[2012] Diablo Character Vanity Challenge [by Liquid_Evil]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Liquid_Evil on Jan 1, 2012. The last post was made May 29, 2016.
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Diablo Character Vanity Challenge

Twenty bold participants have signed on to dazzle and wow the SPF forum-goers with their imaginative attempts at character creation. Although failure is all but guaranteed, they will try to craft interesting characters for our amusement.

How long does this last?
It will run until January 20th. Submit your brief character write-up in this thread by January 20th, please. The judges and I will confer over the weekend, and the list of winners should be posted on Monday or Tuesday (23rd or 24th).

What does the character write-up entail?
You should include your thoughts on the character, how you interpreted the theme, as well as provide a couple of screenshots. Basically, peacock your char for the benefit of the readers (and the judges). You don’t have to be a wordsmith, but it might help. *Also, please do your best the first time around and only post one write-up of your character. (Oh, and you can only make one character.)

How does one win?
Make an awesome character and impress the judges with your creativity. Points will be awarded (and averaged between the judges’ marks) based on the following criteria:

Level: You get 1 point for each level. No multiplayer leeching! (1-99)
Adherence to the item requirements: (1-50)
Adherence to the skill requirements: (1-50)
Theme: You get an average of the judges’ theme scores. Does your char’s name, gear, skills, style, stats, go with the theme? Did you justify your interpretation of the theme in your brief write-up? Did you post at least 1 screenshot? (1-100)
Creativity and Originality: You get an average of the judges’ creativity scores. Is your character much different from the other entrants’? Did you use some wild, lesser-used gear or skills? Did you think outside the box? (1-50)
Bonus Points: 5 bonus points will be awarded if your character personalizes a piece of his/her gear for up to 15 extra points. (You character must use/wear the gear for it to be counted.)

Who is judging?
Everyone reading this thread will undoubtedly judge your feeble attempts, but as far as the scoring goes, alongside myself, fellow champions ioupainmax and Pyrohemia will also be doling out the points.

edit: And maareek has also now joined the squad of judges to round out the panel. So that's 4 total judges.

What does one win?
Bragging rights will be shared among the winners of each theme group. Super bragging rights will be awarded to the overall winner I will henceforth deem “Best in Show”. Ya know, like you were some kind of dog breed or something. All non-winners (14 LOSERS) must wear ridiculous ugly dog avatars for one solid week after the event conclusion to remind the rest of the world of both their failings as challenge participants as well as their general hideousness.

So without further ado, here are the requirements:

*THREE* Mandatory Item Requirements
All players must abide by the exact same item requirements. However, there are multiple options for personalization.

1-PARTIAL SET: Your character must wear at least 2 same-set items to net a partial set bonus. However, your character must not wear a full set nor wear more than 4 items of the same set.
2-HELM: Your character must wear either Sigon’s Visor –OR– Darksight Helm –OR– a normal/socketed/magic/rare/craft/runeword in either a Great Helm or a Basinet item type.
3-SOCKETING: Your character must have a Dol rune and/or a Rare jewel socketed somewhere in your gear. Weapons/Armor/Runewords all allowed.

*BONUS POINTS: 5 bonus points will be awarded if your character personalizes a piece of his/her gear.

Mandatory Skill Requirements
These are purposely very open-ended so as not to stifle creativity. Don’t overthink this area and try to focus more on the theme. If a skill you’d like to use does multiple forms of damage, just use your best judgment. If you can justify it, it’s fair game.

-If your name has a “1” next to it, your character must use either a Fire or Physical skill as a primary skill. You can supplement or hybridize with whatever else you would like.
-If your name has a “2” next to it, your character must use either a Lightning or Magic skill as a primary skill. You can supplement or hybridize with whatever else you would like.
-If your name has a “3” next to it, your character must use either a Poison or Cold skill as a primary skill. You can supplement or hybridize with whatever else you would like.
-If your name has a “4” next to it, your character must use either a Physical or Summoning skill as a primary skill. You can supplement or hybridize with whatever else you would like.


I tried to run the gamut when it came to theme ideas, so some may be weirder than others. I also tried to incorporate suggestions I received via PMs (and if you don’t like your theme, then it was most definitely a suggestion). I apologize for nothing. Groups and themes were randomly assigned.

Find your group and look at the people who are also in it. Three of those four (probably you) of those names will be wearing a shame ‘tar by contest end. Just food for thought.

