[2009] Tournament: Septavariate [by Hector]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Hector on Oct 8, 2009. The last post was made May 11, 2010.
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Tournament: Septavariate

Septavariate Tournament

Last Rule/Points Update: October 9th, 2009.

  • I do not claim ownership or originality about this tournament format. I am aware it has been done before and this could be considered a 'new round' or 'remake' with slightly different rules.

  • This tournament consists of achieving the Guardian title with one character of each hero class, seven total.
  • The Guardian title is awarded for beating Hell difficulty in Hardcore (HC) mode. In order to create a HC char, you must have completed the game at least once, naturally with a non-HC char. You are allowed to use this first character in the tournament, until first death, at which point he or she must be rebuilt in HC (if you beat at least Normal mode). Characters from other tournaments are also allowed as long as no rules are broken.
  • Each character can receive bonuses in their final scores; as a general rule, characters who advance further will offer greater rewards in points.
  • The tournament winner will be the one who scores most points across his/her seven characters. There is no end-date set, it is a long term tournament.
  • Dead characters or even Guardian characters can be replaced by new characters of the same class.

  • Create a team of 7 Hardcore characters, one of each class (one non-HC character is allowed per team, until first death - usually a Hardcore mode 'enabler');
  • Characters coming from another tournament are allowed as long as they didn't break any rules of this tournament;
  • Diablo II LoD v1.12b;
  • RWM and RRM allowed;
  • Solo, Single Player only;
  • Untwinked; ATMA and GoMule are allowed as extended stash utility, to deposit and take back items with the same character; but trading between characters is severely restricted (see next rule);
  • Each character is allowed to receive 1 item in each difficulty (3 total) from other members of your team, as long as that item wasn't used before, and it cannot be passed over again. Runewords or items with used sockets cannot be transfered (they violate 1 item rule). Please declare which items were passed over once your character reaches Guardian or Deeds;
  • Any "/players x" setting allowed, no full clears needed, repeating areas is fine;
  • Considering this is very difficult to verify, you are allowed to "Esc/Save and Exit" to avoid death if you want to.
  • Report your progress (carefully) updating the tables found at the latest posts; you can view the code by quoting the post; copying to the notepad for editing makes things easier. Please be careful to not mess up the data posted by other participants.
  • Optional: Give your team a cool name. 👍
  • Optional: Provide us nice reads and screenshots of your progress, drops... or even deeds! 👍

Base Points
  • Normal Difficulty (total 467 points):
  • +80 per Act completed (400 total);
  • +1 per Quest completed (27 total);
  • +1 per Waypoint activated (39 total);
  • +1 for completing the Secret Cow Level.
  • Nightmare Difficulty (total 734 points):
  • +120 per Act completed (600 total);
  • +2 per Quest completed (54 total);
  • +2 per Waypoint activated (78 total);
  • +2 for completing the Secret Cow Level.
  • Hell Difficulty (total 1,201 points):
  • +200 per Act completed (1,000 total);
  • +3 per Quest completed (81 total);
  • +3 per Waypoint activated (117 total);
  • +3 for completing the Secret Cow Level.

Bonus Points
  • +0.5 per unused Stat Point (maximum +250.5);
  • +2 per unused Skill Point (maximum +220);
  • +1 per character Level (maximum +99).

That's about it. Feel free to sign up, and suggest changes and different point bonuses, or point out something important I overlooked (and help me make a better table please). 👍

Progress Report Tables
  • To make a progress report, post two tables: the first only with info about your characters' data, and the second with the overall participants data.

Team Details Table (individual - post your team only)

Team Leader   Class Character  Build           Lv   Location Points Bonus
Hector        Ama   Juno       Javelin          1   A1N      0           
              Asn                               0   N/A      0          
              Bar                               0   N/A      0               
              Dru                               0   N/A      0                
              Nec                               0   N/A      0                
              Pal                               0   N/A      0                
              Sor                               0   N/A      0                

Team Ladder Table (overall - add all teams info)

Rank  Team Leader     Team Name                Guardians      Total Points
1     Hector          N/A                      0/7            0
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