[2011] A low-key Classic Tourney [by purplelocust]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @purplelocust Sep 20, 2011. The last post was made Jun 18, 2013
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A low-key Classic Tourney

In the spirit of encouraging people to play some Classic characters and somewhat a continuation of Emperor Moo's earlier Classic Tourney, we have this informal revived Classic tourney.


1) HC only (or SC but a first death means you are out of the tourney as RIP)
2) Classic 1.10+ characters only.
3) Each forum member is playing self-found as of the date of the tourney. There is no muling on of any items not found by a character not in the tourney.
4) No restrictions on builds, player counts, rerunning areas or items.
5) SP only; no MP games.

There isn't a scoring system, instead we'll just use this thread to record progress.


Do I need to install something to play Classic?

No, just don't check the "expansion box" when you create a new character and you are all set. "Classic" really just means "non-expansion."

Why just 1.10+ Classic?

There are enough differences in gameplay from versions up to 1.09 that it's not really comparing apples to apples to have so many different versions. If there are many players interested in earlier versions, we can have separate categories if needed.

What about synergies? I don't remember them from earlier versions.

The Classic game has developed in parallel to expansion, for better or worse. So synergies were introduced into Classic in 1.10 and are an important part of Classic gameplay in 1.10+, particularly since there aren't generally as many sources of +skills in Classic.

What are the main differences?

Character classes: no druids or assassins
Base items: no elite items of any type, and no class-specific items.
Set items: no exceptional set items, and no "expansion" sets
Unique items: only normal uniques, no exceptional or elite uniques
Socketed items: only weapons, helms and shields. No socketed body armor.
Charms: none
Runes: none
Jewels: none
Runewords: none
Crafted items: none
Socket recipes: more limited
Ethereal items: none
Weapon switch: none
Stash: much smaller than expansion
Quests: no Act V at at. When you kill Diablo, the game ends with a timer countdown.
Affixes for items: more limited
Mercs: available for use but only in each act. Not resurrectable or equipable. No mercs at all in A4.
Leveling: harder.
Skills: some occasional differences. For example, Static Field can take monsters down to a sliver in NM and Hell instead of the 50% and 33% health caps in LoD. Another example: weapon speed doesn't matter for whirlwind in Classic- every weapon hits at 4fpa no matter on-weapon and off-weapon IAS.
Stats: dexterity doesn't affect blocking. Whatever the shield says, that's what block is (possibly as affected by Twitchthroe)
Staffmods: no tier 6 staffmods on items* (*except for Stormeye, +1 to Fist of Heavens)
Resists: not as severe penalty for resists in NM and Hell, but no Anya scroll and more difficult to get resists in the first place.

Where can I find build guides and advice?

The Classic Forum has some good resources, although it is more oriented to b.net play than SP play.

What are the best items in Classic?
Not the same ones as LoD! Many of the top items in Classic are good rares.

Progess table:

The living:

Version 1.10+
Forum name      Character Name    Build         Level     Location
purplelocust    Jarnsaxa          light zon        1        Rogue Camp

The departed:
Forum name      Character Name    Build         Level     Location
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