[2008] Tourney: The Twelve Days of Christmas [by maxicek]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @maxicek on Nov 17, 2008. The last post was made Jan 13, 2009.
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Tourney: The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Diablo sent to me
Twelve deadly bosses
Eleven dolls a-chasing
Ten witches casting
Nine paladin scepters
Eight Lords a-frenzying
Seven Class Specifics
Six Oblivion Knights
Five golden amulets
Four charms of skill
Three rare runes
Two odd monsters
And a treasure class 87

The 12 Days of Christmas Tourney 2008
Here we go again everyone. Once more, I have tried to make sure that there is something for everyone here. There are six item find tasks and six monster find tasks. You could complete the entire tourney with one character, but it is designed to favour the use of multiple characters. If you are running LK, questing or doing Pindle runs you should be able to complete tasks at the same time. Good luck to everyone who enters and, most importantly, I hope you enjoy it.


The Rules

General Rules
1. Any new or existing character can compete. Any version, any difficulty, HC, SC, vanilla, RRM, RWM. (accepted SPF mods only). You can compete using as many different characters as you like.
2. All pictures / items must be taken / found within the tournament period. If you sign up after the start date this period starts after your sign up.
3. Items found / pictures taken whilst playing in other Tourneys may be used, as long as they comply with all the rules of this tourney.
4. Items found / pictures taken whilst MPing do not count.
5. Tasks may be completed at any difficulty setting, but most of the picture tasks score higher in Hell.
6. You must complete a minimum of three tasks to qualify. Note that last years win came down to finding one charm in the end and all tasks were completed by the top three competitors.
7. Rules for elegibility of claiming prizes to be announced in the SPTF. All prize giving / taking will be conducted under SPTF rules.

Time frame
- The tournament starts immediately.
- It finishes on the 12th Day of Christmas, Midnight your local time on Saturday 5th January 2009.
- Final results must be posted in this thread by Midnight GMT on Sunday 11th January 2009. I suggest Imageshack or similar for hosting images.

General Notes on Scoring
1. You score nothing if you don't complete the task. Who wants half a present?
eg. You have to get at least six Oblivion Knights to score in number 6.

2. If you have more that the quantity required, only count the quantity required. The best ones count.
eg. You have 11 Dolls including a Unique, but only need 9. Count the Unique and 8 normals.

3. You can't count an item or monster in multiple categories. This is because you can't give the same gift twice.
eg. If you find a Death's Fathom, you can't use it for numbers 1 and 7. If you found two different DFs, you could enter one in each category.

4. The character has to be alive when the screenshot is taken. Same goes for the monsters for that matter.

5. ATMA / GoMule readouts are to be posted for qualifying items, I don't need screenshots for these.

6. Unless stated otherwise, a normal item can be white, ethereal or socketed.

What to Do
Complete each of the twelve gifts below. Points are given for each task. Put your points into the table, the winner is the person with the highest overall total. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person with the most task wins.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Diablo sent to me

Twelve deadly bosses
It is often said in the SPF that the greatest challenges are not from the Act Bosses, but from Unique packs of monsters with dangerous mod combinations. So let's go and look for some shall we? Take a screenshot of a Unique monster each of the following mods:

Auras: Might, Holy Fire, Blessed Aim, Holy Freeze, Holy Shock, Conviction, Fanaticism.
Lightning Enchanted, Fire Enchanted
Extra Fast

You only need the unique monster to be alive. If you want to kill the minions first that is up to you. Screenshots must clearly display the mod. That means you will need to namelock the boss for some of the mods.

Pay attention this one is a bit complicated:
- 4 Points each mod
- Two mods on a single monster counts double (i.e. (4+4)*2=16)
- Three+ mods on a single monster counts triple (i.e. (4+4+4)*3=36)

If the following mods are on one of the following monster class types, you get a bonus as listed below, added after the scaling above. Note that there is not a bonus available for all mods, mainly because I couldn't think of any monsters that were particularly nasty for them to spawn on.:
Bonus   Mod                  Monster
_____   ___                  _______
+5      Might                Thrashers
+5      Holy Freeze          Dolls
+5      Holy Shock           Ghosts
+15     Conviction           Gloams
+10     Fanaticism           Frenzytaurs, Venom Lords
+5      Cursed               Urdars
+5      Multi-shot           Burning Dead Archer, Gloams, Venom Lords
+5      Extra Fast           Minotaurs, Venom Lords, Thrashers, Urdars

Eg. Fanatic, Extra fast Venom Lord = ((4+4)*2)+10+5 = 31 points.

- Hardcore Bonus - any bonuses from the table above are doubled if you do it in Hardcore.
- Only one point is allowed for each mod if you complete it in Normal or Nightmare, and no bonuses apply.

