[2008] Ancients tournament [by DeathMaster]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @DeathMaster on May 2, 2008. The last post was made Jun 13, 2008.
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Tournament idea

Long ago, I had a SC project that I never finished. This is the idea, anyone interested to do it as tournament?

Name: The ancients tournament

Build: Try to build a barb closely represent ancients.

1. Must be barb
2. You can choose one of three build - sword / shield WW, 2x throw axe double throw, or polearms LA
3. HC or SC, if you play SC, the first death disqualify the build.
4. Untwinked, ATMA allowed, RWM/RRM allowed
5. Any player setting allowed
6. Single pass, however, you may kill each act boss upto three times.
7. Once moved to the next act or difficulty, you may not go back to previous act/difficulty, unless it is for claim quest reward.
8. You may use other skills, but your main killing skill must be WW, double throw or LA. You may only use the following skills apart from your main skills when using your main skill is not possible (eg. kill PI) - if you play WW or LA, you may use zerk, normal attake, concentrate; if you play throw, you may use double swing or zerk.
9. You may wear any armor/helm you found, but if you have one closely represent what ancients look like, you should use it instead. If you don't, it is okay, but it is not in the spirit of the ancients.
10. You can only MP with another tournament player who play different "ancient". No two or more same ancients may appear in same game.
11. No other skill or stat points restrictions.
12. You may use a merc of any kind.

What do ya think?

Ancients tournament Offical start 3rd May

If you wish to play, please update the progress here.

Rules (see above)

Additional answers for:

why allow MP - I don't expect "most" will MP, however one idea someone may have in mind, and I'd love to "see" is three tournament ancients vs three game ancients. Only MP can deliver this battle.

Why allow trade - if you could MP, or play multiple ancients, a very limited gear sharing is reasonable.

Why limit merc - ideally, only A5 merc might be allowed, but untwink melee, single pass would need a little help or allow some creative merc usage. However merc skill or aura will not be allowed to help crowd control (war cry tree should be enough).

why the score system so "complex" - The point is to reward who do solo single pass full clean without re-run any boss. Harder to play ancient would have bonus points to encourage more challenge play.

Name          Character     Build     Area          Level    Points 
DeathMaster   Gunner        Madawc    Rogue Camp(N)   1        50
Swiller       Cilrok        Korlic    Rogue Camp(N)   1        0
Lady Bug

Re: Tournament idea

Sounds fun. I'd like it (as many other tours I would join if I had the time but I have now.)

What about SC (or stay HC) and PvP with those chars... ?
Re: Tournament idea

Nice idea. What of expanding it to be a NPC imitation tourney? You could then chose to play Flavie, Tyrial, or any other NPC that is readily identifiable. Some research into the non-combat NPC's would have to be done to see what they might realistically use. Some characters like the Druid don't have any NPC equivalent that I know of and I'm not sure if I would want to include Nilathak but otherwise it would be cool???

Perhaps we could make Gheed a Druid and think up some item restrictions along the line of cheapskate and coward! Ideal for a wind druid actually as Gheed is very Windy :D

Bonus points for people who do a creative one, like a hammer using amazon that represents Charsi etc.
Re: Tournament idea

If you want a large turnout I can give you one advice (as one of my tournaments actually had a sequel I guess I am entitled). Keep it simple!
Too many ideas in one tournament will make the rules too much to bare and most people wont wanna play. You like the ancients idea then do only that. While Cius idea might have merit I think it ought to be a separate tourney as it poses different challenges. Otherwise it sounds all right. (I wouldnt allow a merc, but it is your tournament)
Re: Tournament idea

IMO, Talic and Madawc builds will be the only choices for real because it will be tedious getting through with an LA build ala Korlic.
Re: Tournament idea

I would make the rule that you have to play with Talic, Madawc AND Korlic. That because I think Talic has the best chance to get past the game.

Re: Tournament idea

slayer37 said:
IMO, Talic and Madawc builds will be the only choices for real because it will be tedious getting through with an LA build ala Korlic.

