[2009] Tournament: Blood for the Bloodgod! [by newco]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @newco on Jun 19, 2009. The last post was made Sep 17, 2009.
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Tournament: Blood for the Bloodgod!

Tournament: Blood for the Bloodgod!

I am bored and want to play a melee-char. So I thought I might make a tournament out of it.

This tournament is quite easy. It is a melee tournament based around axes with some special-rules

1.) HC and HC only (the Bloodgod wants blood and skulls, so it doesn’t matter whether it is supplied by monsters or by you)
2.) LoD, classic, RRM, RWM ... it doesn’t matter, as long as the blood flows
3.) any player setting (change it when ever you want)
4.) no twinking
5.) ATMA may be used as extended stash
6.) MP is allowed
7.) full clears! Every tomb, every cave! Kill them all or die trying! (the Bloodgod doesn’t care)
8.) you are allowed to rerun areas, but in this case the full clear rule applies again! (Before you enter durance level-3 on your Meph-run you have to clear level-2!)

Axes only. If you use a throwing-axe you are allowed to throw it. Every type of axe is allowed (runeword, unique ... etc.)

1.) everything crafted with a “blood” recipe
2.) bone helm and bone shield (any flavor + exceptional + elite version)
3.) everything with the mods “life-leech”, “attacker takes damage X” and “open wounds”
4.) rings and amulets: any flavor

1.) weapons: any flavor
2.) armor: skulls, rubies and red jewels

sorc: no ... the Bloodgod dislikes magic-users (damn cowards)
nerco: no ... see above
assassin: no ... this tournament isn’t about finesse, it is about brutality
amazon: yes (no valkyrie)
paladin: sure
druid: definitely (no summons except ravens (cool little carrion eaters))
baba: oh yes!

Everything except act 3 mercs (you remember, we dislike magic-users). Clothing-rules also apply for your merc.

Quite simple ... highest level Guardian wins

Forum name    Character Name    Class        Level     Location
newco        Kharn        barb        1    Rogue Encampment
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