[2009] The Certain Death Tournament [by wakiki]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @wakiki on Oct 19, 2009. The last post was made Jun 20, 2010.
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The Certain Death Tournament.

Welcome to the Certain Death Tournament!

Current Standings:
Forum Name     Character       Class            Location               Level
HanShotFirst   Hadriela        Frozen Orb/TK    ==Guardian 1==           86
Tarantella     Damasque        Skirmisher       ==Guardian 2==           86
Hp_Sauce       AlreadyDead     Trapper          (H)Crystalline Passage   82
ancalagon T.B. Shatterproof    Strafer          (H)Bloody Foothills      80 RIP
Mursilis       Jaheira         Trapsin          (H)Spider Forest         78 RIP
Lozhinge T.U.  WitherBow       MS/FA Bowazon    (H)Tal Rasha's Tombs     82
Drystan        Argoel          Sorceress        (H)Palace Cellar L. 3    80 RIP
scrcrw         Soapbubble      Strafeazon       (H)Far Oasis             78 RIP
kavarin        DeadTwo         BO Barb          (H)Radament              80 RIP
Drystan        Argoel          *1.13 Sorceress  (H)Catacombs L. 2        77 RIP
crazy_bear     Britta          Trapsin          (H)Rogue Encampment      73
HanShotFirst   Mara            Traps            (N)Throne of Destruction 73 RIP
scrcrw         Kaiko           Blade Fury Asn   (N)Throne of Destruction 72 RIP
Tarantella     Amarantine      Skirmisher       (N)Throne of Destruction 72 RIP
wakiki         Shadow_Salad    Defencemancer    (N)River Of Flame        66
jiansonz       Morte           Mojo/Bonemancer  (N)Plains of Despair     65 RIP
Ohomemgrande   Josephine       ES/FO sorc       (N)Pandemonium Fortress  64
HanShotFirst   Ulquiorra-san   Bone Necro       (N)Mephisto              64 RIP
LozHinge T.U.  WitherStick     Psn Daggermancer (N)Mephisto              62 RIP
soulmanz       SparkyPancakes  Novawaller       (N)Great Marsh           58 RIP
scrcrw         Becalmed        Wind Druid       (N)Kurast Docks          58
Alfonso T.G.   TheAragorn      Ranger Paladin   (N)Tal Rasha's Tomb      59 RIP
Morathi        Drake           Fire Druid       (N)Arcane Sanctuary      58 RIP
scrcrw         Enchilada       Entrantress      (N)Coldworm The Burrower 55 RIP
HanShotFirst   Helen           FA/Strafer       (N)Halls of the Dead L.1 54 RIP
MOOsaccre      Zapsarrap       Orb/Fireball     (N)Dry Hills             53
scrcrw         Jenna           Poison Java      (N)Radament              53 RIP
Morathi        Iago            Fury/Rabies      (N)Pit Level 2           50 RIP
Bluechip       Inevitability   Sorceress        (N)Black Marsh           44 RIP
Thomh          Uzumati         Fire Claws Bear  (N)Dark Wood             49
kavarin        Roadkill        Fire/Wolf        (N)Underground Passage   49 RIP
NagisaFurukawa Rin             Strafer          (N)Underground Passage   46 RIP
Tarantella     Mortiphye       Summoner Hybrid  (N)Cold Plains           48
Mournblade     Freddie Mercury Singer           (N)Cold Plains           47
jdkerr         Lifeless        Wind Druid       (N)Rogue Encampment      48
Shaandore      Fastpoison      Rabies/Summoner  (N)Rogue Encampment      48
cenyth         Teff            ES Sorceress     Baal                     48 RIP
Alfonso T.G.   Fishyzon        Fishyzon         Baal                     48 RIP
Mournblade     Svelte_Savage   Spearazon        Baal                     41 RIP
EmperorMoo     MELIKECAKE      Concbarb         Crystalline Passage      37 RIP
Ohomemgrande   GeneralJoe      Summon Necro     Bloody Foothills         32 RIP
MOOsaccre      Wallerina       F-wall/T-storm   Diablo                   36 RIP
HanShotFirst   Scorn           Fire Druid       Diablo                   34 RIP
Mournblade     Mouse           Golemancer       Diablo                   31 RIP
Brutass        Tane            Summ/Fire Druid  Diablo                   30 RIP
nermind        EatMyBones      Bonemancer       Chaos Sanctuary          34 RIP
EmperorMoo     FineFingers     Strafezon        Chaos Sanctuary          31 RIP
wakiki         BathtubPancake  Charge/H.Freeze  River of Flame           34 RIP
pepitosari     SassyAssasin    Assassin         River of Flame           33 RIP
Brutass        Icybiatch       Frost Maiden     Mephisto                 29 RIP
Brutass        Sparkles        Lite/Orb Sorc    Bremm Sparkfist          27 RIP
MOOsaccre      Moossacre       Bowzon           Ruined Temple            32 RIP
Morathi        Alice           Valk/GA Zon      Lower Kurast             30
