[2009] The 12 Days of Christmas Tourney 2009 [by maxicek]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @maxicek on Nov 18, 2009. The last post was made Jan 25, 2010.
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The 12 Days of Christmas Tourney 2009

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Diablo sent to me
Twelve deadly mods
Eleven Lords flaming
Ten valued skills
Nine Leapers Leaping
Eight cows-a-mooing
Seven swords-a-slicing
Six Wraiths a-haunting
Five golden rings
Four charms of skill
Three useless charms
Two twinned treasures
And a treasure class 87

The 12 Days of Christmas Tourney 2009
Here we go again everyone. Once more, I have tried to make sure that there is something for everyone here. There is a slightly bigger emphasis on find item tasks this time with seven of these and five find monster tasks. You could complete the entire tourney with one character, but it is designed to favour the use of multiple characters. If you are running LK, questing or doing Pindle runs you should be able to complete tasks at the same time. Good luck to everyone who enters and, most importantly, I hope you enjoy it.


The Rules

General Rules
1. Any new or existing character can compete. Any version, any difficulty, HC, SC, vanilla, RRM, RWM. (accepted SPF mods only). You can compete using as many different characters as you like.
2. Twinking is allowed. You can re-gear your characters with any item you have in your stashes to complete the tasks. I think this is going to be pretty much compulsory for some tasks.
3. All pictures / items must be taken / found within the tournament period. If you sign up after the start date this period starts after your sign up.
4. Items found / pictures taken whilst playing in other Tourneys may be used, as long as they comply with all the rules of this tourney.
5. Items found / pictures taken whilst MPing do not count.
6. Tasks may be completed at any difficulty setting, but most of the picture tasks score higher in Hell.
7. You must complete a minimum of three tasks to qualify. You will score better by doing well in all tasks than excelling in a few though.
8. 'Champion' monsters include Champions, Ghostly, Fanatic etc. - i.e. all the ones with names in blue.
9. Cubing is allowed to complete tasks, but all ingredients must be found within the tournament timeframe.
10. Signup remains open throughout the tourney, but note rule 3.

Time frame
- The tournament starts immediately.
- It finishes on the 12th Day of Christmas, Midnight your local time on Tuesday 5th January 2010.
- Final results must be posted in this thread by Midnight GMT on Sunday 10th January 2009.
- I suggest Imageshack or similar for hosting images.

General Notes on Scoring
1. You score nothing if you don't complete the task. Who wants half a present?
eg. You have to get at least six Ghosts to score in number 6.

2. If you have more that the quantity required, only count the quantity required. The best ones count.
eg. You have 11 Cows including a Unique, but only need 8. Count the Unique and 7 normals.

3. You can't count an item or monster in multiple categories. This is because you can't give the same gift twice.
eg. If you find a Templar's Might, you can't use it for numbers 1 and 2. If you found two different Templar's, you could enter one in each category.

4. The character has to be alive when the screenshot is taken. Same goes for the monsters for that matter.

5. ATMA / GoMule readouts are to be posted for qualifying items, I don't need screenshots for these.

6. Unless stated otherwise (eg task 7), a normal item can be white, ethereal or socketed.

What to Do
Complete each of the twelve gifts below. Points are given for each task. Put your points into the table, the winner is the person with the highest overall total. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person with the most task wins.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Diablo sent to me

Twelve deadly mods
It is often said in the SPF that the greatest challenges are not from the Act Bosses, but from Unique packs of monsters with dangerous mod combinations. So let's go and look for some shall we? Now I know what you are thinking, first task and maxicek has already recycled last year's. Well not quite. This year I want twelve modifiers on the screen at the same time. Note that it is 12 modifiers, you can do this with as few or as many monsters as you dare.

Possible modifiers:
Auras: Might, Holy Fire, Blessed Aim, Holy Freeze, Holy Shock, Conviction, Fanaticism
Cursed, Cold Enchanted, Extra Fast, Fire Enchanted, Lightning Enchanted, Magic Resistant, Mana Burn, Multishot, Spectral Hit, Stone Skin, Extra Strong, Teleport.

- You can do this with as many or a few monsters on the screen as you like, the important thing is that there are twelve modifiers / auras on the screen at the same time.
- Screenshots must clearly display the mod. That means you will need to namelock the boss for some of the mods. You are likely to need multiple screenshots to show all the mods.
- Super Uniques and Baal's Minions are allowed.
- There is a bonus for including specific monster types.

