[2008] Green with Envy II Tournament [by Morathi]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Morathi on Mar 17, 2008. The last post was made Sep 23, 2008.
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Green with Envy II Tournament

Last week I was curious to read over some of the past tournaments that I have participated in. One that I was most determined to read was the Green with Envy tournament, a tournament that was by far the most fun and enjoyable i have had here. After reading through the posts I began to have greenish emotions and a big urge to become green again. So with my blood running green I kindly asked jgreg7 (the original creator of the Green with Envy tournament) to see if he could possibly host the rebirth the Green with Envy II. Unfortunately he is unable to do so but to my suprise jgreg7 graciously gave me the permission to be the host.

I waited for my schooling commitments to finish and now only 3 days from holidays, I bring to you the second coming of the Green with Envy tournament 😃.

(The rules have been modified from the original one, however the format is the same).

Characters & gameplay
  • Your character must be HC although it if you cant you may go SC, but a SC death disqualifies the character from further participation.
  • If your character dies, you may re-enter with another character. There is no limit to this rule, you may re-enter as many times as you wish.
  • Players can use version 1.10 or 1.11
  • Red Rune Mod (RRM) may be used and the same with Rune Word Mod (RWM). However it is completely useless for this tournament.
  • Players can use any character class, any build, and assign stat and skill points as desired.
  • Any /players setting is allowed, and may be changed at will.
  • Any merc may be used.
  • Single pass only (no re running of act bosses and areas).
  • Every waypoint and quest must be completed before moving to a new act.
  • You may return to previous acts and difficulties, however you may not leave town (this means its best to save Wrsts Leg when you get it or else you wont be able to do the Cow level)
  • Atma may not be used as an extended stash.

Equipment Rules ·
  • Your character must be Untwinked (no twinking of items, you must start with nothing)
  • Only green items (set pieces) may be equipped. White or grey items may be used until a green item is found for each slot. After an appropriate green item has been found, you must use that item for that slot or go empty. Once you find multiple appropriate green items for a specific slot(helm, armour etc), you may decide which one you wear.
  • Green weapons you find can be used towards any of the three weapon slots (primary, switch, merc) at your choice. The third green weapon you find must fill the last slot. If your merc cannot equip any of the three, he/she must go weaponless. You cannot however swap your merc to overcome this, but when you reach the next difficulty you may decide to re-hire your merc (same or different type). When you re-hire your merc if you have saved a set weapon that he/she can equip then you must equip it on your merc. If you don’t have a saved weapon then your merc must go weaponless until a set weapon drops that your merc can equip.
  • You may mule items off your character but definitely not back on.
  • Sockets may only be filled with emeralds and jewels with the green graphics, Runes are not allowed to be filled into sockets.
  • All charms are allowed.
  • Merc equipment must follow the same rules.
  • Quest items (e.g. Khalim’s Will) may be equipped temporarily only when necessary to complete quests. Quest rewards (Charsi, Anya) may not be equipped.
  • Gambling for green items is encouraged

Scoring ·
  1. 1 point for each WP gathered (including Rogue camp)
  2. 2 points for each quest completed
  3. 3 points for each set item equipped (this includes your merc).
  4. -1 point for each character level gained ( meaning your characters level).

This tournament is strictly for bragging rights, for fun and for a challenge. Sorry no prices.

Signup + Updates
This tournament starts now. Players may sign up at any time.
The tournament will run until interest has been lost (no posts in 2 weeks). Please sign up using the table below. The table should only be posted once on each page (with updated progress for each player). It would be ideal if you could post the table on the first post of each page 👍.
If you are entering the tournament for the first time, you may post the table and add your self to the list.

When posting updates please write a brief description at the bottom stating your level, act, points etc. This will allow the person who posts the table the ability to update your progress.

Name        Character    Class     Area         Level    Points 
Morathi     ?            ?         Rogue Camp   1        0

Hopefully I covered all the rules. If not please ask me and I will try and respond to you as soon as possible.

Good luck!
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