Korlic will be the easiest one to play. He has three primary advantages:

1. easy to find/make a good weapon
2. could have range 5 weapon
3. you can use Leap, it is great crowd control skill at high level

The other two will surfer poor weapon, especially if you play Madawc. IMO, Talic is easier then Madawc when untwinked.

@Docturnal: You may use no merc, as it is still under "any merc" catagory. Without merc, it will be very hard for poor Madawc.

@cius: I'd say other NPC will have to have their own tournament, it doesn't sound like good mix with ancients. Some of the NPCs wouldn't be playable, some will be very very hard (eg. tyrael), Nihlathak will be way to easy (fishymancer anyone?).
Re: Tournament idea

I don't have time for a tournament, but I would love to see a video of three created ancients going up against the other three head to head in a fight to the death, then an all out battle between the victors once it is done.
Re: Tournament idea

Asking people to kill a high level untwinked HC character, that they spent so much time on, I don't think many people will like it.
Re: Tournament idea

If I wasn't so adamantly against single pass, I think this would be pretty fun. I'd still probably join for the sake of curiousity, tho. Of course, I'd make it totally tough against myself and choose Madawc. However, I do like HellHoundBarb's idea of playing all three at once. Maybe let them all pool into the same ATMA stash to make the going slightly easier?

All other skills besides attacks are usable? AFAIK, only one of the Ancients (Madawc?) uses Shout atop Mount Arreat... could be wrong...

What about trading? If we can MP, can we trade?

As an aside, I think it'd be cool to see an MP game with the three Ancients. Wish I could play three D2 instances at once!!
Re: Tournament idea

I knew I forgot something.

Trade is okay, but only with another tournament player/character.

I think someone will like only play one or two, so force playing all three will be unfair. However, you can still play one for each if you like, since each single character is still following the build rules.

All war cry and passive skills are allowed, only restriction is the attack skill restriction in the rules.

Played with fully twinked "Madawc" myself (I used the name Madawc, and only used throw axe class weapon), it can be tough even fully twinked. Now untwinked, it will be near impossible to get a good pairs of weapon, and finding knockback is mostly matter of luck to find that green glove, or go craft. Whoever choose Madawc is either:

1. uber player with crazy skillz. and/or
2. looking for something challenging.
Re: Tournament idea

@deathmaster: most single player tournaments are difficult enough to be called suicide attempts. Usually only one or two people make it all the way. So youd be surprised at how many people can accept fatality around here. (unless something happened while I was gone that is)

@Slayer37: This is the single player forum. People have patted/matted skilless and weaponless characters (the weaponless was melee if i am not mistaken). Tedious to you does not necessarily mean tedious to the general populus around here. (I know Ive tried my hand on a few very strange builds)

@deathmaster: I do think forcing people to play all three is a bit much. Perhaps awarding more points to the more challenging ancients rather that forcing 3 characters would be a better sollution? You then have the option of having a long enough timelimit to allow the ones who want to finish all 3 builds.
Re: Tournament idea

I've been here long enough to know most of the tournaments here can be called "It is Impossible, you must be haxxxor" on b.net. However, I'm never successfully to come up with interesting idea that attract more people to join. Either I was told "it is too restrict" or something else.

Here is what I think about score book (simple):

Finish normal +100 points
Finish NM +200 points
finish Hell +500 points
Each character level above 69: -10 points
Madawc get bonus points +50
Each way point: +5 points
Done each quest: +10 points
Kill each act boss the second time: -5 points per kill
Kill each act boss third time:-10 points per kill
Done normal cow (must kill cow king): +20 bonus points
Done NM cow: +100 points
Done Hell cow: +500 points if you play Madawc, +200 points for the other two.

Oh, forgot the last rule: don't S&E, it is not in the spirit of ancients.
Re: Tournament idea

What I actually meant, is that you have to start 3 characters, and then the points should be added up. And they have to be in the same act as well (so the 3 are in act II, when one completes it, then you have to play the act with another char, and then with the other). When one dies, that one obviously doesn't need to be in the same act. I like the fact Madawc gets more points.

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