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[2014] Assassin, Ninja, Nightstalker Tournament [by Vang]

Jan 3, 2007
DISCLAIMER: Migration finished

This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Vang on Jul 12, 2014. The last post was made Oct 8, 2014.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

You are a ninja, and assassin, the ones that stalks the night. This time, you stalk demons and undead. No longer are you being used to manipulate political agendas, back alley deals, or other unthinkable acts of love only your kind can grant.

The tournament will be a simple single pass tournament. Hardcore is the chosen life style. As assassin’s and their kind know, someone is always out to stab you in the back!

General Rules:
1. Any Version, just list your version if not 1.13
2. MP is not allowed, assassins work alone
3. Extended Stash is allowed
4. FAM is accepted
5. Any player setting, and cheese is allowed if you choose to do it
6. No saving and exit from death
7. Replays are allowed
8. Mercenary allowed are act2 and act 5. Act1 mercenary is allowed until entrance to act 2.
9. Have fun and assassinate the minions of the Burning Hells!
10. Start time: Now. End time: 3 months after no updates.
11. Scoring Guide once enough (5+) participants, a table will be made to update progress. Lowest guardian gets most bragging rights!

Specific Tournament rules:
There will be major restrictions on equipment and skills in this tournament.

Armor is available to add protection, that is all. It must be light and unseen.

Armor restrictions:

Quilted, Leather, Hard Leather, and Studded Leather Armors

Cap, Mask, Bone Helm, Crown, and Circlet (Crown is more envisioned as a King/queen crown and is light in nature of the RPG aspect, not visual in DII) *All druid pelts except Antlers, and Barbarians are allowed Jawbone and Fanged helms.

Gloves: Leather Gloves, Heavy Leather, and Chain Gloves.
Boots: Leather and Heavy Boots.
Belt: Sash, Light belt, belt, and heavy leather belt
Shield:A small shield is acceptable to use as well as necromancer heads.


Daggers, Throwing daggers, one-handed swords, and assassin katars are allowed and flails
thanks to William Wallace and death by it!

Class skills (prereqs and synergys are allowed to be pumped regardless of allowed skills. This tournament heavily favors melee combatants, thus some characters are not going to be cut out for it here)

Martial arts and shadow skills are very ninja like. Blade Fury, although one of the only ranged skills is iconic in a ninja sense so it is allowed. Blade shield follows other armor reasonings

All Martial Arts, All Shadow Skills except Psychic Hammer and Shadow Master. Blade Shield and Blade Fury under Traps.

The amazon is not very ninja like outside of her passive tree. Unfortunately, Valkyrie is a giant walking tin can, and thus not allowed.

All passive Skills except Valkyrie.

Sorceress can move swiftly by teleporting, unlocking items and snatching things from afar as well as dishing out drastic damage with magically enhanced weapons while using energy shields and armor as protection.
Warmth, Enchant, Teleport, Telekinesis, Mastery skills, frozen armors, Energy Shield.

Werewolves stalk the night. Werebears beat down trees to crash into your home, thus are not allowed. Spirits, Spirit Wolves, and Ravens are ghostlike or hidden by design thus allowed. Cyclone armor follows the general model of armors accepted.

All shapeshifting except Wearbear. Raven, Spirits, and Spirit Wolf is allowed from Summoning Tree, and Cyclone Armor.

The paladin has limited uses of active skills, while all passives are allowed. The lack of shield options pose a considerable challenge to this holy warrior.

All Auras are allowed. Sacrifice, Zeal, Vengeance are allowed as well.

Conan would have his sword in this one, but I find that although I love giant swords, I find them to big overall to fit into the plan weapon groups. All warcries are loud and boastful, thus do not follow a silent but deadly motto. The rest are melee based attacks to end those demons lives.

Find Potion, Find Item as looting corpses is a must!, All passive skills. All combat skills except: Leap Attack, Leap, Double Throw.

Poison dagger, a wicked choice for assassination. Curses are to help assist the deadly poison along or render the target even more useless. What is better than summoning the fallen demon or undead back to life for a mere second of his previous life? Nothing!

