[2010] The Exposure Tournament [by Morathi]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Morathi on Nov 5, 2010. The last post was made Aug 20, 2014.
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The Exposure Tournament

Gorm the Barbarian, nervously clutched his sword, shaking feverishly, as a hostile horde of zombies and Fallen approached him from the shadows of the Cave. It was dark, eerie and uninviting the Cave. A place no man or soul should enter alone. Sweat began to drip from his brow, the growing stench of dead flesh and disease was getting even stronger. He could hear the footsteps of the foul creatures begin to sound like an ominous drum. The lack of clear vision or any followers made it almost impossible for Gorm to predict the creatures distance, he only had their putrid smell to rely on. Suddenly, Gorm heard the whistling of an arrow cut through the dark, coming right towards him! Out of impulse he quickly side stepped with millisecond to spare as the arrow lodged itself in the wall behind him, a mere centimetre away from his head. At that moment, Gorm heard his worst nightmare, a bellowing and deafening howl, the sound only these foul creatures can produce. Gorm knew it was time!

With no shield or companion, Gorm was helpless, he only had himself and his trusty sword to find a way out of this predicament alive! It was all up to him to survive!

With the clear lack of active tournaments , I have decided, in honour of Wakiki, to create one of his tournament ideas. So I would like to thank Wakiki for the awesome tournament idea!

This tournament idea has never been attempted here at the SPF, so I am very much looking forward to seeing how people approach and tackle the obstacles ahead (myself included).

So let's 'GET ON WITH IT', I say!

General Rules:
  • Your character must be HC although you may play SC, but a SC death disqualifies the character from further participation.
  • If your character dies, you may re-enter with another character. There is no limit to this rule. You may re-enter as many times as you wish.
  • Players can use versions from 1.10+ (note if using 1.13, respec is BANNED)
  • Red Rune Mod (RRM) may be used and the same with Rune Word Mod (RWM).
  • If using RWM there is a slight restriction. “Spirit†can only be made in a 2h Sword and “Insight†may only be created in a staff. No other restrictions other than those two.
  • Players can use any character class, any build, any item and assign stat and skill points (No summons, as stated below) as desired.
  • Any /players setting is allowed, and may be changed at will.
  • No multi-player, no trading. This is strictly SP.
  • Untwinked, Single Pass Play only (no re-running of act bosses or areas).
  • You may revisit prior difficulties to shop or complete quest rewards, however you may not leave town except to refresh the vendor screen and to retrieve Wirts Leg (make sure you do not pick up or use any item, and keep the killing to a minimum, do this at p/1).
  • Atma/Gomule may be used as an extended stash (style points if you dont use it :nod:)
  • Quests and waypoints aren’t compulsory, however if you want points then by all means complete them all (style points if you complete all). Quests can be completed whenever you wish (ex. you may use the normal socket quest in NM).

Specific Tournament Rules
  • No Mercs. To make “avoiding†Kashya or any other NPC that would “accidently†give you a merc, not an issue, there are 3 simple steps below that you MUST follow.
    1- Once you kill Blood Raven in normal, go and talk to Kashya and get your Rogue.
    2- Your goal is to get her killed ASAP, so you may not equip items on her at all. Try and horde monsters over to her, get her trapped, whatever..... just get her killed quickly!
    3- Once she is dead, you may never resurrect her or hire another merc.
  • No shields. This means you may only equip weapons.
  • No summons. The only exception to this rule is Ravens. Every other summon is banned completely.
    *Items with “Chance to cast X summon†are banned completely.
    *Items with “Charges for X summon,†are NOT banned, however the summon(s) it grants ARE BANNED.
Sounds pretty simple huh?

Points System
  • 1+ point per character level (players will be rewarded for being a higher level, not penalized like usual)
  • 1+ point per Waypoint collected (including each camp)
  • 2+ points per Quest completed (box does not have to turn grey for a quest to be deemed completed)
  • 5+ points for finishing Normal (Finishing Normal also means Killing the Cow King)
  • 10+ NM
  • 20+ for Guardian
Signup + Updates:

This tournament starts now!!! You may sign up at any time and re-join as many times as you see fit.

This tournament will run until interest has been lost (no posts in 3 weeks). With regards to posting the table, please try to limit the amount of times it is posted on each page (or use the spoiler function).

If you are simply updating your character's progress, write a brief description at the bottom, stating your level, act, points etc. If you are entering the tournament for the first time/ re-joining, you may post the table with your new characters details.

***Please note that if you are posting the table, be sure to quote the most recent version.

Forum Name     Character     Class       Location      Level    Points
Morathi        Dorian        Paladin     Rogue Camp    1        2

Good Luck :)!
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