[2008] New Tournament: There Can Be Only One [by Antonio]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Antonio on Aug 29, 2008. The last post was made Dec 7, 2008.
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New Tournament: There Can Be Only One

There has been some rules modifications making the questing part less restrictive and dueling part more dynamic, please read the rules again on this post and a rules discussion with Colorless Green for more informations. Also the tournament has new finish date: November 30th

The idea of this tournament is to provide an affordable dueling scene for many dueling newcomers and a different challenge for experienced duelers. Also the winner of the tournament will be looked upon with a sense of worship and awe by all the other participants :coffee:. The basic idea is to start a new character, quest through Normal difficulty and challenge the current 'One' after you defeat Baal. Winner of the challenge gets the status of the 'One', and for the defeated character active participating in the tournament is over during one week hibernation time, after which he can be put back into tournament or retired. Winner of the tournament will be the character with the most ears in his stash (i.e. the most challenges won).

Technical issues:
-1.12a LOD SOFTCORE only
-RRM/RRM allowed, but RWM only RW's disallowed

Gameplay issues:

Questing part:
-Untwinked questing, allowed rerunning of areas and bosses, but you can't keep any of the drops from runs that have been repeated. New rule
-Whatever level you get during single pass questing is fine, but lvl 49 is the maximum that you can get with area/boss rerunning. New rule
-Multiplay not allowed
-Normal difficulty questing only: your character will never leave Normal until the tournament for that character is over
-You can use ATMA as an extended stash, but all items your character is using must be self found (best thing to do is to make a stash for your character and keep all items found by that character in there)
-Once the character kills Baal it gets to challenge the current 'One' for the title of the 'One'.
-If there are more characters challenging the One we form a challenge queue on the criteria of which character finished questing first. New rule
-The first reported character that kills Normal Baal will get the title of the 'One' without the challenge (because there is no one to challenge, of course)

Dueling part:
-Hosting issue is left to duelers to agree upon, if none of the duelers is able to host, we will find a neutral host
-Bad Manner rules apply, with one exception: mana pots allowed (except for ES sorceress)
-Each challenge is consisted of 5 duels
-Winner of the challenge gets to keep one ear of his opponent
-After the challenge is over, winner of the challenge gets to keep the fortunes of war (one item of his opponent battle gear by the winners choice: head gear, amulet, weapon, body armor, shield, gloves, belt, ring or boots, items in inventory or stash are not included).New rule
-Fortunes of war are treated as self-found and can be used in future duels
-The winner of the challenge gets the title of the One and can be challenged by the next opponent, and the looser character is put into 1 week hibernation period after which can be placed at the rear of the challenge queue or retired, by the players choice.New rule

Some etiquette tips:
-Please report your questing progress only when you start a new character and finish an act
-After killing Normal Baal please upload the Slayer title screenshot
-1 active tournament character per player is a polite maximum
-If you're challenged on a duel try to resolve the challenge in 3 days
-If you're unable to respond to a challenge in a mannered time period, remove your character from the position of the 'One' and allow other players to duel. You're character is considered as the one that lost the duel and has to go to 1 week hibernation period.New rule
-Don't name your character 'One' or 'Two', 'Zero' is ok :crazyeyes:

Random thoughts:
Well, basically this tournament won't restrict you in any way, except of the hassle of untwinked single-pass normal questing. You can start a new character whenever you want, however this will be a short cycle tournament: 1 month duration. At the end of the cycle a winner will be declared, songs will be singed, epos will be written, three day celebration party to honor the glorious triumphant.
Now, what everyone has been expecting: the winner of the tournament will receive One's String Of Ears Demonhide Sash, the only appropriate trophy for such a worthy hero :smug:

The tournament will start in at 00:00 on Monday, on September 1 and it will end on November 30 in 24:00 (CET). This is debatable, if most of the interested feel like it should last longer it will last longer. New finnish date

All comments and questions are very much welcome.

Tables will be added in a new post.

Due to the new format of the dueling part of the tournament we won't need the Hall of the One table any more
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