GROUP A Theme: Circus/Carnival
1) NacRuno
2) Paradigmshift
3) coju
4) Ralguleld

GROUP B Theme: Gods/Mythology
1) HanShotFirst
2) kestegs
3) Jason Maher
4) kstuart

GROUP C Theme: Halloween/Horror
1) Kitteh
2) Drystan
3) Grisu
4) ancalagon the black

GROUP D Theme: Animalistic/Foxy
1) omgwtfbbqpwned
2) Drixx
3) Humbuggerer
4) cheerupemokid10

GROUP E Theme: Planetary/Lunar
1) naulum
2) Serdash
3) Krupa
4) zemaj

Any character class is acceptable as long as you adhere to the requirements. If you are truly uninspired, here is a link to a random number generator to help you pick between the assigned options: http://www.random.org/

Remember to have your official write-up logged in this thread by midnight (my time which is -7:00 GMT) on the 20th or it won’t be counted.

This thread may be used to chronicle how far along your character has gotten, or for banter and general chest-puffery. HOWEVER! It may be in your best interest to keep the opposition guessing as to how you interpreted the theme and requirements. I would suggest keeping your epic brainchild under wraps until the contest concludes so you can wow the SPF in one grand gesture. Do not discuss potential theme ideas or how you would have done something in another group. (We don't want to steal anyone's thunder in case there was someone in that group thinking along similar lines.) Questions can be posed here as well, but like I said earlier, I'm not your school marm and I don't want to stifle your creativity. If you can justify something, then it's most likely fair game. That said, don't exploit open-ended rules to kill the spirit of the challenge.

Good luck to all participants. You may begin now.
coju said:
how'd I get thrown into this madness!?
I'm glad I am though, as I worked have been sad if I had not!

I haven't read all off the post, but are there team leaders of some sort
Edit: I vaguely remember some sign up for this
Question: twinked or UN
Liquid_Evil said:
coju said:
I haven't read all off the post, but are there team leaders of some sort
It's an individual effort. In your group, you would be directly competing against NacRuno, Paradigmshift, and Ralguleld for the winning slot in Group A. You are all trying to do the best you can with your interpretation of Group A's specific theme while adhering to the item/skill restrictions. Winners of the Group stages get bragging rights, don't have to wear the ugly avatars, and then will be in the running for the overall "Best in Show" category which compares all of the winners. The winner of the winners gets uber super bragging rights (and of course, still does not have to wear the ugly 'tar.)

You got thrown into this madness because you signed up in my thread a few weeks ago. Maybe I should PM all participants to let them know... Winter break seems to affect the memory.
Liquid_Evil said:
coju said:
What about the twinking?---
Twinking is fine.

Thoughts on Twink:
The idea was originally more twink-oriented, but I didn't want to specify. I don't want to stifle creativity or how you normally play. Obviously, you'll need to twink at least a couple of items as per the requirements, and it also may be easier to net a specific theme with certain items from your stashes, but in the end it's up to you. I'd assume most would twink though.
Thoughts on Single Pass:
I am a ‘big picture’ guy and hate lots of rules, so there will be no single pass restrictions. Because this will only run for ~3 weeks, I don’t want to limit where people choose to farm experience to gain levels. Similarly, you won’t be required to run naked. As long as you reach the required level the don the required item (and actually wear it), you should be gravy. I don’t want to box you in with overly rigid rules so for hardcore badasses like yourself, this should be easy-peezy. ;)
Here is the original thread in case anyone wants to refresh themselves: https://diabloii.net/forums/threads/817142

I have also PM'ed everyone involved (unless their PM box was full or I forgot how to spell their name or something). Hopefully we're all on the same page now? GG? GG.

e: Oooh, and kestegs comes out of the gate with some trash talk to start things off right.
omgwtfbbqpwned said:
Yo yo yo wth is animalistic/foxy?

Google comes up with this:

Did you want me to play a D2 character or MS Paint you a cartoon? Who PMed this suggestion? Was it Serdash? Cuz I rate it troll/10. Also planetary. HAHAHA. Good luck dressing up your character as a planet. Group B and C got it easy.


Drawing board time.
omgwtfbbqpwned said:
This warrants a double post. Seriously foxy/animalistic? @_@






kstuart said:
Hmm best put my thinking cap on although i have basic ideas of what character type and even what skills to use. I think I can even pick my partial set items by borrowing them from another character who owns a complete set.
Drystan said:
I agree! How did I get into this.

Liquid_Evil said:
Did you think outside the box?
Puh-lease! Uh, wait. What?

Horror/halloween for me. We'll see.

Gods/Mythology has so many options. Some D2 concepts reek of mythology (even if they aren't very original here!)
ioupainmax said:
Pahahah - I thought my theme idea was bad but ... I don't even >< (I will leave which one is mine a mystery until after the competition ends!)

I look forward to judging your entries!

Good luck all.

@Kitteh: It might be a bit tough to go untwinked but if you manage it, I imagine it will garner some pretty big style points.
Jason Maher said:
Will this ugly dog avatar be one of your design, oh malevolent dictator? If not, I provide these suggestions for HanShotFirst, kstuart, and most especially kestegs, who shall redfine the word "fail" with his pitiful effort:


The Grey Ghost of the Woods shall not be defeated!
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