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[2009] Everything Comes in Pairs Tournament [by Vang]

Jan 3, 2007
DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT post in this thread yet. We still need to migrate all posts from the old thread on diabloii.net to this thread. If you want to help, feel free to do so :)

This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Vang on Nov 25, 2009. The last post was made Aug 9, 2010.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Everything Comes in Pairs Tournament

Everything comes in Pairs tournament.

So what is everything comes in pairs? A simple tournament that requires two of nearly everything to be used.

Find that nice Unique Axe? To bad, you haven't found it a friend yet.
Like using Battle Orders? Find it a friend while your at it in the Warcry tree.
You like raising your Strength? Better find it a friend and keep them both equal.

  • Must choose SKILLS and STAT pairs before starting, optionally equipment pairs as well if you want a more difficult challenge.
  • Your character must be HC although it if you cant you may go SC, but a SC death disqualifies the character from further participation.
  • If your character dies, you may re-enter with another character. There is no limit to this rule, you may re-enter as many times as you wish.
  • Players can use versions from 1.10+
  • Rune Word Mod part of as FAM maybe used(as well as the colour portions too)
  • Any /players setting is allowed, and may be changed at will.
  • Single pass only (no re running of act bosses and areas).
  • You may return to previous acts and difficulties, however you may not leave town.
  • Atma may be used as an extended stash
  • Updates require: Current equipment pairs, stat point base, and Skills so people can see the good progress

To keep it simplified, we will go just off of waypoint. In the event of a tie and for further bragging rights the following will be used:
  • Pre-chosen equipment
  • Level
  • Total Experience

So how does this tournament work? You work in pairs with nearly everything in the game.


You have eight equipment slots not counting the weapon slots and switch. These four pairs can be of any type of quality, including the same as another one. Your weapon switches are a pair, you have to have the same quality of items equipped on each switch regardless of 1 or 2handed.

Quality levels for the tournament:
Normal: Plain items with or without: Ethereal, socketed, superior or low quality and Potions
Example Given:
Helm and Armor: Magical
Ring and Gloves: Rare
Belt and Boots: Normal
Amulet and Ring: Magical
Weapon(s)/shield and Switch: Rare Hand Axe, Rare Poleaxe


Vitality, Strength, Dex, and Energy follow the same rules. Chose two groups and each must have the BASE being equal with each other. NOTE: starting out your first stat points will be used to make each pair equal.

Vit/STR: Base 80
Enr/Dex: Base 40


Each skill tree you choose two abilities. Each ability must be kept equal with each other and each must have a minimum of TEN to procede to place 11-20 points in any of the skill trees. *BASE only, +skills do not count*



Zeal/Holy Bolt: 5 each
Fire Aura/Sanctuary: 10 each
Prayer/Resist Fire: 8 Each

To raise higher than 10 skills need to look like this:

Zeal/Holy Bolt: 10 each
Fire Aura/Sanctuary: 16 each
Prayer/Resist Fire: 10 each

A pair of each to use, no limit to size or total quantity.


6 Small Charms
2 Grand Charms
0 Large Charms

2 Small Charms
4 Grand Charms
6 Large charms


Each Mercenary must equip the same item quality in each slot unless it is an Act3 mercenary, at which case you must make two pairs due to having four slots.


Starter equipment maybe used until pairs are found.

Can I use other skills than the 3 pairs I choose at the beginning? No, you may only use your 6 skills. Choose wisely as each will have to be pumped a minimum of 10. You may not add to other skills for snyergy purposes either.

What if I choose a Bash and Whirlwind, does that mean I can place one in Bash, the pre-reqs for Whirlwind and then @30 finally put a point into Whirlwind? Correct, Bash will have to stay at level 1 until level 30(You can stagger skills so it would be 2Bash/1 Whirlwind)

CTC and Charges are allowed. Outside skills are not.

Magical, Unique, Rare, Crafted items may all be ethereal and/or socketed as well.

If before you start, you choose how your four pairs and your weapon switches will be in regards to quality, you many not equip the slots with anything else.

Skills you do not have to raise purely equally, but do have to at least stagger them. Effectively raising them as pairs.

Arrows are not a quality level and do not count as anything.

Skeleton Mastery: 1
Summon Skeleton: 1

Amplify Damage:2
Dim Vision:1

Skeleton Mastery:2
Summon Skeleton:1

Amplify Damage:2
Dim Vision:1

Sample creation: Barbarian: STR/VIT, DEX/ENR, BattleOrders/Find Potion, Sword Mastery/Increased Stamina, Bash/Stun

w/ pre-chosen gear:
Amulet/Ring: Rare
Ring/Belt: Unique
Mercenary: Rare
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