[2008] The Peasants Tournament [by Morathi]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Morathi on Dec 12, 2008. The last post was made Sep 5, 2011.
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The Peasants Tournament

Throughout history, most peasants lived and worked in small communities, the rhythm of their lives set by the seasons and commands ordered upon them by their superiors. The life of a peasant warranted nothing more than worn and tattered clothing and gear, with mud and dirt lining the outer layers. The long hours of the day are spent fetching resources, building, repairing and harvesting in the fields for those higher than you. Burdened with a lack of fighting skills due to the requirement that they obey orders rather than attend training, the peasant was the lowest of fighters.

You are here today as a fugitive, having escaped your home town, tired of being labelled as a peasant and being powerless. It is your time to go out and conquer the environments, to show everyone that a peasant can survive in this world.

All right guys, with what appears to be a decline in SPF activity and new tournaments. I have devised and planned this tournament with the added help from Insane Wayne, in an attempt to revitalize the SPF with an exciting and enthralling challenge. So buckle up and enjoy the ride because this is going to be epic!

General Rules:

  • Your character must be HC or SC. If you die in SC, you are out. You may re-enter as many times as you wish.
  • No ESC to avoid death. No TPs in the belt.
  • All classes allowed.
  • Versions 1.10 thru 1.12. RWM may be installed, but not used (it's useless anyway, see below). RRM may be used if desired.
  • No multi-player, no trading. This is strictly SP.
  • No ATMA/GoMule extended stashes. (Items may be muled off, but never back on.)
  • Untwinked, single-pass play only, no re-running areas or bosses.
  • Any player setting may be used, at any time.
  • You may revisit prior difficulties to hire mercs or shop, however you may not leave town except to refresh the vendor screen and to retrieve wirts leg (make sure you do not pick up or use any item, and keep the killing to a minimum, do this at p/1).
  • All Quests must be completed (box turns grey) before moving to the next act.
  • Runes may only be used for crafting, upgrading and socketing (no runewords), jewels and gems may be used as desired.
  • Any Merc is allowed, however he/she must adhere to your character's rules as far as items go.


  • As you are a peasant, most of your life is spent laboring, building, and serving those higher than you. Therefore you do not receive adequate training needed for proper survival and fighting. You are unable to conduct many of the advanced skills and powers shown by warriors, knights, and those of higher stature to you. As a result, your character can not use any skills higher than level 18 (so no level 24 and 30 skills). However there are two exceptions to this. You may place skill points into >18 skills for synergy purposes. You may not at any point in time activate a >18 skill, it is there to strictly provide a synergy bonus for an 18 or below skill. Also, >18 passive skills (e.g. Fire Mastery, Natural Resistance, Evade, etc...) may have skill points invested into them, as the peasant does not actively need to cast them. It is rather a bonus that the peasant acquires as he/she grows older and stronger.
  • As a peasant you do not have the greatest focus or intelligence; your mind is unable to concentrate or control many things at once. Therefore your character may not have more than 3 melee summons active at one time (merc is not regarded as a summon). Ravens and any Vine summoned by a druid is not considered a melee summon.
  • There are no other skill restrictions.


  • In your time, Kings and Queens are seen clad in shiny metallic armor and fancy clothing and gear. As you are regarded a humble peasant, you are forbidden to wear anything that resembles a higher class. Therefore, Set/Unique (S/U) items are banned (rares are fine though). The one exception to this is the Anya's Personalization quest (see below).

  • The gear you wear is indicative of your status, and thus you may only equip the following lowly types of items. Their exceptional and elite variants would also be acceptable. *NOTE that the exceptional and elite variants of these items have the same graphic.

  • Helms:
    Skull Cap
    Bone Helm

    Quilted Armor
    Leather Armor
    Hard Leather Armor
    Studded Leather

    Small Shield
    Spiked Shield
    Bone Shield

    Leather Gloves
    Heavy Gloves

    Heavy Boots

    Light Belt

    Class specific:


    Jawbone Cap
    Fanged Helm

    Wolf Head
    Hawk Helm


    Preserved Head
    Zombie Head
If you are confused, I will provide a couple examples. Caps are allowed, therefore war hats and shakos are also allowed. Another example: Quilted Armor is allowed, and so are Ghost Armors and Dusk Shrouds. They are the exceptional and elite version of the normal caps and armor, respectively, and share the same graphics.
  • Due to lack of training, you are unable to practice the ancient art of creating runewords. Your time has been spent laboring in the fields, thus your knowledge of these concepts is incomplete. However, you do have the basic ability to cube/craft items (using runes to craft items is fine).
  • All weapon types are allowed, as long as they are not S/Us.
  • Runes may be socketed into both weapons and armor. However no runewords can be made. Just treat the runes as you would a jewel or gem.
  • Items that have Banned skills (i.e higher than 18) in the form of charges may not be used (the item may be used, not the charges). You still do not know how to harness their energy. However, if an item has a banned skill in the form of "Chance to Cast" (ctc), then it may be used, as the skill is being released as a result of hitting something or being hit, and not under the conscious control of the peasant.
  • Anya's Personalization quest is an opportunity that the peasant takes full advantage of. With the help of Anya, the peasant is able to make royal classed items (Set/Unique's) appear lowly with the use of Anya's potions and special equipment. Giving a once, shiny and valued item, the appearance of an old and rusty "peasant" item. The peasant may choose to personalize a S/U (NOT rares/magic/runewords!!!) and equip it or place it on his/her merc thanks to the help of Anya. Note that any S/U may be personalized and equiped, so the type does not matter.

Stat Points:
No restrictions

Scoring/Point system:
Points are awarded for the following:
2+ for each quest completed (box turns grey)
1+ for each waypoint (yes, town counts as a wp)
-1 for each character level
5+ for killing the Cow King for each difficulty
10+ for completing Normal
20+ for completing NM
30+ for becoming a Guardian

Signup + Updates:
This tournament starts now!!! You may sign up at any time and re-join as many times as you see fit.
This tournament will run until interest has been lost (no posts in 3 weeks). With regards to posting the table, please try to limit the amount of times it is posted on each page. If you are simply updating your character's progress, write a brief description at the bottom stating your level, act, points etc. If you are entering the tournament for the first time/ re-joining, you may post the table with your new characters details.

***Please note that if you are posting the table, be sure to quote the most recent version.

Forum Name     Character     Class       Location      Level    Points
Morathi        Aisha         Assassin    Rogue Camp    1        0

Good Luck!
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