[2008] The BowBarb Tournament [by Morathi]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Morathi on Jun 12, 2008. The last post was made Nov 1, 2008.
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The BowBarb Tournament

After posting my “Idea’s thread” and getting a relatively good response I have decided to take it to the next step (yep you guessed it) and make my idea into a tournament. Anyway lets get you all excited shall I?

How many times have you found a bow and just looked at its incredible stats and said “I wish my barb can use that”? Well I am guessing that answer is 0 times……..I thought so. Well now is your chance to run out into the wilderness and look manly with a bow. But beware, this is no easy task, it will require great skill, courage, patience, gear selection, stat allocation, skill selection and so on....

So with that lets get into the rules.

General Rules
Your character must be HC although it if you cant you may go SC, but a SC death disqualifies the character from further participation.
2-If your character dies, you may re-enter with another character. There is no limit to this rule, you may re-enter as many times as you wish.
3-Players can use version 1.10 or 1.11
4-RRM and RWM are not allowed. If you have RWM installed and don’t want to get rid of it, then you may leave it active but you cannot make any runewords it allows.
5-ATMA or any other program may not be used as an Extended Stash.
6-Any /players setting is allowed, and may be changed at will.
7-Any merc may be used. However major style points if you go with a ranged merc.
8-Single pass only (no re running of act bosses and areas). When you start a new session, run through the cleared area killing as few monsters as possible. Items found in cleared areas may not be used on your character.
9-You may return to previous acts and difficulties, however you may not leave town (this means its best to save Wirts Leg when you get it or else you wont be able to do the Cow level).
10- Your Character must be Untwinked.

Specific Rules
You must be a Barbarian…..DUH!!!
2-You must use a Bow/Crossbow as your main weapon. This will be your only source of damage output (unless you decide on using War Cry).
3-Weapon switch may only be used for the following: Utility purposes such as, extra MF for horking, pre-buffing warcries, staffs/wands for using charges etc And for having a alternative Bow/Crossbow if you choose.
4-The combat skill tree (apart from Leap) is banned. Well it is basically useless anyway.

There will be no prizes for this tournament, it is purely for fun, the challange and trying to achieve a Guardian (I mean that is the best prize isn’t it?).

Name        Character      Area            Level     
Morathi     Lurtz          Rogue Camp        1

Hope that covers everything, if not just ask me:thumbup:.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
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