[2012] The Compilation Tournament [by Malevolent]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Malevolent on May 25, 2012. The last post was made Dec 17, 2012.
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After deciding that there needs to be another tournament going on and racking my brain for an idea I have found an idea that will suit EVERYBODY!!

1- Untwinked(extended stash may be allowed)
2- Hardcore (or SC until first death)
3- RWM may be used
4- Mal- If you play a Necromancer you MUST wear armour that gives you red pants
5- Mal- Multi Pass
6- Mal- All posts in this thread MUST incluse at least 1 smiley in it
7- Pharphis- Must not wear any elite gear
8- ONTRTA- Hard core rule for mercs, if they die you are not allowed to revive them. Not even to retrieve their items. You may hire a new merc if they die though
9- djmbbandie- topazes of any kind are only permitted in armor.(so no weapons, helms and shields count as armour)
10- Jason - Form here on in, Malevolent may only post one smiley per post in this thread
11- Jason - One item slot must always remain unequipped. You can change which slot at any time.( 1 full weapon switch counts as 1 item slot. eg- to have your empty slot count as a weapon switch you must leave BOTH parts of it empty)
12- Jason - Each charm of the same size must look the same (there are 3 different designs for each size, I believe). Stats are irrelevant
13- ONTRTA- If you choose to wear two rings they must also have the same image
14- ONTRTA- Quest rewards, Charsi's imbue, Anya's personalization and Larzuk's socket quest must be used before competing acts 1 for Charsi and act 5 for Larzuk and Anya. You may choose not to use one, but you may not go back to receive those rewards if you complete the current act first
15- Pharphis- Any and All stashed gold must be used or discarded at the end of each difficulty.
16- Pharphis- When taking into account all of your equipment, no runes used must be the same (if you have a helmet with a zod rune, you cannot have a shield, weapon or body armor with a zod rune). This also means you cannot have 2 of the same rune in a single piece of equipment, such as 2 zods in a weapon
17- djmbbandie- Gambling is required when the accumulation of 200,000 gold pieces is reached (normal), 500,000 (nightmare), and 1,500,000 (Hell). The items you choose to gamble for may be of your own choosing. Gambling may stop only when the player cannot gamble anymore items
18- djmbbandie- All amulets are fair game and equipable (blue, gold, yellow, orange, green)
19- TrubbaNot- You may buy one town portal tome, but otherwise you may only use portal scrolls you find
20- TrubbaNot- At Level 30 and 60 you must review your charms and keep only those with both a prefix AND a suffix. After level 30/60 you may aquire new chams however. So you must mule off (or sell) your Grand Charm of Sustenance but you may keep your Lizard's Grand Charm of Dexterity
21- Jiansonz- If you want to use any kind of throwing weapon (dagger, axe, javelin), it must be rare, crafted or unique.
22- RuddyC- Resists - you may only use equipment that gives you resists to any one element or to all of the elements. Dual or tri-resist equipment are only permissible if the resistance % is the same across all 2/3 elements
23- RuddyC- Bugging Andariel is not permitted (You must IMMEDIATELY save and exit after killing her (pick up the stuff of course, DONT TALK TO WARRIV!)
24- RuddyC- All jewels on your equipment (including switches and moron equipment) must be of the same colour

Please write down or print out a set of these rules, I understand that it will take a while to get used to the complexity of it all but please try you best.

A big thankyou to all the people who contributed by making a rule, the tournament is OPEN now and ANYONE may play.

:jig:( only one smiley per post is gonna kill me! )

If sombody could make a table for me i would really appreciate it, just all the usual things, they have changed the format of them since I was last around
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