ral 82
Sol 48
Flawless Amethyst 180
Flawless Ruby 159
Jewels 371
  magic 305
  rare 58
  unique 8
Small Charms 396
Grand Charms 390
  magic 380
  unique 10
Amulets 167
  rare 150
  unique 17
Rings 300
  rare 271
  unique 29
Helms 54
  rare circlets 30
  rare pelt 24
Claws 64

1 Atma's
2 Mara's (23 & 30)
2 Metalgrid
5 Nokozan
1 Cat's Eye
2 Eye of Etlich
2 Mahim-Oak
2 Rising Sun

2 Bul-Kathos'
1 Carrion
4 Dwarf
7 Manald
10 Nagel
1 Nature's
2 Raven
1 SoJ
1 Wisp (17/10)

+4/-4 Fire L
+4/-5 Fire D
+5/-4 Light L
+3/-4 Light D
+4/-5 Cold L
+4/-3 Cold L
+5/-3 Poison D
+3/-3 Poison D

10 LR/5 FHR
11 FR/17 Life
11 PR/18 Life
9 Mana/20 Life
33 AR/6 MF
28 AR/19 Life

2 Acrobatic
1 Captain's
2 Chilling (14 Life)
1 Entrapping (3 Str)
1 Expert's (7 FRW)
1 Fletcher's (13 GF)
1 Graverobber's
1 Harpoonist's
1 Hexing
1 Lion Branded
1 Natural
1 Preserver's (20 Life)
1 Shogukusha's
1 Sounding (3 Str)
2 Spiritual (17 Life, +3 Max Dam)
2 Trainer's (38 GF)

Nothing jaw dropping but a few useful pieces here and there.

See you all in Round 3!


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by darkstarhub

I am thinking I should have finished leveling up my other Sorc to run Trav with a Blizzard build. Of course, a respec of my 99er would have worked as well. I had a good map, and for the most part FO/FB worked pretty well, but when the council was under Fanaticism or Conviction my Merc died instantly. Due to work and some other stuff I was only able to get about 6-7 hours of sporadic running so my haul pic would suck and does suck compared to some of the above. But, I did find this, which is my second one ever, and kinda makes up for the lack of finding a Cham.


And this little sucker, that will get put to use at some point.


I had alot of fun running the council for round 2 though, and I am definitely going to finish leveling my other Sorc and make her a straight up Blizz Sorc for running Trav and AT. Things would have went better had I used some of the valuable info from these very forum pages and geared a little different and made my moron an Infinity. If only I could be as tight with my money as I am my High Runes ;)


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Mar 14, 2020
Assuming 20 sec runs with a blizz sorc and infinity merc, I simulated councils drops and picked the top five scoring runes, this was repeated 1000 times. Furthermore, assuming the score followed a Gaussian distribution, the average score for such 20h/20s batch would be 77 points with a standard deviation of 16,5 points.

We can therefore see that nanomist is slightly above 1 std from avg, which means that he was "pretty lucky" whereas the other top 4 runners were very close to the expected avg score.
@zemaj don't throw in the towel! Considering your bad luck thus far only means that you will hit jackpot in round three!
@PhineasB my RFO score is 154.3. Not even that great I suppose despite the high number of qualifiers, but yeah I guess only one rune higher than Lo hurts the score either way. I expect at least your Pestilence-level RNG in Pits to make up for the first two RFL rounds! ;)
Says he who has already found two Zods in the Pits . . . :p


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by Shuffleblast

@PhineasB most impressive.

I was wondering if I could have improved my score had I ran the full 20 hours..

All good again.


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by T72on1

Nice haul pics everyone !!!

As for my own round ... I'm really happy with it to be honest. Obviously I was hoping for even a better placement, but with that Cham or second Ber not dropping, I knew I wouldn't even be close to top spot, and based on last year's results, I was just keeping my fingers crossed that I would actually have any points at all. But other than that really, really enjoyable round for me.

