2014 RFO Results [by Gripphon]

Mar 19, 2020
This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Gripphon on Aug 26, 2014.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Results are finally here!

1. maareek (1) 116.3
Um, 2x Mal, 2x Ist, Gul, Vex, 2x Ber, Cham

2. Gripphon (1) 112.3
3x Um, 3x Ist, Gul, Vex, 2x Ohm, 2x Jah

3. maareek (2) 106
2x Um, 3x Mal, 2x Ist, Gul, 2x Vex, Ohm, 2x Sur

4. Espr (1) 89
Um, 5x Mal, Ist, 2x Vex, 2x Lo

5. Zylo (1) 79.9
Um, 3x Mal, Gul, Ohm, Lo, Cham

6. Zylo (2) 75.6
2x Um, 2x Mal, 2x Vex, Sur, Ber

7. Nulio (1.07) 71.2
Mal, Vex

8. Hernang 68.4
Um, 2x Mal, Ist, Jah, Cham

9. Gripphon (2) 65.7
Um, 4x Mal, 4x Ist, Vex

10. thefranklin 49
Um, 3x Mal, Vex, Jah

11. Espr (2) 38.4
3x Um, Mal, Ist, Vex

12. NagisaFurukawa 33.9
Mal, Vex, Jah

13. Zylo (3) 33.4
Lo, Jah

14. pharphis (1.07) 26.8
2x Um

15. Thyiad 25.6
2x Ist, Vex

16. Horseheadnebula 7.1

Other players either didn't report result or their score is 0.
Well done, everyone! It was a nice RFO altogether. Especially congratz to our new Travincal RFO CHAMpion, Maareek! Reward is on the way.
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Mar 14, 2020
rekt by nulio grand champion of 1.07 ;(
OTOH shiny shiny beta Crescent Moon?

In any case, great showing everyone, and congrats Maareek!
So, I did 40 hours total for this RFO. Did ~1500 Sorc runs and ~ 3800 barb runs in that time.

Barb and sorc run counter info for p3 runs. I don't have all runs here since run counter didn't save characters till several days into RFO, since when I have everything saved. Other runs I kept track of with good old screenshot method.

Details about drops are listed here. 1151 Pgems farmed of which 165 Amethysts and 182 Rubies, 152 Rals, 122 Sols, 10 facets and 800 rare+magic jewels, of which ~790 are crafting material. Quite nice drops overall.

What else. Didn't die during this RFO, leveled barb to 95 and 3 pixels toward level 96, leveled sorc up, she is now 93.

I was only able to go about 11.5 hours, but looks like I got lucky.

Considering I avg 57 seconds for p1 runs... 30 seconds? Yeesh.
Congrats maareek! Finally someone who is confirmed even more OP than Grip.

Barely managed 4 hours here, so semi-satisfied.
My runtimes were pretty bad, but at least I showed improvement. Don't think I can get any faster without figuring out how to do without clearing gold/potions off the floor, though.

RFO1(riduculous low score one): 1216 runs @ 59s avg
RFO2: 1420 runs @ 50.6s avg

Aborted RFO3: 127 runs @ 48.6s avg

All with my WW barb.
Congrats mareek and everyone else! Although I didn't make a qualifier, I had fun attempting to participate, and perhaps in time I'll develop the time and skill to give something like this a go!


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by maareek

Well this was unexpected. Certainly all thanks for my victory go to Nagisa for loaning me the Gore Riders I used, which were obviously imbued with the luck of the one true rune finding god. Thanks to froz, as well, for loaning me his Infinity for my sorc runs. Seems "the stick of curse" was less cursed than I originally believed. ;p

There are no items, so it's pretty meh, but haul pics still seem reasonable for a winner of a competition. Notable non-qualifiers are listed here.

I enjoyed the runs with the sorc much more than the barb, but the barb's fantastic start (Ber, Cham, Vex within first 5 hours) gave him a pretty big score advantage. Runtimes were 27.541 for the sorc and 41.516 for the barb, each of which I'm quite certain I could improve on in the future, so that's something to look forward to. Only qualifier I horked was a Mal. Can't touch Grip's no deaths effort: each of my characters died quite a bit, especially starting out. Apparently skill matters in some things, even if not in who wins.

