[2013] Random Tournament 2013 [by Vang]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Vang on Apr 25, 2013. The last post was made Jan 4, 2014.
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Welcome to Random Tournament 2013! I've been hosting these the last few years, and we have had a lot of participation and interesting bad rolls. This years kicks off also with a new MP bracket as well since I received some interest in a MP option for those wanting to tackle randomness as a group.

Previous: 2012, 2010, 2009 and 2008

This year has some changes implemented to account for 1.13 being released.


1. 1.13 For this tournament
2. Hardcore only
3. Any player setting is allowed, please no cheese for popping chest.
4. No MP <---Unless party of an MP party at start.
5. Single Pass
6. All quest do not have to be completed neither do all waypoints need to be activated. Your points will be affected though.
7. You are allowed to go back to a previous difficulty to complete a quest(Imbue, Socket, etc)
8. Any merc allowed. They must use your Armor, Helm, Shield, and Weapon if able(So act 3 Mercenary will use your shield type and sword type if you got swords)
9. Starter equipment may be used.
10. Replays are allowed, and no maximum tries.
11. Some one else must roll you up.
12. You do not have to use any skill you get chosen if you choose not to(for instances you get increased stamina, you can elect not to place a point into it.)
13. Before you start Nightmare or Hell, you must get a re-roll on your 4 or5 skills(You can elect to do this beginning in Act4/5 incase you want have a non-stop session, or other reasons such as limited internet)
14.Re-roll: You are allowed to get a tournament skill, weapon, and armor choice rerolled once per character. Example: You get Sash chosen as belt, and choose reroll, it can be anything, including a sash again. Sometimes fate decides for you. Must be done at beginning of character.
14. Atma/GoMule is allowed as an extended stash only
15. FAM is allowed
16. No save and exit when your about to bite the dust.

MP OPTION (New for 2013 edition)

1. Must declare party at time of start.
2. All party members must play together, catchup is allowed if need be in a solo game to reach same area.
3. All other rules apply same as single player.

1. Mercenary MUST use your equipment if able(So all will use your Armor and Helm type)
2. Tournament Skills are allowed to be respecialized as well incase that comes up when you go to the next act, so they aren't permanent incase you wanted to place points into one for Normal but not use it in nightmare.
3. Druids are allowed 1 point into Werebear and Werewolf to allow the use of abilities in the shapeshift tree(more if it is one of their skills of course.
4. Javelin as a weapon usable in Spear and Javelin tree, while Axe for Barbarian does not constitute the ability to use Axe Mastery(This is because you could effectively make a two tree class and be quite more powerful.
5. Amazon weapons can be only used, but its a harsh tradeoff with the lack of weapons and inability to gamble.
8. CTC, Charges and passive skills granted from items are allowed. Activated class skills(Berzerk, Firebolt, etc) and outside skills are not allowed.
9. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, you can only use starter equipment and your chosen items. So if you can't fill a slot for a while it'll have to stay empty. (Like circlet for example can't gamble until 20)

End date: 3months with no updates.

Scoring is simplified this year.

1 point for waypoint(per act: 9,9,9,3,9)
1 point for quest(per act: 6,6,6,3,6)
Lowest Level Guardian Wins extreme bragging rights!

Tournament Specific Restrictions and Rules:

Website for Rolls:
Stat Points: Any work, no sense in limiting yourself in anyway, and upon a respec, you my replace them however.

Skill Points: You are given three skills that stick with you throughout time. These three are done on a Random 1-3 and then normal tree method so they truely are random as to what tree they show up in.

Your other 5 are randomly chosen with a 1-3 on a each tree as well. Once the split up is decided, you are given your skill set. Upon reaching NM your skills are once again rerolled and then again upon entering Hell.

2012+ addition: At the beginning of Normal or Nightmare after your roll you may choose one skill to add to your forever list. This will affect the number of rolls in either Nightmare or Hell difficulty(You get to choose one, not one during each difficulty)

****Useless skills happen: Meaning something that provides zero benefit to the character(forever skills only count on the initial roll) Examples include: Spears being used with no Javelin with Javelin skills being rolled, Skeleton Mastery with no Skeletons or Revives, etc. IF you can NOT figure out if a skill will be useless or not, please ask!)

Equipment: To make it interesting I feel it should be changed a little to help out. Armor is now classified as Heavy, Light, or Medium. This allows a more diversified body Armor type, but keeps to the theme of Random. Though it is a 3, 6, 6 split every type is available by act 2.

Weapons: I'm going to allow 3 Weapons total, from 2 different types. This helps in the case of an Amazon, and allows for more types. In the case of an Assassin or Amazon choosing their class weapon, they are allowed to. Amazon character's can choose each subtype of her weapons as well if so chooses while Assassin characters can choose Two claws. This grants each of them four weapon choices due to the +1 from class specific.

RANDOM CHARACTER RULES: Unless specified to not include, an Amazon rolled gets: Bow, Javelin and possibly Spear depending on Class one. Necromancer gets a Wandx2 and other random, Sorceress gets Orbx2, Staff x2, Paladin gets Scepter(can possibly be x2 if it rolls to be the multi one) Assassin gets Claw x2.

An example would look like this:

Vang chooses Barbarian and I choose Sword x2(either one or twohanded) and Javelin.

