[2010] The Fresh Meat Tourney (Diablo 1) [by Cius]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Cius on Jan 13, 2010. The last post was made Feb 4, 2010.
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The Fresh Meat Tourney

The Fresh Meat Tourney

"Ah fresh meat!" - The butcher

So, after jiansonz recent thread on the adventures of Isolde a thread started about interest in a D1 tourney. After many expressed interest in the slow lovin of D1 this was the result. The fresh meat tourney!

- Any character is allowed
- Any "build" is allowed
- HC single pass is required. This means only save when no monsters are around and if you die then so long.
- SP mode only (not MP) due to quests and each difficulty will be played through once single pass style (a lot easier to do in D1)
- D1 or Hellfire are permissable, just state which one you are doing.
- Saving before hitting a Cauldron or random shrine is allowed ONCE! If you don't like the result you can re-load and then leave the cauldron as is.
- Items can be stored in town but at the end of each difficulty no muling applications are allowed. You can only carry to the next act what you can fit on your person. (there are smart ways to transfer wealth though if you think about it)

The rules above are made so as to allow our inspiration, Isolde, to be automatically entered into this tourney.
No muling applications
Style points are awarded for people that put restrictions on themselves such as Isolde not using a bow at all. Warriors are also encouraged as while they are powerful in normal in NM and Hell they do not scale as well as the other 2 characters. Hellfire characters are also allowed including Barbarian and Bard.
Add yourself to the table as you go!

Forum Name      Character       Class           Location               Level
Cius            Milamber        Mage            lvl 2                  4

I'll kick it off with Milamber who is a mage who hates using melee. Spells are first choice in all cases. Even if it means being dirt poor in the early game he has to use spells first and foremost and buy mana pots/charges when he runs out even if he would rather melee for a while and save some cash. Melee can only be used when he literally has no other way of casting (all mana, charges, and money depleted). Reason I went the easy route is that I never knew how to get into NM and Hell with SP characters so I have only played D1 to the end of normal. Seeing as it will be my first trip to NM and Hell I want the strongest character. Later on I may try a rogue.
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