[2012] New Tournament: Slow and Steady [by DiamondSoul]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @DiamondSoul on Mar 24, 2012. The last post was made Jul 20, 2012.
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New Tournament: Slow and Steady.

Hi everyone and welcome to a Tourney that will likely last a very long time.

I wanted to create a tournament that had simple rules, yet there was something unique about it. Also, I wanted to make it so that you can spend as much time on it as you want, or the bare minimum and just "keep up" with the rest of us. Not sure if this has been done before, but here we go.

The idea is pretty simple. Each day we will "unlock" 1 quest. You may rerun the areas involved with that quest as much as you want, or just do it once, it's up to you. For example, today we are only allowed to do The Den of Evil. You are not allowed to go to Cold Plains. Tomorrow (March 24) Blood raven is unlocked and you can rerun the areas involved up to that quest (including the crypts in burial grounds). Feel free to go back and give Corpsefire a visit if you wish. On March 25 feel free to finish Search for Cain and all areas up to it. So on so forth... So in about a week's time, we will finish Act 1. :scratchchin:

This will allow people who are late to join in at any time and catch up to the rest of us. And it will allow people to run corpsefire a thousand times a day if they so wish :crazyeyes:

Tournament Rules

1. HC only, if you wish to play regular, let us know when you are dead and you are out of tourney, feel free to join in again with different character.
2. Keep up with the dates and quests, never skip to the next quest (and its areas) until it is unlocked. Wait for my unlock for each quest so that we will try to keep up all around the same time. 12am Pacific Daylight Time every day.
3. Use a whacky character build. This is subjective, but be as creative as you want. Single tree builds, melee necros, singer barbs, etc. are very much encouraged to keep the tourney interesting.
4. Mule off only, never on.
5. Solo only.
6. Muling applications and RWM are allowed.
7. Using /players is allowed at any moment.
8. Please don't use save and exit, we want to eventually see some deaths here people! You are however allowed to run away using your town portal.
9. Avoid respecing. Use it only to correct a build in case you were drunk and missclicked :guiness:

Vodka the Hardcore Melee Amazon joins the tourney, I will only be using the Passive and Magic skill tree. I will be using a Lightening Merc from Act III.

Good luck everyone, and have fun! :) 👋
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