[2009] Is there any interest in a Classic "Tournament"? [by EmperorMoo]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @EmperorMoo on Apr 30, 2009. The last post was made Jan 25, 2009.
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Is there any interest in a Classic "Tournament"?

As many people will be aware or involved, there are quite a few tournaments on the go at the minute. I am waay too busy at work & home to give them the time they deserve, but I thought it might be nice to have a very low key, very easy-going event rumbling on in the background.

Simply, my suggestion is this:

1) HC only
2) Take a character (any class, any stat allocation) through classic Diablo 2. Yes, fishys and cheesadins welcome.
3) No muling on.

The idea is to simply revisit pre-LoD Diablo, with its lack of runes and charms (but not without its charms, so to speak) and have a pleasant, pretty non-competative time whilst doing it. Player settings and number of times you run bosses is at your discretion.

I'm going to start a char today (a barb, as that was (iirc) the first char I made when I installed D2 all those years ago) and amble through.

If anyone else is interested, feel free to add yourself to the table below and supply us with updates as you progress and at your discretion. If no one else is interested, hopefully I will post the equivalent of a Guardian (is it Baron?) write-up in a few weeks.

Forum name    Character Name    Class        Level     Location
EmperorMoo    Bors        Frenzybarb    1    Rogue Encampment
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