[2008] Tournament: The emperor's clothes [by Merlin The Wizzard]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Merlin The Wizzard on Jul 17, 2008. The last post was made Nov 17, 2008.
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Tournament: The emperor's clothes

The emperor's clothes

We only dress in the best! No random drops will do, we want those... unique drops. The kind of equipment that the superunique monsters drop that is.

I was kind of interested in the idea that Thyiad pitched a while ago. An 'easy' tourney, a tournament less experienced players (or less skilled players, take your pick) can enter and have a good chance of doing good in.

Each act has a number of superunique monsters. The equipment dropped by these monsters may be worn and/or used. ONLY the equipment dropped by these monsters may be equipped. This includes Act Bosses.

The entire list of superunique monsters can be found here.
Note that the Cow King also counts as a superunique monster, even though it's not listed here.

Equipment = Anything that fills a weapon or armor slot.
Anything else may be picked up and used freely from every monster. This includes runes, gems, scrolls, keys, potions and anything else I missed.

Until you find an item dropped by a superunique monster for a slot, you may use a white item. only white. Not ethereal, or socketed. The moment a superunique monster drops an item you can use for that slot, the white item must go. Note that this also covers starting equipment.

All quest rewards must be claimed in their respective difficulty(Normal, Nightmare or Hell) or be forfeited.

Several quests give item rewards. These are treated as follows:
- Rescue Cain - The ring may be used as a placeholder, if you haven't found two rings from the monsters yet.
- Horadric Malus - You may use the reward freely, BUT : You may only imbue a class specific item of your own class. This item may then be treated as a superunique drop.
- Horadric Staff and Khalim's Flail If you so desire, feel free to use these as weapons, just remember that they are gone at the end of their respective acts!
- The Gidbinn - You may use the ring as a placeholder if you haven't got two ring drops yet (unlikely!)
- Shenk the Overseer - The item socketed by Larzuk retains the status it had, BUT see below.
- Rescue Anya - The item Anya presents you with can be used freely if so desired
- Kill Nihlatak - You may personalize ANY item and then equip it freely.
Use it wisely!

Some things to point out
-Should you have trouble identifying the drop from a superunique on the ground, because several other monsters also dropped items, you cannot use these drops. Take care to kill the superunique in a place where this won't be an issue

- Socket Fillers dropped by superunique monsters are treated the same way as socket fillers dropped by normal monsters. They may be used for cube recipes, but if you insert them in an item, that item can only be equipped if it was a drop from a superunique in the first place, or you personalize it as the reward from the Nihlatak quest in Act V.
- Several superunique monsters can drop white items. Don't discard these! They may be freely used in crafting recipes, or in socketing recipes and still retain their status.
- Wirts leg may also be used as a weapon, if so desired. It certainly qualifies as a unique drop, allthough you have to be some sadistic person to use the artificial leg of a deceased crippled boy as a weapon...
- ATMA/Gomule may be used, in fact, it is highly recommended.
- RWM/RRM and versions 1.10 - 1.12a are all allowed.
- Hardcore or Firmcore only, Single pass. No chest popping at p8 cheese.
- As always, summoners are too item independant and give an unfair advantage. As such, the following skills are ruled out:
Amazon - Valkyrie. Decoy is allowed.
Assassin - Shadow Warrior, Shadow Master.
Necromancers - Summon Skeleton, Summon Skeleton Mage, Revives and Skeleton mastery. Note that the Golems may be used.
Druid - Summon Raven, Summon Spirit Wolves, Summon Dire Wolves, Summon Grizzly.
- All mercenary types are allowed. Mercenary equipment follows the same restrictions as yours.

- Necromancers wanting to use Iron Golem may use any piece of equipment dropped, not just the superunique drops.
- Equipment dropping from normal monsters may be sold freely of course, or stored for future use.

In order to keep this open and somewhat useful, I'm willing to consider the following optional rule :

- You may use any unique/set item you gamble.

It's against the spirit of the tournament though. Another option of course is to siphon excess money off to Atma/GoMule.

- -1 per level.
- +1 per Waypoint
- +2 per quest solved
- +5 per Act complete in Normal, +10 in Nightmare, +20 in Hell.
- +10 For completing Normal difficulty, +25 For Completing Nightmare Difficulty, +50 for guardian. Note that the moo moo farm secret level is not required for this bonus score. Also note that clearing the moomoo farm will not grant any points (but you can equip the Cow King drop)
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