Screenies for the Ohm+ runes:




Thanks again to Grip for hosting. Congrats to everyone on your runes (I was hoping that if I won it'd be with the sorc because RocksRDumb winning seemed fitting ;p) and, from glancing at the IFT, at the much more interesting and impressive charms, jewels, etc (aka good items) everyone managed to haul in.


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Mar 14, 2020
I didn't die either!

Yes, Grip, I'm challenging you to a 1v1 in HC
Wow, great job all. Congrats maareek, very impressive finds. I was hoping the winner would do a rune haul pic, thanks for that, it didn't disappoint. Thanks Gripphon for putting this on.
Scoring seems way off, looking at say, 11,12,13. Um x3 + Ist > Jah? Mal+Vex > Lo ? Whut?
Unless I'm missing something..

Gratz everyone.. Did anyone run with paladin by the way?
Check the scoring points for each rune in the other topic :)

The scoring uses the total points.
Congratulations to maareek; that's an amazing score there.

Many thanks to grip for running this. It made a lovely change, although your ability to acquire runes was ... sickening!

Yes I used my 1pt smiter IE zeal/fanat. Oddly he seemed safer than my barb; probably due to my abysmal WWing. I didn't time my runs and I doubt I'll set any speed records but I prefer safety. Had an ammy with TP on it. That helped.
Scoring is based on rarity of the runes. So yes, it's harder to find 3xUm + Ist than Jah rune. In other words, expectation is to find Jah rune before you find 3x Um and Ist. Or, on every ~3.5 Mal runes you will find Jah, which means that you will find Jah before you find 4 Mal runes.

Is that for real? It should be, yes. For example, in my second set of 20 hours I found 2 Jah runes, and 0 Mal runes. Also I found total of 7 Ists and only 1 Gul in 40 hours, even though Gul is easier to find than Ist. Also people found same number of Ber runes and Cham runes during whole RFO (3 each), while we know Ber is not as rare as Cham is. Runes are too rare to check are mathematical expectations valid in reality, we need to do like 100k Travi runs to see legit pattern.
Grats once again to maareek. Sick stuff everywhere!

I didn't get any great non-qualifiers. Just some useful sets/uniques for who is starting 1.07.

The Vex is great tho, I just checked and it allows me to make a new beta CtA if I so desire.
Runes from whole RFO:

Um 18 (2)
Mal 27 (1)
Ist 16
Gul 5
Vex 14 (1)
Ohm 4
Lo 4
Sur 3
Ber 3
Jah 6
Cham 3

Inside brackets are number of runes from 1.07. Gul too hard to find obviously. Sur and Ohm were also surprisingly hard to find.
how could you not :p

also that list of rune drops is depressing..lol

I blame /p1 trav runs :D
This sheds some really interesting light into LK vs. Trav for runes. From my personal experience, LK >>>> Trav. I can go back to my haul pic, but I managed to farm runes for enigma (ber and 4 sur since jah can't drop in LK) in 2,200 runs, averaging 25s per run, which works out to about 15 hours of game time. On top of that, I found something like 4 vex, 10 um, 7 mal, 2 ohm, 4 gul, 1 Lo.

Contrast that to the RFO. 1,000 runs, 48s per run and I found 1 gul, 1 vex. Perhaps a chance at Jah and Cham make up for it. I'm just 1 data point, but it's thought provoking to say the least.


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Mar 14, 2020
Originally posted by Gripphon

I usually exclude luck and personal experiences from equation when comparing two areas. One can farm Enigma in a single run in Travincal, theoretically.

If someone care to read, I have 2 posts where I compare LK and Travincal in dropping runes. Conclusion is, with cubing runes included, all runes except Cham (just because it's possibly not worth it to cube all those runes to get Cham, Jah is another possible exception) are faster farmed in LK than in Travincal. Lo is another interesting exception, but still Travincal can hardly stand up to LK in that as well.

If you need Lo, or runes up to Jah including Jah, LK is best area in the game. And only p7/8 LK, not p3/4. Don't waste time on p3/4, really.

Here are known LK patterns. As you can see, on players 7/8 you get far more runes than on any other player settings, especially interesting is Sur rune which has 11 known patterns which means you get one Sur rune per 993 runs which is amazing. Nowhere else in the game can you farm Sur/Ber that fast at average. I exclude luck from this, you can be lucky and get Ber + Sur at the same cow run, or same Travincal run. No, I'm talking about average runs needed, and at that LK is far superior to any other area in the game. Only players 7/8 LK, other player settings are considerably worse at dropping runes.

