[2008] Tournament: Descendants of Midas [by Insane Wayne]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Insane Wayne on Jul 1, 2008. The last post was made Mar 16, 2013.
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Tournament: Descendants of Midas

Do you remember the tale of King Midas, from Greek mythology? The god Dionysus granted him a single wish. Driven by insatiable greed, Midas asked that everything he touched be turned to gold. Within hours, he became the wealthiest king in the world. However, he soon realized the folly of his "gift". His food turned to gold. His drink turned to gold. Even his beloved daughter turned to gold as he innocently reached out to her. Devastated, Midas begged Dionysus to undo his wish, and the god took pity and agreed. Midas had many children, and his progeny spread throughout the world. Some became kings, queens, traders, or warriors. Many died young, victims of their own greedy (and often dangerous) enterprises.

You, hero, are a descendant of Midas, recognizable by the golden glint in your eye, and lust for riches. Above all else, you seek to build an empire of abundance. An opportunity has arisen; there is word of a growing evil horde, carrying powerful (and valuable) treasures! Yours for the taking, if you can defeat them. Imagine all the wealth you will discover!

The guidelines:

  • HC or SC. If you die in SC, you are out. You may re-enter as many times as you wish.
  • No ESC to avoid death. No TPs in the belt.
  • All classes allowed.
  • Versions 1.10 thru 1.12. RWM/RRM allowed, but no RWM-only runewords.
  • No multi-player, no trading.
  • It is not mandatory to complete all quests/waypoints.
  • Untwinked, single-pass, no re-running areas or bosses.
  • Any player setting may be used, at any time.
  • You may revisit prior difficulties to claim saved quest rewards or hire mercs.
  • ATMA/GoMule allowed as an extended stash.
  • All mercenary types allowed.

You are consumed by greed! :greedy: Most of your gear will feature "Gold Find"!
Gold Find gear may be found in the field, shopped, gambled, crafted, cubed, rerolled, and/or created in any way possible. "of Greed" and "of Wealth" items are the most obvious. Certain S/Us and runewords have extra Gold Find. Jewels of Avarice (fairly common) may come in handy, or possibly Lem runes, for creating custom gear. Be creative.

The following gear slots must always have "Gold Find" on them:
  • Helm, Merc Helm, Belt, Gloves, Boots, Amulet, Rings, Shields (if applicable), Merc Shield (if applicable).
  • The quantity of Gold Find is not important. Any amount is sufficient to meet the requirement (as long as it's a positive amount, i.e. not "Nadir"!)
  • Until you acquire suitable items, unsocketed white/ethereal gear may be equipped.
Gear Exceptions:
  • Body Armor: As an alternative to white/ethereal body armor, Topaz (or MF-only jewels) may be socketed into gray body armors. No other socketables allowed, unless the armor also has Gold Find. If you desire any other mods (besides MF) on your body armor, it MUST also have gold find! Examples of legal body armors:
    -white/eth unsocketed
    -gray with Topaz/MF-only jewels (pure MF body armor)
    -anything else, as long as it has GF.
  • merc Body Armor: see above.
  • Weapons: no restrictions, all weapons allowed.
  • merc Weapon: no restrictions, all weapons allowed.
Item charges are allowed, as long as they fit in with the afore-mentioned gear guidelines.

10 units' worth of charm space must have Gold Find. For example, 3 Grand Charms of Greed and 1 Small Charm of Greed = 10 inventory units. Hopefully, your GF charms will have a nice prefix as well. You may use any/all charms while you look for GF charms. When you do find a GF charm, you will be powerless to resist using it, immediately. But you can still use other charms at the same time.

Because your thoughts are occupied with visions of extravagant wealth, you find yourself making impulsive and reckless decisions when it comes to skill choice.
  • Whenever you reach an even level (2,4,6,etc..) you may spend or save the skillpoint as you wish.
  • When you reach an odd level (3,5,7,etc..), you must immediately and randomly assign the skill point into the tree of your choice. Your options are restricted to currently available skills.
  • Reward skillpoints must also be instantly randomly assigned, across all trees (i.e. you are not allowed to choose the tree.)
  • You may devise any fair system to determine where your random points will fall, for example Random.org.
  • All skills are allowed.
Stat points:
no restrictions

  • +10 points for every Act completed.
  • -5 points per each active melee minion used. Merc is not a minion, nor are Ravens, Decoys, Druid Vines/Spirits, or Necromages. (Example: 3 dire wolves would be -15 points. Even if you decide to go with Grizzly later, you are still penalized -15 because your build used 3 melee minions at one point. Clay Golem would be -5 points. If you later switched to Iron Golem, there is no additional penalty because only one golem would be active at a time.)
  • +1 point per each "challenge area" successfully cleared on the first attempt. To qualify, you must exterminate every monster, no parking allowed. You are permitted to leave and re-enter the challenge area during the same game, but you may not reroll the map.
Challenge areas:
  • Act One: 5 points possible. Cave, Crypt, Mausoleum, Hole, Pit.
  • Act Two: 4 points possible. Stony Tomb, Halls of the Dead, Ancient Tunnels, Kaa's False Tomb.
  • Act Three: 8 points possible. Arachnid Lair, Swampy Pit, each of the 6 Kurast Temples.
  • Act Four: none.
  • Act Five: 7 points possible. Abaddon, Pit of Acheron, Drifter Cavern, Infernal Pit, Icy Cellar, defeating the Ancients without rerolling them, Secret Cow Level.
Bonus points:
  • +10 points for the player who can assemble the highest GF%, totaled from his or her gear, merc gear, and charms. You aren't required to wear it full-time, just keep it available in your stash or extended stash. Calculate and update it when you wish.
  • +5 points for the player with the second-highest GF%.
  • +10 points for the player who finds/horks the largest pile of gold.
The tournament starts now! There are no deadlines to register. Official scoring will cease on Dec 1st, or before that, if there are no updates for 3 weeks. Good luck!
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