Why? Two reasons. First of all because of the nice spread in qualifier drops during the round. Longest dry period was some 3 hours a bit after halfway through, but other than that I had a qualifier at least every hour, so I constantly had the feeling that I was making progression in some way.

Second reason ... Same as in the first round, the goals I set for the round were reached either completely or in some case almost:

1) Two Vex runes? Hah, even 3. And a Jah to boot, so except for Lo I found Phoenix this round.
2) Wisp Projector check :). I would have preferred SoJ first and Metalgrid after that, but still goal reached.
3) Not entirely, but @NanoMist was so close, and has a very good total RFO score too, so I still consider it almost reached
4) Not entirely, but at 23.685 I'm still close, a lot faster than last year, and as a result very happy with it.

So yeah, in the end very good round, and probably more satisfying than (to put it to the extreme) 2x Cham in the first hour and 3x Jah in the last hour, with nothing in between.

I started the round with a Ko in the first run. Not a qualifier, but still a good sign. I only got my first qualifier, an Um, after 75 minutes, but had a very high amount of useful S/U, so it still felt like I was on top of things: Jalal, Reaper's, Tal's mask and orb, Death's Gloves, Pluckeye, Guillaume's, Gores and, Bartuc's.

Second qualifier was a Pul at 2:15, with a perfect lightning facet in between. About an half hour later my Sorc reached level 92. Next qualifer was the first Vex, followed by another Um.
RFL2018 Trav - Vex 1.jpg
A Mal dropped after some 6:30 hours. In the meantime, the amount of good S/U remained very good, with 2 Shakos, 2 Lightsabres and 2 Runemasters. O yes, and a 249/20 Ravenfrost :).

Then, between the 8 hour and the 10 hour mark, I had a very good stretch of qualifiers, with the second Vex
RFL2018 Trav - Vex 2.jpg
an Ohm
RFL2018 Trav - Ohm.jpg
two more Ums and an Ist as far as qualifiers go. Interesting other drops were an almost perfect Skin of the Vipermagi and a perfect fire facet. I also reached level 93 at this stage.

So after 10 hours I had 11 qualifiers, which put me slightly above the expected rate. The only thing lacking somewhat was quality, with nothing above Vex.

That changed after 30 more minutes, with a Jah dropping:
RFL2018 Trav - Jah.jpg
I was very happy with that one. Not only because of the score, but also because that Phoenix shield really is a goal of mine, and I traded away the Jah I found in round 1.

Then it took about an hour to find the next qualifier, but instead of one it was 3 in about 15 minutes: Mal, Vex and Mal:
RFL2018 Trav - Vex 3.jpg
After that followed a stretch with more good non-qualifier drops: good roll Wolfhowl, Oculus, Jade Talon, another Jalal's, Boneshade, another perfect lightning facet, Snowclash, Andariel's, Highlords, 25% Mara's (an upgrade from the three 23% ones I already found), ...

Just as I was thinking that I had hit the dry streak that inevitably would come, I got my best qualifier:
RFL2018 Trav - Ber.jpg
At that point I knew that my score was very decent, bordering or just reaching top 8, based on last year's results. In the end it would turn out to be my final score, but also a fifth place overall, which again I'm very happy with.

After that drop I had the 3 hour dry streak I was talking about, but with the Wisp Projector dropping as a grailer for me in that period, I didn't really mind.

Then in the last 3 hours or so I found Pul, Gul, Um and Mal, for a total of 18 qualifiers, 6 of which were HRs. Other drops of note were 2x Gimmershred's, two more Highlord's in 5 minutes of each other, The Gnasher and Bane Ash in the very last run. I also suffered my only death in that period, around the 18 hour mark.

