2017 Winter RFL Sign-Up and Running Thread: 1st Round [by Grape]

Mar 19, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Grape on Jan 19, 2017.
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Welcome to the first RFL! This thread is for signing-up and talking about the first round of the RFL.

What is RFL?

RFL stands for Rune Finding League. RFL is a free for all rune finding tournament that has three individual parts. You can participate for every three round or pick only one or two.

During this contest we farm runes in various areas during 2 weeks periods, with a one week of rest between each round. Players get points based on rarity of the rune (not its level) and at the end each player posts top 5 highest scored runes to get the final score.

For the first round we run areas (list of areas under "rules for the 1st round"), second is about running Travincal Council Members and for the last round we run Cow level.

When is RFL?

  • 1st round, "Areas" : 3.2. - 16.2.2017
  • 2nd round, "Travincal": 24.2 - 9.3.
  • 3rd round: "Moo Moo Farm": 17.3 - 30.3.

So, this first round starts on Friday 3rd February at 0.00 and ends on Thursday 16th February at 23.59

Sign-up is open for each round until the end.

General rules

These are rules that stand for all the three rounds. Specific rules for the first round are posted below

1. For each round, running time is limited to 20 hours of playing (when you mule to stash or in ATMA/GoMule, you can pause clock/counter/online stopwatch or whatever you use). However, when you finish your 20 hours of running, you can start a new batch of running which is again limited to 20 hours of playing. You can play as many batches as you want.

2. You are not allowed to start a new batch as long as you don't finish full 20 hours of the previous one.

3. Every batch is scored individually, and you will get points towards the league according to your best batch from each round.

4. Best batch is the one where your top 5 runes give the most scores. Scoring can be found below.

5. Screenshots of runes are not required, but I assume people would like to see them anyway. You are encouraged to post your findings...

6. ... but only after each round is finished! Don't post your qualifiers when the round is still going. You are warmly welcome to discuss your other findings however. But remember: Don't post your qualifying runes!

7. Runes qualified (giving scores) are all Pul+ runes.

8. Cubing runes into higher ones is not allowed. In other words don't cube Pul runes into Um to get a higher score.

9. Versions allowed: 1.13-1.14. Also version 1.07 is allowed, but I will add the scoring table for it later.

Specific rules for the 1st round:

You are allowed to run all the areas of the game (apart from banned; see below), but are strongly encouraged to run areas where Zod could actually drop.

Zod can drop from normal monsters when the area level is 81 or higher. You can check the area levels here.

Banned areas are:
- Cow level
- Travincal's and Durance of Hate level 3's Council Members
- LK poppables and super chests (monsters allowed)


Scoring is based on rarity of runes, not level. System is the same as we had earlier during RFOs and Zodthon. Combine the points of the top 5 runes from your best batch each round.

Pul 3.4
Mal 5.0
Um 5.1
Gul 7.1
Ist 7.5
Ohm 10.1
Vex 10.6
Sur 13.7
Lo 15.1
Jah 18.3
Ber 20.5
Cham 27.5
Zod 71.8 (not available for the 2nd round)

Um 13.4
Mal 17.8
Ist 26.8
Gul 35.6
Vex 53.4
Ohm 70.6
Lo 106.0
Sur 142.3
Ber 213.4
Jo 284.3
Cham 426.4
Zod ?

Towards the whole competition, however, you will get points after each round depending on your placement.

Scoring towards the whole RFL:

After each round is done, you will get points toward the whole RFL depending your placement that round.

1st: 10 points
2nd: 8
3rd 6
4th: 5
5th: 4
6th: 3
7th 2
8th: 1

And remember, only your best batch from each round counts.

While we crown every winner from each round, the biggest champion is of course the overall winner.

The Champion of the RFL is the player who has the most points given by placements total.

In case of a tie after three rounds, the winner is the one with a higher scoring rune from Cows. If that is a tie as well, we check the Travincal, and then areas. If all three are still the same, it's 2nd best from Cows etc.

Sending results

PM me your top 5 runes from your best batch. Please do this immediately after you have stopped running so that we can have results and standings after each round ASAP. Also PM me if you didn't run.

Your PM should include: five runes, five scores, and the total score.


1. Zod 71.8
2. Cham 27.5
3. Lo 15.1
4. Lo 15.1
5. Ist 7.5

total: 137.

After receiving your results, I'll make the results thread for each round. There you can brag about your runes, and also post screenshots of your top 5 runes, at least. This is not mandatory however. Claiming to have found 5 Zods may seem strange without screenshots though.


Eternal glory and the seal of approval from the Zod God.



DiabloTwoinDC (1.07)
Pharphis (1.07)

Please state IF you are running 1.07.

There will be a sign-up and running thread for each round individually. This sign-up stands for "Areas" only.

Please post if you have comments or suggestions.

You are also warmly welcome to discuss your builds, running tactics etc.! Everything regarding the tournament in general.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!

P.S special thanks for @Gripphon , the former host of the RFOs and Zodthon. Scoring system and part of the thread formatting is copy pasted from those tournaments.

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