[2008] Tournament: The Single-Tree Tournament [by Ohomemgrande]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Ohomemgrande on Sep 24, 2008. The last post was made May 22, 2009.
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Tournament: The Single-Tree Tournament

The Single-Tree Tournament

It's back to school time for the good folks of Sanctuary so that can only mean one thing--time to choose a major!

1. Untwinked Single-Pass Tournament
2. HC 1.10+ (SC can be played but you're out at your first death)
3. RWM and the rune coloring mod of your choice allowed (RRM/CRM)
4. ATMA/GoMule allowed as an extended stash
5. All hard skill points must go into a single skill tree
6. Any skills granted by items may also be used (i.e. staff-mods, charges, etc.)
7. No restrictions on attribute point placement
8. No restrictions on mercs or equipment
9. Only the mandatory quests are required
10. Going back to previous acts/difficulties in order to shop/complete a quest/hire a merc is allowed. You may not leave town on these visits back.
11. You may enter as many times as you wish but must try a new tree each time
12. Single player only. No MP or trading allowed
13. Any players setting may be used as you see fit

Skill Point Assignment:
1. You may only place hard skill points in your chosen tree.
2. Skill points must be placed as they are earned (either by level-up or quest reward).
3. The skill point you earn when you get to a level that's a multiple of 3 will be randomly assigned from the available skills in your skill tree at that time. Use the convention of top-down, left-to-right to determine the number of each skill. For example, in the Paladin's Combat Skill Tree, the skills would be numbered Sacrifice (1), Smite (2), Holy Bolt (3), Zeal (4), Charge (5), Vengeance (6), Blessed Hammer (7), Conversion (8), Holy Shield (9), Fist of the Heavens (10). However, if for example you had not put any points into Smite yet, Charge and Holy Shield would not be available so there would only be 8 choices possible. The numbers of the skills Vengeance on up would decrease accordingly.


Base Score

1. +1 point for each waypoint and quest completed. For quests, the box needs to be grayed out
2. +1 point for each level the character is

Bonus Scores
3. -3 points for each trip back to a previous difficulty
4. +5 points for not using any RWM runewords (must be declared at character creation)
5. +5 points for choosing skill tree randomly or +10 for choosing character class and skill tree randomly
If you wish to choose your skill tree/character randomly, please use this convention:
a. Skill tree is random 1-3 and is ordered from top (1) to bottom (3) as shown in-game
b. Character is random 1-7 and is ordered alphabetically--Amazon (1), Assassin (2), Barbarian (3), Druid (4), Necromancer (5), Paladin (6), Sorceress (7)
c. You only get one shot at getting the random bonus so if you don't like what the random noise of the universe is telling you, pick something you like and forgo the bonus points
d. random.org is a good place to get the random numbers​
6. +10 points for never using a skill outside of your chosen tree. You must make it to at least NM to get this bonus and it is awarded at Deeds or Guardianship.
7. -3 points if you forget to use randomization to choose a skill on a multiple of 3 level gain.
8. -5 points if you Save & Exit to avoid death.
If you do this, you will also be prohibited from killing or clearing anything in the area where the S&E occurred. See post 342 of this thread. The only exception to this penalty would be if you needed to S&E to avoid death when beginning a gaming session and were traveling to a new area from a previously-cleared area in order to comply with the "single-pass" rule.​

The tournament starts when you sign up and will end when interest drops off (inactivity for >6 weeks)

|Character  | Class/Tree | Lvl  |WP/Q's| Bonus | Total | Forum Name      |
|           |            |      |      |       |       |                 |
|           |            |      |      |       |       |                 |
|           |            |      |      |       |       |                 |
|           |            |      |      |       |       |                 |
|           |            |      |      |       |       |                 |

01/08/09: added scoring rule #8
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