This is the complete haul pic:
RFL2018 Trav - Haulpic.jpg
According to run counter I did 2952 runs, but I had a computer crash during the round, due to which run counter was set back to the start of the session, missing about 40 minutes of running. So I probably did some 3050 runs in total


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by Pb_pal

@NanoMist - Hoooooly! Wow, that's an amazing score! Very well deserved as I feel you got shorted last year and let's face it, you're hella fast with that sorc. I had a similar result to you in that almost all of my top 5 came early. More on that below.

@PhineasB - Solid score, shame you couldn't get that last point to hit 80!

@ffs - Told ya you'd beat me this year. ;)

2 points separating 3rd from 1st...this is gonna get fun.


Now on to my round!

Total Qualifiers: 17
Flawless Amethysts: 105
Flawless Rubies: 101
Sol: 35
Ral: 42
Skillers: 7
Passive and Magic Skills (+25 life)
Bow and Crossbow Skills
Combat Skills (Barb)
Summoning Skills (Necro)
Martial Arts
Offensive Aurac (+24 life)
Lightning Skills
Unique Rings: 22
Nagelring x5
Manald heal x3
Dwarf Star x4
Raven Frost x7
Nature's peace x2
Unique Amulets: 13
Nokozan Relic x5
Mahim-Oak Curio x1
Saracen's Chance x2
The Cat's Eye x1
Crescent Moon x1
Atma's Scarab x1
The Rising Sun x1
Highlord's Wrath x1
Facets: 5
+5/-3 Cold (Level)
+5/-3 Fire (Die)
+5/-3 Fire (Die)
+3/-3 Fire (Level)
+3/-3 Poison (Level)

Not impressed with those, to say the least. :p
Other kept charms:

Best Runeword found: Lore

I ended up running this round entirely with my Novamancer (gear/build detailed here. He averaged around 23s runs, but was able to get it down to ~21 when things went well (ie. the merc targeted a minion right away and didn't switch targets until it was dead). For those interested, I only had a handful of Iron Golem deaths, several of which were just me being stubborn and not moving him out of a pile of hydras. :p I'm confident that with some care and maxed golem mastery you could easily keep him alive indefinitely.

Not a ton to say about the runs, Council is quite straight forward as we all know by now. He hit level 93 at around 11.5 hours, and found (and equipped) the BWKB at around 13 hours. The results ended up being what I like to call "A Tale of Two Half-Sets". The first half of the set was pretty much picture-perfect:

1:10 hours - Mal to kick things off
2:30 - Pul
3:30 - Lo
3:45 - Jah - NICE!
4:25 - Mal - Had an official top 5 now, time to improve it.
7:25 - Gul
9:00 - Vex
9:30 - Sur - Awesome, top 5 is looking decent as I near the halfway mark.
10:05 - Pul
10:45 - Sur - Great! Top 5 all 10+ pointers now.

Great score of 71.4 for just over halfway, a nice distribution of runes to keep things interesting and some top end luck to boot. All in all I was quite happy at this point, the runs were fluid and my score continued to climb. And then the 2nd half came:

11:05 - Gul
12:50 - Pul
14:00 - Mal
16:10 - Pul
16:30 - Mal
17:00 - Mal
19:40 - Mal

Yeesh. Talk about a buzzkill. If that had been the first half of the set I don't know that I would have had the motivation to finish. This half had a measly score of 27.1. Brutal.

All in all of course I'm happy with the results. Some good runes found and it was fun trying it with a new build. I'm quite a fan of the Novamancer for Trav running now, it's nice and relaxing, though slower for me than my Blizzy. One day I might try really optimizing him and see if I can approach 21s regularly, maybe next year's RFL. ;) My full RFO score for the run would have been 129.2, which I'm perfectly content with.

Nothing too notable dropped other than the above, a few decent charms (detailed above) and a couple offbeat grailers (Nova Ormus for Ormus Grail, and eth Gores for the eth grail). And of course a level and a half is some nice icing on the cake.