My forever skills are chosen(Mind you I assign 1 to Combat, 2 Warcries, 3 mastery for Barbarian, you may assign 1,2,3 to whichever you prefer)

2-5, 2-2, 1-4, which equate to: Find Item, Find Potion, Stun.

Next five are: 1-5, 1-7, 2-1, 2-9, 3-1 which equate to: Sword Mastery, Double Throw, Concentrate, Howl, and Warcry. And these five will change each difficulty.

Heavy Armor
Leather Gloves
Skull Cap
Bone Shield
Leather Boots
Crystal Sword
Avenger Guard

For this roll, I love Warcry, so will choose to keep it as an added forever skill so that during Nightmare and Hell difficulties I only get 4 skill rolls this time.
You have the ability to reroll one of your Forever skills, Equipment, and Weapon type. Not any of the skills for each difficulty.

Roll Codes For items (For Armor, 1=Light, 2=Medium, 3=Heavy)

Armors- Item #Range
Helm #1-9      Armor #1-3              Shields #1-8        Gloves #1-5        

Cap-1            Quilted Armor-L          Buckler-1           Leather Gloves-1
Skull Cap-2      Leather Armor-L          Small Shield-2      Heavy Gloves-2
Helm-3           Hard Leather Armor-L     Large Shield-3      Chain Gloves-3
Full Helm-4      Studded Leather-L        Kite Shield-4       Light Gauntlets-4
Great Helm-5     Ring Mail-M              Spiked Shield-5     Gauntlets-5    
Mask-6           Scale Mail-H             Tower Shield-6
Crown-7          Breast Plate-L           Bone Shield-7
Bone Helm-8      Chain Mail-M             Gothic Shield-8
Cirlet-9         Splint Mail-M
                 Light Plate-L
                 Field Plate-M
                 Plate Mail-H
                 Gothic Plate-M
                 Full Plate Mai-H
                 Ancient Armor-M
Boots #1-5        Belt #1-5

Boots-1              Sash-1
Heavy Boots-2        Light Belt-2
Chain Boots-3        Belt-3
Light Plate Boots-4  Heavy Belt-4
Greaves-5            Plated belt-5

Class Specific- Item #Range

Paladin Shields #1-5    Barbarian Helms #1-5    Druid Pelts #1-5

Targe-1                 Jawbone cap-1        Wolf Head-1
Rondache-2              Fanged Helm-2        Hawk Helm-2
Heraldic shield-3       Horned Helm-3        Antlers-3    
Aerin Shield-4          Assault Helmet-4     Falcon Mask-4
Crown Shield-5          Avenger Guard-5      Spirit Mask-5

Class Specific Continued

Necromancer Shrunken Head #1-5    Amazon Weapons #1-2/1-2/1*    Sorceress Orbs #1-5

Perserved Head-1         Stag Bow-1                       Eagle Orb-1
Zombie Head-2            Reflex Bow-2                     Sacred Globe-2
Unraveller Head-3        Maiden Spear-1                   Smoked Sphere-3
Gargoyle Head-4          Maiden Pike-2                    Clasped Orb-4
Demon Head-5             Maiden Javelin 1 or 3*           Jared Stone-5

 Katar/Weapons-Item# Range
Assassin Katar#1-7    Throwing#1-4

Katar-1                Throwing Knife-1
Wrist Blade-2          Balanced Knife-2
Hatchet Hands-3        Throwing Axe-3
Cetus-4                Balanced Axe-4
Blade Talons-6
Scissors Katar-7

Weapons- Item #Range

Swords #1-14    Axes #1-10    Bows #1-8             Scepters #1-3            

Sword Sword-1    Hand Axe-1      Short Bow-1            Scepter-1                 
Scimitar-2       Axe-2           Hunters Bow-2          Grand Scepter-2        
Sabre-3          Double Axe-3    Long Bow-3             War Scepter-3        
Falchion-4       Military Pick-4 Composite Bow-4    
Crystal Sword-5  War Axe-5       Short Battle Bow-5                    
Broad Sword-6    Large Axe-6     Long Battle Bow-6
Long Sword-7     Broad Axe-7     Short War Bow-7    
War Sword-8      Battle Axe-8    Long War Bow-8    
2-H Sword-9      Great Axe-9
Claymore-10      Giant Axe-10
Giant Sword-11
Bastard Sword-12
Giant Sword-14

Weapons-Item #Range
Maces #1-8    Polearms #1-6    Spears #1-5        Javelin #1-5

Club-1            Bardiche-1       Spear- 1            Javelin-1
Spiked Club-2     Voulge-2         Trident-2           Pilum-2
Mace-3            Scythe-3         Brandistock-3       Short Spear-3
Morning Star-4    Poleaxe-4        Spectrum-4          Glaive-4
Flail-5           Halberd-5        Pike-5              Throwing Spear-5
War Hammer-6      War Scythe-6
Great Maul-7

Weapons Contined Item #Range

Staff #1-5      Daggers #1-4    Wands #1-4         Crossbows #1-4

Short Staff-1      Dagger-1      Wand-1             Light Crossbow-1
Long Staff-2       Dirk-2        Yew Wand-2         Crossbow-2
Gnarled Staff-3    Kris-3        Bone Wand-3        Heavy Crossbow-3
Battle Staff-4     Blade-4       Grim Wand-4        Repeating Xbow-4
War Staff-5
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