Poison Dagger, Bone Armor, All curses, Revives, Skeleton Mastery, Summon Resist
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Jan 3, 2007
Replays are allowed rule? Enter as many times as you wish is all.

Although many of the barbarian attacks have many loud noises attached, well frankly so do the assassins, Leap and Leap attack are traditionally more open spaced attacks and do not fit the RPG theme the tournament is why they were not included.
Jan 3, 2007
You know what, it seems time that I finally participate in a tournament. This is, however, going to be my first hardcore character. *shudders*
Introducing to the tournament: Subrosa, the Blade Fury Assassin

Edit: found a cold damage sc with poison res in the blood moor. I can dig it.

Finally finished act 1. I did my first full clear, and it was arduous. But, I'm level 20, and I proceed with some good defenses going for me.
Jan 3, 2007
Sounds good. Man oh man, I forgot how slow-going blade fury is. It's great for applied effects and elemental damages from afar with a low mana cost, but its physical damage is pitiful without heavy investment and lots of off-weapon sources of ED.
Considering switching it up to a DC sin, maybe even try sometihng I've never done, like a PS sin. But that's for the future, after I have more gear and I can reliably use a skill and get some good results. That is, if respecialization is allowed... is it?
Jan 3, 2007
Yes Twillight. I just list the normal type, but exceptional/elite versions are allowed.

Small update as been busy. Zorg the Back stabbing, blinding, confusing necromancer has arrived. The back alleys seemed so tame compared to the Rogue Camp and all the minions of doom running around.

He has made great work of poison dagger and a level 4/5 dim vision that has allowed me to move around unseen stabbing them and watching as they wither away! The Countess is next on my hit list and she shall be dispatched shortly!
Jan 3, 2007
Started playing more, killed Radament without issue, except my merc (Leharas, the Blessed Aim desert town guard simpleton) died in town afterwards... Picked up the Horadric Cube, clearing the Far Oasis and getting the staff next. Sitting at a cool level 23.
I am finally cubing up all those gems I found. I cubed up three Nefs I found to an Eth, and socked my 2os studded leather armor with the Tal I got from the Countess, then stuck the Eth in there, and made a Stealth armor, which, funnily enough, seems to fit the theme of the tourney. I like that.
I have two Tirs and two Els, considering buying a flail to make Steel, but I doubt it's going to be a phenomenal improvement, so I'm hesitant of it. I'm hoping to find an Amn, so I can make a Strength, probably in a katar-class weapon for that juicy CB, STR, VIT, and LL. We shall see how things go.
I've been saving all of my rings and ammies, too, maybe I'll cube them if I can't find any ML items or whatever else.
Jan 3, 2007
I dunno now if this tourney is a single-pass or multipass.

IF I am allowed multipass, as I am 1.07 (no p8 setting for starter), I'd nominate Ekhidna the sorceress with skill-plan of Enchant, Fire Mastery, Shiver Armour, Energy Shield on max.

If I'm not going, tell me, as this already sounds a problematic gal starting with no weapon (starts with staff what is out), and even no armor until lvl 2 (STR requirement).
Jan 3, 2007
Subrosa and her trusty companion, Leharas, have completed act 2, full clear. My impatience put her into harrowing situations three times while clearing the tombs. I found Bloodfist, which I have a feeling I will be using to the end, so I'm happy about that. I feel like that life and FHR is going to save a some time in the future. The cherry on top of my exploits thus far is that Leharas has yet to die. Duriel was a breeze; didn't need to go back to town once, but I burn through all seven of my health potions keeping Leharas alive, which is no big deal, considering how I can't seem to get rid of them fast enough, normally. I enter act three at level 28, roughly two thirds of the way to 29. Funnily enough, I have found five Cathan's set items: two rings, two armors, and one staff. I guessI will never be wanting for more life leech, but those other items are worth in this tournament... and on this character. Time to cube up my gems and some of my runes... Until next post, adios.
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