Ah yes, the haul pic for the round.
See you all in the next round. :)


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Mar 14, 2020
I hope that you are all terrified of my upcoming performance in round 3. I'm going to be rocking some serious rune hunting in the Arcane Sanctuary and Tombs ;)
@Pb_pal - Nice work with the Novamancer there, that's some great run times especially against all the Blizzbots in this round.
As someone who ran a blizzbot, this confirms that super-efficient player > super-efficient build! Very nice run times there @Pb_pal - he was right on par with my blizz sorc, I think. Well deserved haul!


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by T72on1

Just like in round 1, I pulled some statistics for this round, and plan to do the same for the final round:

Round         Zod   Cham   Jah   Ber   Sur   Lo   Ohm   Vex   Gul   Ist   Mal  Um   Pul   Pul 1.07   #HRs #qualifiers

Cows top5      4     3      5     7     2     4    4     6     5     7     1    8    2       0        35     58
Cows all qual  4     4      5     7     2     7    6     8    12    13    16   16   21       0        43    119

Trav top5      /     3      3     4     8     7    5    11     5     3     2    5    6       1        41     63
Trav all qual  /     3      3     4     8     7    8    14    12     8    37   20   48       1        47    173

Areas top5    
Areas all qual

Total top5     4     6      8    11    10    11    9    17    10    10     3   13    8       1        76    121
Total all qual 4     7      8    11    10    14   14    22    24    21    53   36   69       1        90    294

Top5 are top 5 runes only, all qual are all qualifiers found.

It's not completely clear to me if @Grape, @zemaj and @darkstarhub found exactly 5 qualifiers or more. If it's the latter, I have to add those to the table. Also, if I'm not mistaking, we don't have the results of @Locohead yet. So those aren't added to the table either.

For this round the amount of Vex runes seems to be higher than average. Not sure about the other runes, but nothing in particular seems to stand out.

Hopefully we'll be able to add a high amount of qualifiers and especially HRs during round 3 !!


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by Grape

Yea, time for me to post my findings as well. Very nice drops people! Travi can be such a treasure-trove.


Round-saving drop itself:

Run number & qualifier:
525 Vex
780 Mal
950 Pul
11xx? Pul
1318 Ohm
1328 Sur
1903 Pul
2023 Pul
2571 Gul
2572 Cham
2774 Gul
2916 Um
3027 Pul

Cham was a saver, and now that I was not really fighting for overall winning anymore (realistically), I much rather had it than like two Bers instead.

Some other drops of note:

45 Sols
70 Rals
69 Pames
69 Prubies
300 other pgms
150 junk magic jewels
5 Rainbow Facets, no 5/5s

Think I picked up every Ral and Sol but definitely missed many jewels and flawless gems, spotting them when teleing away (or not at all).

Acrobatic Grand Charm of Life
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x45c54d44
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Passive and Magic Skills (Amazon Only)
+19 to Life

Berserker's Fury Visor
Fury Visor
Defense: 110
Durability: 38 of 70
Required Level: 49
Required Strength: 129
Fingerprint: 0x45afc915
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
+1 to Battle Command (Barbarian Only)
+3 to Battle Orders (Barbarian Only)
+1 to Iron Skin (Barbarian Only)

Brimstone Guard
Heraldic Shield
Defense: 44
Chance to Block: 40
Durability: 25 of 40
Required Level: 51
Required Strength: 40
Fingerprint: 0xc3acc1af
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Paladin Skill Levels
+30% Faster Block Rate
20% Increased Chance of Blocking
+66% Enhanced Defense
+34 to Life
All Resistances +10
Damage Reduced by 5
7% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

Entrapping Grand Charm of Dexterity
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0xd280d8ab
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Trap Skills (Assassin Only)
+6 to Dexterity

Fanatic Grand Charm of Inertia
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x8722f24
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Masteries Skills (Barbarian Only)
+7% Faster Run/Walk

One Hand Damage: 1 - 10
Durability: 21 of 24
Required Level: 3
Fingerprint: 0xd1017ea3
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
70% Enhanced Damage
+150% Damage to Undead
Adds 6 - 8 Fire Damage
Lightning Resist +60%
Fire Resist +20%