Each modifier scores as follows
Might                   7
Holy Fire               3
Blessed Aim             3
Holy Freeze             7
Holy Shock              3
Conviction             10
Fanaticism             10

Cursed                 10
Cold Enchanted          3
Extra Fast              5
Fire Enchanted          3
Lightning Enchanted     5
Magic Resistant         1
Mana Burn               5
Multishot               5
Spectral Hit            3
Stone Skin              1
Extra Strong            1
Teleport                1

Bonuses for including specific monster types are as follows:
Frenzytaur's                         +10
Gloams                               +10
Oblivion Knights                     +7
Megademons                           +7
Stygian Dolls                        +5
Minion of Destruction (i.e. Lister)  +5
Any archer type                      +3

Eleven Lords flaming
"Chestnuts roasting by a fire breating Megademon" as the song goes. Yes, the lords in question are Venom Lords, or Megademons. Eleven on the screen at the same time please. Be sure to apply plenty of fire repellent.

Qualifying Monster Types
Each Normal / Minion Megademon - 1 point
Each Champion Megademon - 4 points
Each Unique Megademon - 8 Points

- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each Megademon only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.
- Any superunique Megademons, eg The Infectors of Souls, count as Uniques.

Ten valued skills
The skills in question are staffmods. You need to find the following ten staffmods:

Assassin: Lightning Sentry, Venom
Barbarian: Battle Orders, War Cry
Druid: Tornado
Necromancer: Bone Spear, Bone Spirit
Paladin: Fist of the Heavens
Sorceress: Enchant, Energy Shield
Sorry Amazons, you don't get staffmods. Maybe they were stolen by the Necros, who get staffmods on both wands and heads.

Scoring is based on how many points that you get in each skill, up to a maximum of +6. You score 2 points per point in each skill.

e.g. I find a Gaea's Hunter's Guise with +2 to Tornado. You get 2 skills from the staffmod and 3 from the prefix = 5 skills = 10 points.

- Items can be magical, rare, white or runewords.
- Only Necromancer heads count - no wands allowed.
- Only Sorceress Orbs count - no staves.
- The item must have the skill as a staffmod to score.

Nine Leapers Leaping
"Why is he sending us after leapers?" I hear you ask. One, because it fits in nicely with the original rhyme. Two, because it will be annoying. We need nine on the screen at the same time.

Qualifying Monster Types
Each Normal / Minion Leaper - 1 point
Each Champion Leaper - 5 points
Each Unique Leaper - 9 Points

- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each Leaper only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.

Eight cows-a-mooing
Moo! Moo? It's christmas and the cows are celebrating because Turkey is on the menu. Don't let them get complacent, go and get eight on the screen at the same time. I recommend roasting the rest.

(I cant find the AS Hell Bovine page, but I assume there is no need for a link)
Each Normal / Minion Cow - 1 point
Each Champion Cow - 4 points
Each Unique Cow - 10 Points

- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each Cow only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.
- The Cow King counts as a Unique.

Seven swords-a-slicing
This task is a bit of a tribute to my obsession with 2-handed swords. I have used (and will use for the remaining two) several different swords on my characters, you need to find seven of them. The full list is with the scoring.

- If the sword is a runeword, you don't necessarily need to socket it. If you do socket it, only the ATMA readout of the completed item is required. If you don't, screenshots for runes and ATMA readouts for base items please. This allows Vanilla players to get the same score as FAM players.
- If the item is an upped unique, you need to find the ingredients to up it too. As above you it isn't compulsory to actually cube it.
- I have used 1.07 bases, but any version is acceptable. However, if the base is ethereal, you need to find an ethereal one too - with the correct number of sockets.
- Multiple versions of the same sword are not allowed - seven different swords please.

'Voice of Reason' Balrog Blade     5
'Oath' Ethereal Balrog Blade      20
'Passion' Balrog Blade             5
'Passion' Champion Sword           5
'Death' Ethereal Colossus Sword   40
'Lawbringer' Balrog Blade          5
'Kingslayer' Balrog Blade         25

Colossus Blade with 6 Shaels       5

Bul Kathos' Sacred Charge         10
Flamebellow                        5
Doombringer                       10
Vile Husk (upped)                 10
Crainte Vomir (upped)             10

Six Wraiths a-haunting
Scrooge was visited by four ghosts at Christmas, we are going to pay a visit to six of them. All on the screen at the same time.

Qualifying Monster Types - be careful not to confuse them with the Finger Mages of Act 4.
Each Normal / Minion Ghost - 1 point
Each Champion Ghost - 6 points
Each Unique Ghost - 10 Points

- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each Ghost only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.

Five golden rings
Like old wrapping paper, this one is back from 2007, but with a little more shiny ribbon added. Find any five golden rings. You can find multiples of the same type, different fingerprints obviously.