Zelator        WitchOfEndor    CE/Curse Necro   Flayer Jungle            29
soulmanz       SwayBabySway    Passivezon       Kurast Docks             27
Cor Blimey     Sir_Healzealot  Cowardin         Kurast Docks             25
Morathi        Blake           Zerker           Tal Rasha's Tomb         28 RIP
scrcrw         of_Worlds       Light Sorc       Tal Rasha's Tomb         26 RIP
Docturnal      Zmeli_Khat      Necromancer      Tal Rasha's Tomb         26 RIP
Brutass        Jezabelle       Javazon          Tal Rasha's Tomb         26 RIP
JayeM          Glassjaw        Barbarian        Tal Rasha's Tomb         25 RIP
Bluechip       Vitamin         Throwbarb        Tal Rasha's Tomb         23 RIP
atigndng       Zed             Elemental Druid  The Summoner             26 RIP
Lostprophet    Cody            Blaze/G.Spike    Harem Level 1            24
PepitoSari     Kratos          Barbarian        Fangskin                 25 RIP
scrcrw         Clodius         Throwbarb        Maggot Lair level 3      21 RIP
atigdng        Solarfury       Bowler Druid     Maggot Lair              25
Morathi        Sibella         Cold Sorc        Maggot Lair              24 RIP
JayeM          Glasscannon     Assassin         Maggot Lair              20 RIP
shizwiggle     Groth-GolemGuru *1.13 Golemancer Maggot Lair              ?? RIP
JayeM          Trixie          Bladesin         Rocky Waste              20 RIP
scottasin      Todetta         Amazon           Rocky Waste              21
holiecows      HolieTraps      Assassin         Lut Gholein              21
pepitosari     KillAll         Sorceress        Lut Gholein              21
atigdng        solarixia       Bowler Druid     Lut Gholein              21
QuickDeath     CandleintheWind Javazon          Lut Gholein              20
scottasin      Toddetta        Amazon           Lut Gholein              20
Jason Maher    Lurz            Summoning Druid  Lut Gholein              20
Ganoidyn       Arvon           Psn Novamancer   Lut Gholein              19
Bluechip       Murderherder    Hunter Druid     Lut Gholein              19
scrcrw         Summer          Blizzsorc        Andariel                 19 RIP
EmperorMoo     Magrat_Garlick  Trapsin          Andariel                 18 RIP
Myth           RAWR            Throwbarb        Inner Cloister           19
JayeM          GlassEye        Necromancer      Jail Level 2             17 RIP
Galningen      KingLeoric      Bonemancer       Jail Level 1             19
UllaV          Tilsit          Blizballer       Jail Level 1             18 RIP
sirpoopsalot   QuestionMarks   ES/GS Sorc       Barracks                 18 RIP
Brutass        Snatch          Trapsin          Barracks                 18 RIP
Ganoidyn       Arvon           Psn Novamancer   Barracks                 17 RIP
Bluechip       Sickness        Poison Javazon   Barracks                 15 RIP
MOOsaccre      VikingJoe       Conc/Find Item   Outer Cloister           17 RIP
Skjoldmose     Nico            Fire Trapsin     Outer Cloister           16
NagisaFurukawa Isumi           Trapper          Forgotten Tower          15 RIP
Docturnal      Toxarys         Strafezon        Black Marsh              15 RIP
XxUberStarxX   Inevitable      Chargadin        Stony Field              12
mattinm        TomCruise       Leap/Howl/Ward   Stony FIeld              12
Docturnal      Papa_Bear       Wearbear Druid   Cold Plains              12
NagisaFurukawa Kirei           Bonemancer       Cold Plains              8
Lostprophet    Bill            Fred Phelpsin    Cold Plains              8
Galningen      Blade           Bf/Light Traps   Cold Plains              6
EmperorMoo     BraveSirRobin   Mojomancer       Cold Plains              6
MOOsaccre      Kharne          Fireclaws Bear   Cold Plains              6
Brutass        Sparky          Lite/Orb Sorc    Den of Evil              6  RIP
Kefka          Fergie          Trappa           Rogue Encampment         1
maareek        DeathtoCurtains Berserker        Rogue Encampment         1
Machete        Benny           Bow Barb         Rogue Encampment         1
Zefimas        Susannah        Bowzon           Rogue Encampment         1
EmperorMoo     Circe           Sorceress        Rogue Encampment         1
cenyth         Cytohu          Windy Druid      Rogue Encampment         1
Docturnal      Zmeli_Khat      Poisonmancer     Rogue Encampment         1
Morathi        Aisha           Thrower/MB Asn   Rogue Encampment         1

