[2012] Tournament: Super Unique! [by GooberGrape]

Mar 14, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @GooberGrape on Dec 26, 2012. The last post was made Aug 1, 2013.
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"Those devils! This time they've gone too far!"

Goober the Grape returned from a hunt only to find her home ransacked. Broken glass and charred furniture was all that remained of her once beautiful stone cottage.

As she descended the steps to her stash, despair set in. "

Oh no."

It was empty, save for a single +1 staff of Firebolts. Her first magical staff from when she was a young child, before she even knew a single spell by heart.

It was then that she realized they'd stolen her memories as well. She couldn't remember a single enchantment or conjuration.

The one thing she still remembered was a list. The names of every single demon who was responsible, searing in her mind white hot.

In a rage, she grabbed her childhood staff and stormed up the stairs and out into the night.

"Pindleskin, Stormtree, Rakanishu...prepare yourself. I'm coming to claim what's mine!"

***Welcome to the "Super Unique" Tournament!***

The concept of this tournament is to kill every Super Unique monster in the game, and take back your loot!

Disclaimer: This tournament is for fun only! There will be no prizes.

The Rules!

1. HC or SC, both are acceptable. Yes, full SC. This is for fun!
2. Any version of LoD is accepted, but no Classic.
3. MP is accepted, but try to avoid rerunning areas.
4. RWM/RRM/Atma/Gomule (I think these are now called FAM mods?) are all okay.
5. When in doubt, do whatever is fun to you. It's a GAME ;)

The Challenge!

*You may only equip items dropped by Super Unique monsters or Act Bosses* with the following exceptions:

- You may equip the very first weapon you start the game with
- You may equip items given to you by quests, such as Ormus's ring
- You may also equip items imbued by Charsi's quest, socketed by Larzuk, or personalized by Anya.
- You may use charms but only if they were dropped by an SU
- You may use any items dropped by SU's in any cube recipe
- Mercenaries follow same equip rules as players
- You may use gems and runes freely but only in items that already meet the above criteria.
- Consumable items such as potions and arrows may be used freely without restriction.

The Heroes!

Since this is the "Super Unique" tournament, you should be playing a "Super Unique" character! This means no Meteorbs, Hammerdins, Javazons, WW barbs, or Fishymancers.But since this is also about having fun, do whatever the heck you want. Just try to play something you've never played and have some fun with it.

Playing this tourney SC will of course be a more forgiving game, so I recommend you try a much harder character build and really make it "Super Unique!"

The Villains!

You get one point per Super Unique killed. There are 60 per difficulty, for a total of 180 points.

Below is a list of all qualifying monsters (Super Uniques, or SU's):

Act I

Blood Raven
Treehead Woodfist
The Countess
Pitspawn Fouldog
Bone Ash
The Smith
The Cow King

Act II

Bloodwitch the Wild
Coldworm the Burrower
Fire Eye
Dark Elder
The Summoner
Ancient Kaa the Soulless
Creeping Feature


Witch Doctor Endugu
Battlemaid Sarina
Icehawk Riftwing
Sszark the Burning
Ismail Vilehand
Geleb Flamefinger
Toorc Icefist
Wyand Voidbringer
Maffer Dragonhand
Bremm Sparkfist

Act IV

Hephasto the Armorer
Infector of Souls
Grand Vizier of Chaos
Lord De Seis

Act V

Dac Farren
Shenk the Overseer
Eldritch the Rectifier
Thresh Socket
Eyeback the Unleashed
Sharptooth Slayer
Bonesaw Breaker
Snapchip Shatter
Colenzo the Annihilator
Achmel the Cursed
Bartuc the Bloody
Ventar the Unholy
Lister the Tormentor


Q: So I can use any item that I find for the Charsi imbue quest?
A: Yes, any item you find with your tournament character. I'll use an example. Say my tournament character finds a Pike on a regular monster, not a Super Unique or Act Boss. Normally I would not be able to equip it due to the rules of this tournament. But if I use Charsi's imbue on it, then it becomes a "Super Unique item" and I may equip it freely. Same goes for Larzuk's socket quest or Anya's personalization. This gives you three "free" items per difficulty, and also allows you to build a few runewords which would otherwise be sorely missing.

Q: Can I use runes and gems?
A: Yes you may use any runes and gems you find on any monster, not only SU's. But you may only equip them in items dropped by SU's. So save those gems and runes for cube recipes, modify the items you find on SU's and make them awesome!

Q: Can I use any cube recipe I want?
A: Yes you may use any cube recipe you like. But the equippable item must be dropped by SU's.

Example: 4 Health Potions (of any type) + Ruby (any type) + Magical Sword = A Magic Sword of the Leech. In this case only the sword needs to come from a SU.

Example: Diamond (any quality) + 1 Staff (any type and quality) + 1 Kris (any quality) + 1 Belt (any type and quality) = Savage Polearm Class Weapon. In this case the Staff, Kris, and Belt all need to come from SU's.

You may also turn your SU items into Crafted Items, which are totally awesome: http://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Crafting_Recipes

Q: Can you give me any tips on which build to play? You don't really specify in the rules.
A: Do something you've never tried! If you still have no idea what to pick, then might I recommend a few simple characters that fit the title of "Super Unique" while still being able to beat Hell:

Ranged paladin
Tri-elemental sorceress
Poison dagger necromancer
Double throw barb
Fire/passive amazon
Werebear druid
Fire MA/traps assassin

Below is the signup sheet:

Forum Name      Hero Name      Class        HC/SC    Last Waypoint       Score
GooberGrape     Strawberry     Amazon       SC       Rogue Encampment        0

This tournament will run starting today until March 1, 2013.

Time to take back your loot and become a Super Unique!
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