Nagelring, 30% MF                         10
Nagelring, any other %MF                   3
Manald Heal                                3
The Stone of Jordan                       15
Dwarf Star                                 3
Raven Frost, 20 Dext and >220AR           15
Raven Frost, any other                     5
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band                  15
Carrion Wind                               7
Nature's Peace, Damage Reduced by 11      20
Nature's Peace, any other PDR              7
Wisp Projector, 18-20% Lightning Absorb   25
Wisp Projector, any other                 15

Four charms of skill
Yes, it it exactly the same task as last year, but everyone like to receive skillers. Think of it as the Christmas socks task. You always get them, but they always come in useful.
Find four skill charms, with nice second mods if possible. They may be re-rolled, but both PGs and the source charm must comply with the rules for finding items in the tournament.

Prefix          Description                            Score
______          ___________                            _____
Fletcher's      +1 Amazon Bow and Crossbow Skills       5
Acrobat's       +1 Amazon Passive Skills                2
Harpoonist's    +1 Amazon Javelin and Spear Skills     10
Burning         +1 Sorceress Fire Skills               10
Sparking        +1 Sorceress Lightning Skills          15
Chilling        +1 Sorceress Cold Skills               15
Hexing          +1 Necromancer Curses                   1
Fungal          +1 Necromancer Poison and Bone Spells  10
Graverobber's   +1 Necromancer Summoning Spells         5
Lion Branded    +1 Paladin Combat Skills               15
Captain's       +1 Paladin Offensive Auras              5
Preserver's     +1 Paladin Defensive Auras              2
Expert's        +1 Barbarian Combat Skills              2
Fanatic         +1 Barbarian Combat Masteries           5
Sounding        +1 Barbarian Warcries                  10
Trainer's       +1 Druid Summoning                      5
Spiritual       +1 Druid Shapeshifting                 10
Nature's        +1 Druid Elemental                     10
Entrapping      +1 Assassin Traps                      10
Mentalist's     +1 Assassin Shadow Disciplines          5
Shogukusha's    +1 Assassin Martial Arts                5

If your skiller has a suffix, add points as follows:
Balance         12% Faster Hit Recovery                10
Life            +5-20 Life                             10
Sustenance      +21-35 Life                            15
Vita            +36-50 Life                            20
Inertia         7% Faster Run/Walk                     10
Any other suffix                                        5

Three useless charms
It wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't get some kind of useless gift would it? Find three charms with +1 (and only +1) to both prefix and suffix - the charms need both,i.e. Three charms, six affixes.

Possible Prefixes: Stout, Lizards, Red, Jagged
Possible Suffixes: Craftsmanship, Strength, Dexterity

Scoring is based on the number of different affixes you find across three charms. i.e. If you find three Stout Small Charms of Dexterity, you have two different affixes. You must have three charms to score though.
No. Affixes  Score
___________  _____
    2         30
    3         40
    4         50
    5         70
    6         90

Two twin treasures
There are six set item types and six unique item types that have two different versions. Find one pair.

Infernal Cranium    Sander's Paragon    30
Cow King's Hooves   Sander's Riprap     20
Hsarus' Iron Stay   Hwanin's Seal       10
Iratha's Cord       Infernal Sign       10
Iratha's Cuff       Arctic Mitts        10
Iratha's Coil       Milabrega's Diadem  10

Heaven's Light      The Reedeemer       50
Lightsabre          Azurewrath          50
Horizon's Tornado   Stormlash           75
Veil of Steel       Nightwing's Veil    40
Schaefer's Hammer   Stone Crusher       60
Tyrael's Might      Templar's Might    100
The Cranium Basher  Earthshifter        60

And a treasure class 87
Almost as unusual as a partridge in a pear tree, as is traditional for this tourney now, our final item is a TC87. Green will do, but Gold is obviously preferred.

Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge    20
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian  20
Natalya's Mark               20
Griswold's Valor             20
Immortal King's Soul Cage    20
M'avina's True Sight         20
Death Cleaver                40
Executioner's Justice        40
Gargoyle's Bite              40
Ghostflame                   40
Steel Pillar                 40
Stormspire                   40
The Grandfather              40
Windforce                    40
Griswold's Honor             40
Crown of Ages                40
Griffon's Eye                40
Shadow Dancer                40
Steelrend                    40
Templar's Might              40
Griswold's Redemption        40
Death's Fathom               60
Earth Shifter                60
The Cranium Basher           60
Darkforce Spawn              60
Astreon's Iron Ward          70
Mang Song's Lesson           70
Death's Web                  70
Tyrael's Might               100

End Note
Unless I get some kind of diabolic inspiration next year, this will be the last 12 Days of Christmas tourney. It's getting difficult to think up tasks that fit in the theme and aren't too similar to previous year's, as you can probably see if you have played before. Don't worry though, I already have a format in mind for a seasonally themed tourney for 2010, that will retain many of the popular element from this tourney.

So let's make this one a good one - I am expecting to see some great screenshots and some nice items.
Be careful, especially if you try tasks in Hardcore. And, most importantly, have fun :)

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