[2008] Tournament: Lethal Weakness [by Merlin The Wizzard]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Merlin The Wizzard on Jun 13, 2008. The last post was made Aug 14, 2008.
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Tournament: Lethal Weakness

Shannon thumbed the runes in her staff nervously. Out there, beyond those doors... Andariel was waiting. And Shannon was all too aware of her own lethal vulnerability to poison damage. How to survive?

You pick one resistance out of the four. Lightning, Fire, Cold or Poison. That resistance CANNOT be raised above it's basic starting value. So 0 in Normal, -40 in Nightmare, and -100 in Hell.

Basic Rules
-RWM/RRM allowed
-HC only
-Single pass only.
-All quests and all waypoints must be completed/tagged in each act.
The Horadric Malus/Kill Shenk the Overseer/Kill Nihlatak quests are considered complete when the quest is done. You may leave the reward open if you wish.
-Full clears are not required, but they are encouraged.
-ATMA/GoMule is allowed.
-Any player setting allowed. No p1 killing, p8 chest popping of course.
-Version 1.10/1.11(b) only.

Tourney Rules
- All characters allowed.
- Pick 1 resistancetype. As mentioned in idea,that resistance can NEVER
gain any + to it.
- If you chose cold, thawing potions are not allowed. Neither is the Half Freeze duration or Cannot be Frozen mod.
- If you chose poison, antidotes are not allowed. The poison length reduced mod is also not allowed in that case.
- A shrine that grants resistance to your lethal weakness is not allowed.
- Mala's scroll cannot be used.
- The mod Magic Damage Reduction is not allowed.
- Any mod that grants + to all resistance types is not allowed.
- The lethal weakness resistance may not be absorbed either.
- All mercenaries are allowed. Mercenaries are excempt from your weakness.

Skill rules
- No summons allowed. This means the necromancer cannot use his summoning skills, the amazon can't use valkyrie or Decoy, the assassin can't use the master or the warrior, the Druid can't use the wolves and the grizzly. The druid may summon a spirit or one of the passive vines(the life and mana regenerating ones). He may also use ravens.
- Any skill that grants a + to your lethal weakness is not allowed.
To sum them up: The barbarian cannot use Natural Resistance. The assassin cannot use Fade, the Paladin cannot use his resist aura of the lethal weakness (the others ARE allowed, however). Nor can he use Salvation unless he has chosen poison. The Druids can't use Cyclone Armor, unless they chose poison as their lethal weakness.
- The Paladin may not use Cleansing if he has chosen poison.

Scoring and winning
I think this tournament is quite hard, and I would like the scores to be properly impressive to reflect this.
- +1 per level.
- +1 per waypoint
- +2 per Quest solved.
- +5 per Act in Normal, +10 in Nightmare, +20 in Hell.
- +50 for making Destroyer, +100 for making Conqueror, and +200 for making Guardian. This is in addition to the added points for completing act V.
- The Cow level is optional and does not 'belong' to any given act. Remember to save Wirt's leg if you wish to clear it!

Good luck to all participants! I have a feeling you might need it!
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