Further clarification on scoring this one:
- You need to find 12 different mods not monsters.
- This means you will have a maximum of 12 screenshots, but you may have less if some of you monsters have multiple mods.
- You can only count each mod once, but this does not disqualify you from having the same mod on multiple screenshots.

-I find a multi-shot, conviction burning dead archer.
This scores (4+4)*2 + 5 = 21 points.

- Later I have the (mis)fortune to run into a conviction gloam.
This scores 4+15 = 19 points.

- I don't find a better multi-shot monster so I decide to use the burning dead archer and the conviction gloam in my final score.
My score for the archer is now 4 + 5 = 9 points, because I am not counting the conviction.
My score for the gloam remains at 4+15 = 19 points.
Total is 9 + 19 = 28 points, an improvement of 7 points compared to using the archer on his own.

Qualifying Monster Types
Any of the following monster classes qualify, unless otherwise stated.
Thrashers, Dolls, Ghosts, Gloams, Frenzytaurs / Minotaurs, Urdars, Burning Dead Archer (but in this case specifically burning dead), Venom Lords.

Eleven dolls a-chasing
Enjoy running around the Durance of hate with a mob of dolls chasing after you, ready to explode as soon as you touch them? No, neither do I. But that is what we are after for this task - 11 dolls (Stygian Dolls, Undead Flayers etc.) on the screen at the same time.

Qualifying Monster Types
Each Normal / Minion Doll - 1 point
Each Champion Doll - 4 points
Each Unique Doll - 8 Points

- Hardcore Bonus - Each Unique doll counts as 11 points.
- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each Doll only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.

Ten witches casting
Red balls of pain! Take a screenshot of ten witches (Vile Witch, Hell Witch, Siren, Succubus etc.) on the screen at the same time

Qualifying Monster Types
Not that sucubus class demons do not count.
Each Normal / Minion Witch - 1 point
Each Champion Witch - 4 points
Each Unique Witch - 8 points

- Hardcore Bonus - None this time.
- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each Witch only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.

Nine Paladin Scepters
Collect one each of all the paladin scepters, normal exceptional and elite, i.e.:
Scepter / Rune Scepter / Mighty Scepter
Grand Scepter / Holy Water Sprinkler / Seraph Rod
War Scepter / Divine Scepter / Caduceus

Any normal / magical scepter - 1 point
Any rare scepter - 2 points
Civerb's Cudgel - 3 points
Milabrega's Rod - 3 points
Rusthandle - 5 points
Stormeye - 5 points
Zakarum's Hand - 5 points
Hand of Blessed Light - 10 points
The Fetid Sprinkler - 10 points
Knell Striker - 20 points
Griswold's Redemption - 25 points
Heaven's Light - 15 points
The Redeemer - 15 points
Astreon's Iron Ward - 40 points

Eight Lords a-frenzying
Not content with sending you after Fanatic Frenzytaur's for the boss task, we now need to see eight of them on the screen at the same time. Ouch.

Qualifying Monster Types
Each Normal / Minion Frenzytaur - 2 Points
Each Champion Frenzytaur - 5 Points
Each Unique Frenzytaur - 9 Points

- Hardcore Bonus - Unique Frenzytaurs count as 12 points if you do it in hardcore.
- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each Frenzytaur only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.

Seven Class Specifics
There are seven classes, each has it's own class specific item type. Find one for each class.

Any normal (White / Socketed) Class specific item - 1 point
Any magical (Blue) Class specific item            - 1 point
Any rare (Yellow) Class specific item             - 2 points

Sets and Uniques as follows:
Immortal King's Will      - 4 points
Shadow Killer             - 5 points
Aldur's Stony Gaze        - 5 points
Jade Talon                - 5 points
Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye   - 6 points
Bartuc's Cut-Throat       - 6 points
Natalya's Mark            - 10 points
Eschuta's Temper          - 8 points
Thunderstroke             - 8 points
Titan's Revenge           - 8 points
Firelizard's Talons       - 8 points
M'avina's Caster          - 8 points
Stoneraven                - 8 points
Jalal's Mane              - 8 points
Blood Raven's Charge      - 8 points
Wolfhowl                  - 8 points
The Oculus                - 8 points
Lycander's Flank          - 8 points
Lycander's Aim            - 8 points
Trang-Oul's Wing          - 8 points
Demonhorn's Edge          - 10 points
Alma Negra                - 8 points
Halaberd's Reign          - 12 points
Boneflame                 - 12 points
Cerebus' Bite             - 8 points
Arreat's Face             - 8 points
Homunculus                - 12 points
Spirit Keeper             - 15 points
Dragonscale               - 20 Points
Ravenlore                 - 20 Points
Herald of Zakarum         - 15 Points
Death's Fathom            - 25 Points
Darkforce Spawn           - 25 Points

Six Oblivion Knights
Oh yes, the old favourite is back, but now with 50% more OKs. Six OKs on the screen on the same time.