Considering Lo alone, I assume you will cube Ohm runes to Lo unless you have some plan for Ohm runes as well. In that case, including Ohm runes into equation, at p7/8 LK it takes at average 2427 runs to farm/cube 1 Lo at average. Interesting players settings is 5/6 for farming Lo runes since there are 4 known Lo patterns, and only 2 known Ohm patterns. At players 5/6 it takes at average 2184 runs to farm/cube 1 Lo at average, which is better than on p7/8, however difference is so small at farming Lo runes and you have so much better chance to get Sur/Ber as you farm, as well as charms/jewels or whatever you collect. So, players 7/8 LK all the way.

Comparing with Travincal now. If you farm players 3 Travincal with 55% Item Find barbarian, it takes you at average 2540 runs to get Lo, or if we include Ohm runes and possibility of cubing them to Lo, it takes at average 1451 runs to farm/cube Lo in p3 Travincal with 55% Item Find barb. So, we have 2427 runs at LK p7/8 and 1451 runs at Travincal p3 55% hork.
Now it depends on how fast you can run certain area. If your Travincal run is 2427/1451 = 1.673 times slower than LK run, or faster than that, then Travincal will net you better chance to get Lo rune. Assuming it's quite easy to run LK at 30 seconds, which should be doable with a little practice, it means that if you can run Travincal below 50 seconds average, then Travincal will give you better chance at getting Lo rune. But, players tend to run LK in 25 seconds or faster with some practice, which is really not that fast (several players have ~20 seconds or faster average LK run), that means you have to run Travincal faster than 41.8 seconds to be better target at farming Lo rune. Or if you manage to get 20 second runs, then you should run Travi faster than 33.5 seconds.

Perhaps Travi is comparable with LK at farming Lo runes, but Sur/Ber is different story. To get Ber assuming you cube Sur to get it as well, at average it takes 1285 LK p7/8 runs. In Travincal p3 with 55% Item Find barb, it takes at average 1963 runs to get/cube Ber. Considering Travincal is much slower than average LK run, we can easily conclude how much better chance you have at LK to farm Sur/Ber compared to Travincal.

Jah rune. In Travincal, considering you can cube Sur/Ber to Jah as well, it takes at average 1724 runs to farm/cube Jah. In LK, it takes at average 2570 runs to cube Jah. Again, 2570/1724 = 1.49, so if your Travi run is 1.49 times slower than LK, or faster than that, it means you will farm Jah faster there than in LK. If you don't wanna cube Ber to Jah, then obviously you will be better farming at Travincal where Jah can drop directly, every 3075 runs at average.

Then, there is Cham. If you are after Cham, go Travincal. As simple as that. You will get one every 4613 runs at average. Or 5140 LK runs at average to cube Cham, but it probably isn't worth it to cube so many runes for it.

To farm small charms, grand charms, jewels and gems, LK is faster than Travincal. Again depends on how fast your LK and Travi run is, but it's generally like that. Travincal will net you some useful uniques, more rares and facets.

Hopefully now you have enough informations to decide will you go Travincal or LK. Cows are worse than both, I would say don't waste time on them, but do so if you want. My general opinion is this: For anything up to Jah, LK p7/8 is the king. For Cham Travi is the king. For charms/jewels/gems LK is better than Travincal, Travi is better for experience, some uniques, more rare items like rings etc., and most notably rainbow facets which drop quite frequently in Travincal.

Also, I calculated that LK is superior to Travincal at farming runes for Enigma, unless you have really godly character and wipe Travincal on p3 very fast. LK p7/8 3855 runs at average to farm Enigma, while in Travincal on p3 with 55% hork it takes 2586 runs at average to farm Enigma. Since LK is possible to run in 25 sec with a little practice, it means you have to run Travincal with mentioned barb inside 37 sec to have comparable time invested to farm Enigma, and, to my knowledge, there are only 3 confirmed Travincal ww barbs who can run inside 40 sec through longer period of time. Only other character who is candidate for efficient Travincal running is blizzard sorc, rest are considerably inferior to those. LK is both easier, safer and you farm pgems/charms/jewels faster. But is also more boring than Travincal.