Fine Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0x26674b50
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Maximum Damage
+10 to Attack Rating
+14 to Life

Fine Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0x447e22aa
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3 to Maximum Damage
+17 to Attack Rating
+13 to Life

Hexing Grand Charm of Life
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0xd912015d
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Curses (Necromancer only)
+12 to Life

Iron Small Charm of Inertia
Small Charm
Required Level: 31
Fingerprint: 0x3e258cb2
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3% Faster Run/Walk
+22 to Attack Rating

Mara's Kaleidoscope
Required Level: 67
Fingerprint: 0x95af4a2f
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to All Skills
All Stats +5
All Resistances +26

Ormus' Robes
Dusk Shroud
Defense: 477
Durability: 19 of 20
Required Level: 75
Required Strength: 77
Fingerprint: 0x84b24583
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Faster Cast Rate
+10% to Cold Skill Damage
+15% to Lightning Skill Damage
+14% to Fire Skill Damage
+3 to Lightning (Sorceress Only)
+18 Defense
Regenerate Mana 11%

Preserver's Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0xecfd1c85
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Defensive Aura Skills (Paladin Only)
+27 to Life

Realgar Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 37
Fingerprint: 0x7bd5c953
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
27% Enhanced Damage

Rixot's Keen
Short Sword
One Hand Damage: 9 - 14
Durability: 12 of 24
Required Level: 2
Fingerprint: 0x281630fa
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
100% Enhanced Damage
+5 to Minimum Damage
20% Bonus to Attack Rating
25% Chance of Crushing Blow
+25 Defense
+2 to Light Radius

Ruby Small Charm of Inertia
Small Charm
Required Level: 32
Fingerprint: 0x7a498bd6
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3% Faster Run/Walk
Fire Resist +11%

Shimmering Grand Charm of Balance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 27
Fingerprint: 0xceab5800
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+12% Faster Hit Recovery
All Resistances +14

Shimmering Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 37
Fingerprint: 0xd21bdc6
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+29 to Life
All Resistances +13

Smoking Small Charm of Incineration
Small Charm
Required Level: 56
Fingerprint: 0x12668a0e
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Adds 16 - 23 Fire Damage

Steel Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x189f1f46
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+128 to Attack Rating
+39 to Life

Steel Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x1a9b6b4c
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+108 to Attack Rating
+38 to Life

Steel Small Charm of Vita
Small Charm
Required Level: 49
Fingerprint: 0x73433dba
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+26 to Attack Rating
+18 to Life

Vidala's Ambush
Leather Armor
Defense: 66
Durability: 22 of 24
Required Level: 14
Required Strength: 15
Fingerprint: 0xe358ed78
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+50 Defense
+11 to Dexterity
Set (2 items): Fire Resist +24%
Set (3 items): +187 Defense (Based on Character Level)

I picked up a lot of stuff in general. My magic and rare only septs can always use some upgrades, hey!

Rolled those 300 pgms, result:
Fletcher's Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x1e027721
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
+29 to Life

Sparking Grand Charm of Balance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x37f3a6ad
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only)
+12% Faster Hit Recovery

Steel Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x651ff6cc
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+97 to Attack Rating
+39 to Life


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Mar 14, 2020
Good thing you got that Cham. Otherwise you'd have a very unlucky round, despite your very efficient run times.

I'll update the table.
Sorry I'm late to report. The following is a complete report of my round 2 runs:
impressive pictures and results guys and girls! Nice finds congrats!

@NanoMist what run counter do you use? I like it i want it!
@BKC - That timer program is LiveSplit, and the counter is an additional component added on to the program. It does take some setup though, but there are tutorials out there. I have the +1 increment hotkeyed to "H" for everytime I enter hell difficulty.
I saw that post, but it was such a huge amount of Mal and Pul that I thought you were joking. Adding it to the table.