[2009] The Monster Name Tournament (Easy) [by Liquid_Evil]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Liquid_Evil on Oct 19, 2009. The last post was made Dec 31, 2009.
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The Monster Name Tournament (Easy)

Unique Monster Name Tournament

Firstly, this isn’t a conventional tournament per se. Secondly, I realize that no one should ever use the term “per se” lest they sound like a pretentious gomer. Thirdly, this will take no time outside of your normal D2 play, so you should totally do it.

What’s the premise, Liq?
Every two weeks or so (but it can be dependent on how much activity this thread sees), I’ll post the names of three random unique monsters. Then, during your week of D2 play, you'll see if your characters encounter monsters with those exact names. Find a monster with that exact name and you get a point. Find all three monsters, get all three points.

What if I find a monster name that isn’t quite the same but is really, really close?
Only exact names count.

Does the monster have to be a specific type or found on a specific difficulty?
Nope. We only care about the names here.

I’m HC, can I participate?
Yes. I don’t care whether you’re HC or SC. Enter with any character. It simply doesn’t matter.

I’m SC, can I participate?
*sigh* Yes, you may participate.

What if I am MP’ing with someone and we both see the same correct monster? Can we both use it?
As long as you have your own screenshot, it works for you.

What if I find last week's monsters after the fact?
You only get awarded points based on the names of current monsters.

How long will this last? What could I win???
I think I’ll see what the level of interest is before I commit to an end date (and if there is none, then we can just let this die). The winning point scorer probably won’t win much outside of D2 street cred, but maybe I could see about a custom ‘tar or something. There’s nothing really at stake here so don’t go crazy just screenshotting every single monster in the hopes that I might pick one of those for the next week’s installment. Part of the fun and challenge is doing it on a week to week basis.

How do I host a screenshot?
I like imageshack.us, but I think other people here have used photobucket to some good effect. (I think you can host ss's through diii.net these days actually). Hit your Print Screen key, find it in your Diablo folder, and upload to a reputable image hosting website. Then, post the link here and update your point total in the table.

How will I ever remember these 3 monster names I’m supposed to be looking for?
A Post-It note on your monitor? All of the names should be somewhat straightforward, and I will always try to include one that should trigger your memory. Think Puke. One of the three names will always contain the word “Puke.” Hopefully that’s a good enough visual cue to keep you thinking about your screenshots.

Why should I do this?
Because it’s pretty simple and everyone love screenshots? This is a relatively easy “tournament” and if you’re looking at monster names, you might be more apt to pay attention to their mods and die needless deaths to monsters tougher than you. In a way, I’m helping to make you a better player. You’re welcome. Now add yourself to the table and check the edits in this first post periodically to see what the newest monster names are.

This has been going a while. Can I still enter?

Forum Name         Points

This sessions monster names are…

Gut Drinker
Steel Spell
Sin Fist
Icehawk Riftwing (just to see who's paying attention and wants the freebie point)

Past Monster Names
Estimated market value