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[2010] The Christmas Shopping Tournament 2010 [by maxicek]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @maxicek on Nov 10, 2010. The last post was made Jan 28, 2011.
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The Christmas Shopping Tournament 2010

The Christmas Shopping
(and The January Sales)
Tournament 2010

Christmas is coming and that means one thing - presents. But what are you going to get for the special Amazon in your life? A new bow? A shiny stack of Javelins? Or maybe just something dull but useful, like a pair of skillers? Need A Stone of Jordan? You had better get down to Andariel's Jewelers. But hurry up and make up your mind, you only have 45 days left until Christmas!

This idea for this tournament is simple. You have to find a present for each of the seven D2 classes. It can be anything. A runeword, skillers, sets, uniques. It can be shopped from a vendor or dropped from a monster. The present can be a single item, or even a group of items, like a full class specific set or a collection of skill charms. It may be a curiosity - one of those strange but useless items you don't see very often but is amusing, like a Phase Blade of Self Repair. Found an Ethereal Tomb Reaver? That's nice, but socketing with a Zod and two 40/15s would be better. Pretty much anything goes. But you do have to get presents for all seven classes. After all, we don't want to see the barbarian in tears as everyone else opens their presents do we?

After Christmas, we see who found which presents and vote for who found the best present for each class, and the best set of seven presents. No prize taking or giving, it's just for the glory. After all Christmas is about giving, not receiving isn’t it?

As you may have guessed by now, this is my promised replacement for the 12 Days of Christmas Tourney, I hope it will appeal to a wider audience and fit in with the general MFing or questing that people do anyway. Hopefully it will retain some of the free range magic finding fun, it is certainly much quicker to write :)

Simple so far? On with the rules:

The Rules
1. Any new or existing character can compete. Any version, any difficulty, HC, SC, vanilla, RRM, RWM. (accepted SPF mods only). You can compete using as many different characters as you like.
2. More than one item may be entered as a single gift.
3. All items must be found within the tournament period. If you sign up after the start date, this period starts after your sign up. This includes bases for runewords, gems for re-rolling etc.
4. Items found whilst playing in other Tourneys may be used, as long as they comply with all the rules of this tourney.
5. Items found whilst MPing do not count.
6. You must enter seven gifts to qualify for the voting stage, no matter how bad the gifts may be. You may still vote though.
7. Cubing is allowed but all ingredients must be found within the tournament timeframe.
8. Signup remains open throughout the tourney, but note rule 3.
9. The "Shops" in question are any monsters in the game, cubing, shopping vendors, LK Chests - anything goes unless specifically excluded by the other rules.
10. No trading for gifts.
11. Posting of finds is encourage as the tourney progresses, but I fully expect people to keep their top finds secret. I think showing items keeps the tourney feeling more active than people signing up and we don't see anything until January. Please post in this thread.
12. I like to encourage screenshots of where the item was found if possible, but it's not compulsory. Entries must have an ATMA / GoMule readout though.

The Timescale
You can start as soon as you have entered your name in the table below.
The Tourney ends on Friday 7th January 2011. Yes, I know it should end on the 24th/25th December, but I figured it would be nice to extend it over the holiday period and I am not going to start the voting over New Year. I call this the January Sales period, time to try and pick up a post Christmas bargain.

The Voting
I will post the voting rules in detail nearer the time, but it will be one vote per entrant per class, plus another for overall. Most votes wins. I hope voting will reflect wit and originality in the gifts, not just awe at high end runewords or TC87s, but obviously I can't enforce this.

How do I register?
Just add your name to the code box below. Rmember, the tourney is open to anyone joining all the way through, but items found / screenshots taken will only count after you have signed up.

The Small Print
By entering this tourney I agree to comply honourably with the tourney rules. I will not hold the tourney host (maxicek) responsible for any personal trauma, repetitive strain injury or the death of any Hardcore characters that may result in from my “shopping” activities.
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