Each OK - 2 point
Each Champion - 5 points
Unique OK - 10 points

- Melee Char with IM swirlies - 10 points
- Hardcore Bonus - Unique OKs count as 12 points.
- If the picture is taken on NM or Normal difficulty, each OK only counts for one point regardless of if they are unique, champion or normal.

Five golden amulets
It should be golden rings, but we did those last year. Collect five different unique amulets. This year I will allow multiple (but different fingerprint) versions of the same amulet.

2 Points - Nokozan Relic
5 Points - The Mahim-Oak Curio
10 Points - Atma's Scarab
10 Points - Crescent Moon
10 Points - Highlord's Wrath
10 Points - Mara's Kaleidoscope, <25% Resist All
15 Points - Mara's Kaleidoscope, 25 to 29% Resist all
20 Points - Mara's Kaleidoscope, 30% Resist all
10 Points - Saracen's Chance
10 Points - The Cat's Eye
10 Points - The Eye of Etlich
10 Points - The Rising Sun
15 Points - Seraph's Hymn
20 Points - Metalgrid

Four charms of skill
Find four skill charms, with nice second mods if possible. They may be re-rolled, but both PGs and the source charm must comply with the rules for finding items in the tournament.

Prefix          Description                            Score
______          ___________                            _____
Fletcher's      +1 Amazon Bow and Crossbow Skills       5
Acrobat's       +1 Amazon Passive Skills                2
Harpoonist's    +1 Amazon Javelin and Spear Skills     10
Burning         +1 Sorceress Fire Skills               10
Sparking        +1 Sorceress Lightning Skills          15
Chilling        +1 Sorceress Cold Skills               15
Hexing          +1 Necromancer Curses                   2
Fungal          +1 Necromancer Poison and Bone Spells  10
Graverobber's   +1 Necromancer Summoning Spells         5
Lion Branded    +1 Paladin Combat Skills               15
Captain's       +1 Paladin Offensive Auras              5
Preserver's     +1 Paladin Defensive Auras              2
Expert's        +1 Barbarian Combat Skills              2
Fanatic         +1 Barbarian Combat Masteries           5
Sounding        +1 Barbarian Warcries                  10
Trainer's       +1 Druid Summoning                      5
Spiritual       +1 Druid Shapeshifting                 10
Nature's        +1 Druid Elemental                     10
Entrapping      +1 Assassin Traps                      10
Mentalist's     +1 Assassin Shadow Disciplines          5
Shogukusha's    +1 Assassin Martial Arts                5

If your skiller has a suffix, add points as follows:
Balance         12% Faster Hit Recovery                10
Life            +5-20 Life                             10
Sustenance      +21-35 Life                            15
Vita            +36-50 Life                            20
Inertia         7% Faster Run/Walk                     10
Any other suffix                                        5

Three rare runes
Find three runes, the best three runes count. Hell forge drops are disqualified, but all others - countess, LK etc. all qualify.

Io or lower - 2
Lum - 6
Ko - 8
Fal - 10
Lem - 12
Pul - 14
Um - 16
Mal - 18
Ist - 20
Gul - 22
Vex - 24
Ohm - 26
Lo - 28
Sur - 30
Ber - 40
Jah - 80
Cham - 80
Zod - 100

Two odd monsters
Two odd monsters sometimes spawn as uniques - The Blood Hawk Nest and the Flying Scimitar. A screen shot of each type please.

30 points each. Basically that makes this task a 60 points or nothing one.

And a treasure class 87
Exactly the same task as last year. Almost as unusual as a partridge in a pear tree, our final item is a TC87. Green will do, but Gold is obviously preferred. Class specific items include a TC87, you can't use it for this task too.

Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge    20
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian  20
Natalya's Mark               20
Griswold's Valor             20
Immortal King's Soul Cage    20
M'avina's True Sight         20
Death Cleaver                40
Executioner's Justice        40
Gargoyle's Bite              40
Ghostflame                   40
Steel Pillar                 40
Stormspire                   40
The Grandfather              40
Windforce                    40
Griswold's Honor             40
Crown of Ages                40
Griffon's Eye                40
Shadow Dancer                40
Steelrend                    40
Templar's Might              40
Griswold's Redemption        40
Death's Fathom               60
Earth Shifter                60
The Cranium Basher           60
Darkforce Spawn              60
Astreon's Iron Ward          70
Mang Song's Lesson           70
Death's Web                  70
Tyrael's Might               100

Be careful, especially if you try tasks in Hardcore.
And, most importantly, have fun.

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