Billy the Barbarian cried triumphantly as his axe ground through the bone and sinew in Lister's neck. Lister's corpse seemed to linger in the air for an instant, as if it would will itself to attack one last time, but then it collapsed onto the blood-slick stones beneath his feet. Baal's laughter echoed in Billy's ears. He looked up, but Baal had vanished. Now it was time. Time to put an end to his quest, to put an end to this evil. He had done this in two other dimensions. He sat for a moment, gathering his breath and his wits, then plunged into the portal.

The Worldstone Chamber materialized around him, but before he could move, tentacles sprouted from the ground. Suddenly, he felt as he were being skinned alive. The chamber vanished, replaced by pain. He heard someone scream, and all he could wish for was for the pain to stop. It did. "I came so close" he thought, as his soul suddenly and gently left his body.

* * * *​

I have decided to create a tournament that might be the most difficult in the history of the SPF. (Although it certainly has some strong competition. The Naked and All Alone tournaments come to mind.) This is a revamped version of the No Vitality Tournament, but with extra restrictions on Rubies, resists, mercenaries, and more. I hope you enjoy it, and I really hope that your quest doesn't end like poor Billy's did!:crazyeyes:

Survival Restrictions
  • No stat points may be assigned into vitality.
  • Rubies may not be added to helms or armors.
  • Magical and rare items may have up to 30 life, but no more.
    Note: 31 life is the "of the Mammoth" suffix. It's okay to add jewels with life and have more than 30, but 31+ cannot be on the item initially. Uniques, sets, crafts, and runewords are not restricted.
  • Only one charm of each size may have life on it. There are no other charm restrictions, but only three of them (one small, one large, one grand) can have life.
  • Your resistances may not go above 50 in any difficulty.
    Note: This means base resists. You may not add resists to compensate for Convinction or Lower Resist, but you may go above 50 with Shrines, and you may also use resist potions.
  • Mercanaries have the same item restrictions, and cannot have more than 50 resist all on their gear.

  • You can use either a mercenary or summons, not both.
  • Ravens, all Spirits, all Vines, and Decoys are exceptions to this rule. You may use a mercenary with those skills.
  • If you are a mercenary player, you must never use a summon.
  • Mercenaries may not have any Magic Find in normal but may have up to 35% in Nightmare and 50% in Hell.
  • If you are a summon user, things are a little more complicated. You may use a merc until you get your planned summon, at which point you must strip your merc of its gear and kill it. You must do this when your summon first becomes available. For example, let's say you are a Valkzon. You kill a flayer and get level 30. Now it's time to put your first point in Valkyrie, strip the gear off your merc, get him killed, and then summon your Valkyrie. If you are a Druid planning on using Bears, you have the choice of getting a merc early but never summoning a wolf, or summoning wolves and never using your merc. Once you get level 30, it's time to kill your merc and make your bear.

The "Standard" Rules

  • You may not rerun areas. When you start a new session, run through the cleared area killing as few monsters as possible. Items found in re-cleared areas may not be used on your character.
  • You may skip an area and return to it later if you wish. Keep track of this if you do it.
  • You may revisit previous acts to shop and use quest rewards.
  • Any players setting is allowed, just no /p1 kill /p8 open chests cheese.
  • You cannot Save and Exit to avoid death.

  • The characters must be untwinked.
  • You may mule items off your characters.
  • Atma/Gomule may be used as an extended stash.

Versions & Mods
  • You may use any version you like, but let everyone know if you are using something other than 1.12 Expansion.
  • Red Rune Mod, Runeword Mod, and other Item Color mods are all allowed. No others are allowed.

  • The tournament starts now. You can start playing any time you like!
  • You may re-enter as many times as you like.
  • When you update your character, please end it with a one-line summary with the character name, build, level, and location. I will update the table once every 40 posts or so with this information. I will also keep a current table at the bottom of this post. (Hooray that they added an edit feature!)
  • The tournament ends after there have been no posts in the thread for three months (i.e. people have lost interest).

Winning & Losing
  • This tournament is HC. You may play SC if you wish, but your character is out of the tournament after your first death.
  • Location determines advancement, followed by experience earned.
  • You may skip sidequests if you wish. Killing Baal is the official goal.
  • The winner is the person who progresses farthest with the highest amount of experience.
  • Winners receive bragging rights. Sorry, no items (I have none ;)).

If you have any questions at all, please ask!

Well, I hope that covers it. In that case....

Good luck everyone!
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