[2011] How The Mighty Have Fallen Tournament Thread [by corax]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Corax Sep 2, 2011. The last post was made May 19, 2012.
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How The Mighty Have Fallen Tournament Thread

How The Mighty Have Fallen

1. You may play in Hardcore or Softcore, retiring the character on their first death. If you S&E to avoid death, you are 'dead'. new character.
2. By your choice, you may quest in single-pass mode, or you may have unrestricted ability to run targets as you choose.
3 . All items used by your character must be found by your character during the gameplay of this Tournament, - there is no twinking, i.e., no bringing in items found by other characters.
4. You are permitted to use ATMA/GoMule as an extended stash for items found within the tournament gameplay.
5. It is assumed that V1.13 will be used by all players. The use of the RWM is allowed. Use of respecs is not allowed unless you gain it in a blessing or curse specifically stating so.
6. You are not restricted from returning to prior Acts for such reasons as shopping and gambling for items, retrieving a Wirt’s Leg, opening a Cow level or deferred use of the Charsi Imbue quest reward. After all, Warriv and Meshif are in the game specifically to support such travel within the framework of the story. However once an act is left no monsters from that act are to be killed. So if you plan to run andariel in act 1 finish up all your runs before sending in your score.
7. You may play at whatever /players setting you prefer and change it at any time
8. You are not required to complete every quest nor activate every waypoint.
9. At the end of every act immediately prior to heading to the next act character level and total exp earned need to be sent to the TO via a PM. These are your secret scores and determine if you receive a blessing or a curse.
10. You may not proceed in a new act until all other participants in your group are ready to begin the act too.
11. Characters will be split into groups of 3 based on how fast they finish each act(when i get the pm) so the first 3 to PM will be in a group, the next 3 and so on. The highest exp will be cursed and the lowest exp will be blessed. then you may continue on your way after receiving your blessing/curse
12. DO NOT post character level but you may freely post if you have been cursed or blessed.

YOU MAY NOT!!! DO THESE THINGS – until you get blessed and the TO informs you of the right to complete one chosen at random. The blessing only applies to the current difficulty, so if you gain the den of evil blessing in act 4 normal you may do the normal den but not the NM den unless another blessing is received of the same type.
Complete the Den Of Evil
Use the book of skill
Use the tome of knowledge
Kill Izual
Use the scroll of resistance
undo a single curse previously bestowed
Charsi imbue reward may not be used
One Respec allowed(per blessing received

Similar to Blessings you will receive a curse for being the highest experience char at the end of each act. Curse will be selected at random and PM'd to you by the TO
The next skill point you earn you may NOT spend ( EVER )
The next 5 stat points you earn you may NOT spend ( EVER )
Immediately Remove your boots ( you may not wear boots ever again )
Immediately Remove your gloves ( same as above )
Remove your Helm ( you get it )
You may only wear PLAIN WHITE BELTS from now on (yeah same again)
Gambler's Ruin (you may no longer gamble. at all)
Cain's Wrath (you may not use cain to identify items)
Potion Drought(you may only acquire potions from monsters, you may not shop for potions
Nihlathaks Wrath(you must kill nihlathak in current difficulty)
Good Luck!
If there is enough interest i may be inclined to split into 2 groups to have a fast group and a slow group. will see how numbers go.
Cheers to Mr Malevolent for actually doing all the work. well except the good bits.
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